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09 June 2022


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Lenin life story is just crazy. I am very against his views and actions, but his personality is so fascinating. Crazy work ethic, persistence and commitment through all the hard years, and then such overwhelming success.


Congratulations on 100 fascinating episodes of the Russian Revolution! It's been a long, strange journey, as they say. Looking forward to your retrospectives on Russia and the whole series. It's been a pleasure absorbing history through my earbuds for God knows how many hundreds of hours now!

Kurt Stoll

At 26:14 I think you meant to say Trotsky, not Stalin, tried to resign and go to Germany??

David Stephens

The narrative about the "breathing spell" and the metaphor with our daily lives was poetic and it captured just how I was feeling when I queued up this episode to listen. Thanks for the care you put into your work. It's been a pleasure to journey with you through these ten revolutions.

Rard van Kollenburg

it's almost 3 years ago that I discovered The History of Rome, and since then I have spent every long car ride listening to both of your podcasts. Now that i've finally caught up with you, you're wrapping up. I think there's a bittersweet irony in that. That is why I just ordered Hero of Two Worlds, as my way to say 'thank you' for all the lessons and all the countless hours of entertainment. I'll definitely follow you wherever you take your fans next!


As Q said to Picard, "The trial never ends."


Ditto Rard. Mike's podcasts have taken the edge off many a long car journey and I shall be very sorry to see them come to an end. If only I had had a history teacher like Mike when I was at school...45 years ago.

The Storm Before the Storm is worth buying too.

Chris Conley

Congratulations on episode #100 and (basically) finishing Revolutions. I guess I should start listening to The History of Rome, now...

Shane Doherty

Your musings on how history is probably best viewed as a continuum reminded me of an aspect of History of Rome I liked: How when you're dealing with the later career of one emperor you'd briefly mention a young nobody who two or three successions/civil wars later would themselves be emperor. That underlined the fact that history just doesn't end.

Anyway those Bavarian losers were clearly nobodies who will never amount to anything.

U. David

Something of a quibble, but you referred to the Nazis as being reactionaries; my impression is that historians & political scientists consider them to be right-wing radicals, with Hindenburg an his ilk being the reactionaries.

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