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May 27, 2012


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Greg Noonan

Congratulations. He will conquer the world as he sees it. All the best to the family!

Anthony Lovat

Congratulations Mike and Mrs THOR.


Many Congratulations !


Aww, congrats on your giant baby! Ours was born on May 23rd, after 9 months of his mom listening to THoR every single night. He has no idea how close he was to being named "Scipio." :)


Congratulations and good luck, Duncan family.

Manuel Gonzalez



Congrats! Absolutely stunning. Best of the Best Mike and Mrs. History of Rome. It was an absolute privilege to listen while everything was live. I don't know if you listen to any baseball Mike, but when you hear the same voice for so long they stop being informational and start being old friends. Youve been on my runs in Austin, on countless plane rides home (I travel every week), on trains, during work, and in the quiet weekday evenings. I've loved your asides, jokes, and the way youve described it all. The very very best wishes for you and I do hope you continue on when the time is right- you're so good at it. If not, best best best wishes.

Sebastiaan Eilander

Congratulation! Enjoy the good times!


congrats brother!

just now finishing your podcast. so sad its almost over. been like 4 months straight.

amazing stuff! well done ! if u ever write anything i will buy it. if you sell it, i will buy it. Your the man! congrats on the beautiful son.

Cheers again!

John Gower

Congratulations. I had let some time slip by since my last podcast listen. I was surprised at the end of the podcast but knew it was coming and very happy for you and your wife's new baby. I did drop in a donation since it had been a while. I was happy you moved to Austin and hope you have had some enjoyable times. Yeah, it's hot. That's what lakes and swimming pools are for. Thanks for a wonderful experience. Best regards, John Gower

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Congratulations for this lovely baby. This could be a great blessing for the both of you.


Just caught up - many congrats; lovely babe, lovely name!

Carol McMichael

Congradulations to the entire family! God bless all. Looking forward to your next podcast!!!

Great Potoo

He must be raised in a camp, to the spear and the sword. He must learn command, and a stoic disregard for discomfort. Then, in the ripeness of his maturity, he will return to the capitol and take up the mantle of...blogger.

M A Smith

Congrats Mike. During those long sleepless nights you can do as I do and listen to my favourite podcast whilst walking him to sleep:)




Congratulations to THoR family!

Given he is the Third Rome, I'm a little surprised that his name doesn't incorporate Rus within it; then again, that's a historical tidbit for another project.

Good, strong looking son. May he serve the Pater Familias well!

Spencer Ruf

Congratulations a million times over!!!!!!


glad to share a birthday with him. cute kid and great podcast series

The History of England

Congratulations - your house will be full of laughter for years to come (maybe the odd tear as well...)


Aww... Congratulations!

Val in Vancouver

He's beautiful! All the best in your family and professional life. I wish Elliott William Duncan an engaging and happy experience. Have you dressed him in his cute little baseball jersey?

I enjoyed the podcast immensely and the Podcast Squared interview said it all, No one else can do Rome, for sure.

Richard Lyon

Thank you for posting pictures of your new son.
After listening to you all these years- I know 'little Mr. The History of Rome' will enjoy the tales you will tell him over the coming years.

Rob Shinnick

Congratulations. A fine lookin' lad, there!

Ayman Fadel

Congratulations, and thanks for the podcast!


Congratulations! Time away from podcasting well spent!

Scott Bartell

Awesome! What a good reason to wrap the podcast : ) (Selfishly looking forward to him growing up a little so you can get on with your next project!)


I envy the the kid.I bet your going to tell the best bed time stories ever.


Extremely rad! Congratulations! That is absolutely fantastic news.

Mike, I just finished listening to "The End" and I got a little emotional. I started listening to the podcast when you were on your seven-month hiatus and it's been a real delight. Your podcast inspired me to do my own history podcast as my senior project and ultimately decide to major in history in college. That was a huge decision not made lightly and THoR pointed me in the right direction. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. You are truly awesome.

John Citron

Congrats again Mike. I’m just dropping a note to let you know that someone has decide to pick up where you left off.


I'm not sure exactly what your plans are for the next podcast and although you said it wouldn't be ancient of American history I suspect it will involve Europe.

If you were to follow European history in the aftermath of the fall of the western empire it would be a great compliment to the Byzantium podcast and would give us all an amazing perspective of the history of the entire region.

You and Mr. Robin could even collaborate as I’m sure he would welcome your advice. He seems to be a great fan of yours and talented in his own right.

Good luck on your future endeavors.


What a gorgeous boy, congratulations to Mr and Mrs History of Rome... welcome to the world little one!


Further to earlier congratualtion, I really do miss my weekly fix.
I cannot find another to replace your excellent, informative and witty commentary.
Let us know your next project.

In the meantime enjoy your son


Congratulations! Children are a true and special blessing.

Also, I wanted to say, I thouroughly enjoyed every episode of your podcast - and eagerly await your next project!



Felicidades ^_^

Gerard Maio

Congratulations, Mike. Best of luck to you and your new family. In the immortal words of Luca Brasi, "may your first child be a masculine child."


Te congratulo!

I'm glad to know the name of the next Augustus. :)

I'd also like to thank you for helping me on my Latin certification exam. There were about 20 questions about Roman history, and there wasn't a single one I didn't know because I first heard you talking about it on this podcast. You aren't just a good podcaster: you're a life-changer. Thanks again! :D


Well done and congrats. Life has taken a different and wonderful path. Can't wait to hear from you soon !!!


Congrats guys - awesome!!! You must be so happy!!!

Robert Pell

Congrats on your new son. And many thanks for your podcast. I am on episode 174, i found it a year and a half a go, its been a pleasure for myself and my 16year old. Thank You.

Andre Wemans

Congrattulations to you and the mother and the most welcome to this world for you son.


Congrats Mike and Mrs. History of Rome


Have you heard of the NJCL? It is a national organization dedicated to the classics (Greece and Rome) that is second only to the boy scouts in population. Go to njcl.org to check it out.

Morgan Wascko

He's beautiful, congratulations!!


May He be as lucky as Augustus, and as good as Trajan.


Belated congratulations! Hello Elliott, welcome to the world. You made a great choice of parents. Now, have fun....


Congratulations!!! Such a sweet looking baby.


Congratulations! Thank you very much for your podcast series!


He already has great biceps!!
: )

Bob McLarney

Hey I just jumped on the web sight!!! I have only been a listener to your podcast for the last 5 years....
Thank you so much It was great journey and by the way awesome baby picture!!!!!

Bob McLarney

I just looked at Williams picture again , your a lucky man William is a big guy huh!!!!!!, my youngest was 10 # 8 Oz ..... Its so cool to have one that twice as big as other babies in the nursery :-)

Bob McLarney

Opps Elliot , I'm listening to your interview on Podcast Squared and dyslexic ly read the name..
Also nice answer on fighting a hippo.....

Stephen DeMarco

Absolutely beautiful... God Bless.. enjoy..


Congratulations! My daughter was born six days later. Let's hook them up.

Ryan Jones

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. History of Rome! I am very happy to see the newest member of the family!

Karen - Essex, England

Very belated congratulations to you and Mrs THoR. Only just got to the episode when you mentioned the pending birth. Totally agree that they change your life :)

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