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May 10, 2012


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Hey Mike,

Thanks for you friend plug. Because I have no idea what to listen to now and will give it a shout.

Can you recommend any more podcasts ?

Kathleen Vintage Eye

I also just subscribed to The Ancient World podcast. Thanks Mike! I have thoroughly enjoyed the History of Rome & will miss it terribly but I guess I will forgive your ending it for the time being with the baby coming and all. ;) I discovered the podcast via 12 Byzantine Rulers (another excellent offering) a few years ago & want to thank you & your fellow historical type podcasters for providing such wonderful offerings to us history nerds. Best of luck to you & Mrs. HOR with the bebe.


Darn, just started listening. I am way behind (ep 71) and was looking forward to catching up some day. I am sure I will enjoy the rest of the episodes just as much as those I have already listened to. Thank you for dedicating your time and passion to this project.


Good stuff.. I really like the History of England podcast too, so shoutout to that one


Mike, Grazie Mille! I have greatly enjoyed your podcast and will miss it. Please do let me know if you are in Rome and need any help or just want to drink a glass of wine together as my thank you for the many hours I have enjoyed listenning to THoR. Gennaro from the Ethernal City.

Account Deleted

Welllllll guys can I plug my own? Been going on for just over a year now with 21 episodes so far. Admittedly it's a bit of a niche.


THoR was my inspiration for starting a podcast and if I can do something 1/10th as good as THoR I will be happy.

Michael Goolsby

I do have to admire you for sticking to this as long as you did and I am finally 10 episodes away from the unfortunate end of your podcasts on THOR. I hope you have great plans in the future for you and your family.

Luise Hayes Tasmania, Australia

Hi Mike! the Podcast Squared session finishes at 23:11 minutes...what happened to the rest of it?
Hopefully not abducted by Vandals!

Mette Korsholm, Denmark

Just a few more postcasts left :-( Thank you for your great work over many years. It has been a pleasure listening to you (and thanks to your supporting family).

I have enjoyed listening to "12 Byzantine Rulers" by Lars Brownworth http://12byzantinerulers.com/ as well as his "Norman Centuries" http://normancenturies.com/.

Ben Nicholson

@Luis Hayes
I havn't had a problem with the interview but its worth having a re download. P.S. I liked the interview mike I been listing to podcast squared since you had the 1st interview so I can thnkyou dor that.


There is:
The History of England - http://historyofengland.typepad.com/
The History of Russia - http://russianrulers.podhoster.com/
The History of Japan - http://frug.podbean.com/
The History of World War II - http://worldwariipodcast.net

I recently loved:
Shakespeare's Restless World - www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/r4shakespeare
A good look at the details of live in the 1590's. Eyeopening.

Ancient Warfare Magazine - www.ancient-warfare.com
A look at Roman and Greek topics from a different angle. The hosts talk a lot about sources, which I love. You get an idea of how we know what we know.

And though it's long over, a forerunner to THoR was Napoleon 101 - http://napoleon.thepodcastnetwork.com/
If you want another long rambling chronological history story, this was a good 'un.

And good ol' Dan Carlin, Hardcore History - http://www.dancarlin.com/disp.php/hharchive
He produced a gripping little run of podcasts on the Fall of the Republic. The hours fly by on that one.

And... History According to Bob - http://www.summahistorica.com/
He produces a bazillion episodes a week. Stunning output. And in his archives is a long journey through Caesar's life.

Oh that's enough.


Oh, and "Anne Is A Man!" - http://anneisaman.blogspot.com is a great blog for finding good, intelligent, podcasts.


thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in to make such an entertaining podcast. I liked all 179 episodes, and I hope the best for you, your family, and your future podcast adventures!

David Rovella

Why not take a breather then start again, all the way through the fall of the Byzantines?

Luise Hayes Tasmania, Australia

Been enjoying this, easy listening and lots of history.


@ Ben
Thanks, it worked!

Brian P

Just saw this in the news, a 'Google Maps' for the Roman Empire! http://orbis.stanford.edu/


Mike, I wonder if you've thought about pursuing some thematic topics? Would enjoy a show on the enduring legacy of Rome, politically, militarily etc. Best - Paul


people should try listening to the new podcast the history of byzantium, it aims at continue where mike left off even trying to continue using mike's podcast style, Mike if possible could you promote this podcast its website is http://thehistoryofbyzantium.wordpress.com/ check it out


What a ride. Learned so much. Sad to see it end but the good news is that your considering another one to boot. Well if you do or if you don't, thanks for a great time. Well planned, well initiated, and well thought out I will miss the misadventures of all our friendly neighborhood emperors and quasi-emperors. Your son looks great hope to hear from you in the future soon.


Hi Mike, So much time has past and I miss my THoR rituals. However I came to check-in today, in part for updates on the young Lordling, as well as listening to some favourite episodes. I'm guessing Sir Elliott is motoring along and trying to grab anything he can get and stuff it in his mouth. Have fun! I hope you are all keeping well and happy.

Thanks for keeping the site up. I still recommend it to anyone with ears who stands still near me:) I also appreciate the other podcast recommendations though I haven't started anything new yet. Taking a sensible breather.

Be well, Val


Thanks for recommending the Ancient World podcasts! I'm looking forward to listening.

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