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01 June 2022


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U. David

So, may we assume the subtitle is a reference to DS9?

Gregory Levitsky

I’m sure Stalin is going to take Krupskaya’s meddling with a big dose of “aw shucks” and a live-and-let-live attitude and won’t hold any grudges against her in the slightest.

Right, guys? Right?

Dave Tuttle

Where is the audible podcast?

Joe Valenzuela

> So, may we assume the subtitle is a reference to DS9?

Came here to ask the same question.

(Fantastic episode as always)


Or it’s, ya know, fake. I can’t believe the end is in sight. Wow!


Perhaps you presumed no one would bother looking. Ep. 'Nicky & Alix' you're basically just reading the Wikipedia page for Alix of Hesse. This is what you do for an audience??? You like to pretend you read a load of books and arrived at original thought yourself.

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