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May 27, 2012


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When shall he be named Co-Augustus?


May he have the conquering arms of Caesar.

Congratulations Mr. Duncan!


Congratulations to the 2 of you. 10lb 12oz!!!!!


Who knew the mighty conquerer of Rome (podcast) would be so cute.


What a cute kid. Congratulations.


Congratulations! What a handsome baby boy. 10lbs 12oz...Mrs. Thor must be Wonder Woman.


Congrats! Way to go!

Bill McNeeley

Children are always a blessing! Congratulations. Fr. Bill McNeeley


Congratulations. He's such an adorable boy. May he be a towering figure of his generation.


Congratulations!! He's adorable


Yay! Congrats to the Lil' History of Rome! :D


Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. History of Rome!

David Strom


I just stopped by to let you know how much I missed the Sunday evening edition of THOR, and saw this picture.

What a lovely baby!

But really, a baby is no excuse to take my Sunday entertainment away! What kind of priorities do you have? ;-)

God bless. Keep him away from the masks of his ancestors, lest he become consumed with ambition!


Congratulations! Maybe you should have called him Cesar :) God bless you!

Greg Webb

Congrats to you Mike and Mrs. The History of Rome! He's a beautiful boy! I hope Mrs. THoR recovers quickly.

Philip Reiss

Congratulations & blessings! May Fortuna Primigenia always smile upon him.

Zoe Johnson

Congratulations. Cute kid. I generally only say that about direct blood relations such as my children and grandchildren.
Zoe Johnson (and Sally Williams)
Legio VI


Congratulations on Mini THoR!

Luise Hayes Tasmania, Australia

Welcome to the world Elliott William Duncan!
Congratulations "Mamma and Pappa The History of Rome"! A beautiful babe! Many Blessings upon you!

Chris (Melbourne, Australia)

Congratulations Mike and Mrs History of Rome!!! Looks like another great dynasty has commenced!


He looks like Winston Churchill!

Hampus Andersson

Quite Rad!!! Congratulations to the both of you!

A Palazzo



Fantastic, congratulations, family history in the making.

Patrick Flynn


Predrag Mandić

Congratulations. Very nicely done.. Wish you all the best.


The Future of the History of Rome?
His birthday is the day after my son, and the day before my wife, it's a great time to be born!
Well done, at 10lb12oz particularly to Mrs THoR

Ed Ford

God Bless Him. Congratulations. Welcome to the world Elliot!

Brad G.

Congratulations. He is a beautiful baby.

My wife, Mrs. History of Rome Fan, gives her condolences to, and is impressed by, Mrs. History of Rome for giving birth to a 10 lbs 12 oz baby.

John Hughes

Congratulations! May he be luckier than Augustus and better than Trajan!

 Steve S

A fine looking young lad, suited to wear the purple.

Tony Petracci



May he one day discover E.T. in the backyard shed.


Congratulations. He really is a beautiful boy.

Joe Fatzen

Congratulations! I was expecting much more Latin in his name.

Terry Maltman

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs History of Rome and welcome to little Future of Rome!

J. Franco

Congratulations! God willing my wife and I will be having one soon.

GySgt Red Millis USMC (ret)

Congratulations to all three of you! May he grow healthy, safe, and wise!

Matt, NL

Congratulations Mike.. best of wishes!

Cynthia Gilbreth

He's beautiful! Congratulations on your new little historian.


Michael, Congrats to you and Mrs. THoR! He's a handsome boy, taking after his mum, I'll wager!

Enjoy yourselves, and know that I eagerly await word of your next project!


Eddie Liu

Congratulations, and thanks for the podcast! I just finished listening to the last episode and am looking forward to your next project!


Congratulations! Never commented here before, but after two years I finally finished your Epic podcast. I am so grateful for all the hard work you put into that show and will definitely be donating right after submitting this. I would wish you luck with all your projects, but I'm not sure you need luck. Thanks.


Omgosh, 10lbs! He's a real Texas baby, isn't he? Congrats!

Brett Hillman



Joy and Bliss. Hail the new THOR Junior!

Jacques le Fou

Congrats to you and condolences to Mrs THoR , or maybe congrats to her, too, on getting rid of an 11lb lump. 16 years from now, when he's become Jeremy of "Zits," just remember how you felt on May 22.


Compared to podcast, time will speed up... the next thing you know, he is in school, out of school and waving bye bye. Enjoy each minute. Congrats to all.






He's adorable! Congratulations!

Chris E.

Cute baby! You now need to elevate him to the rank of Caesar, quick!

Jeff D.

Congratulations! (Great looking kid)


Congratulations on your beautiful son. The beginning of a dynasty?

Al Rowell

Congratulations! It really is fun watching them grow and change; just when you get used to the stage they are in, they progress and mix things up. Have fun with it all dude!


Congratulations sir. Thank you for all of the wonderful informative entertainment you've provided me for the last six months, and may your family be blessed by whatever pantheon you so worship.

A Facebook User

Congratulation to you and the Mrs History of Rome! And of course the little History of Rome!


Congratulations! Most newborns are bit strange looking LOL but not yours. Our little son was born two days later, but he is a tad smaller at 8.5 lbs. Thanks for the great podcast by the way. Brilliant!!!


Congratz and thanx for the unlimited hours of entertainment :) do I count more as a listener being born and raised in rome? ;)


Congrats! Your podcast could lull him to sleep:)

Julie Downs

Happy, happy times! Enjoy every moment as they go by waaaay too fast. Snuggle now while you can!


Just wonderful, a fitting way to round up years of happy podcast listening. How can I be sad that it's all finished when you have such a wonderful new beginning

Jennifer Bailey

Congratulations, a beautful boy! Ten pounds 12 ozs is awe-inspiring. Hope Mrs. The History of Rome is recovering quickly. Very, very best wishes.

As you are already finding out, your life will never be the same again.

Josh Pond

Good looking kiddo, nice work and please pass on our compliments to the Mrs. THoR!! Enjoy the new addition to the family!

Charlie Blanchard

He is a handsome fellow! May good fortune, health & happiness be his constant companions. May he leave this world a brighter place than when he arrived ...but not too soon.

Jeffrey Phillips

It was at that point in my life I told my Mom “I didn’t know you loved me this much!” Your life just got so much better. Now, enjoy.


Congrats to Mr & Mrs History of Rome - looks very chilled ;)


I wonder if Baby History of Rome will develop a taste for garum?

Congretulations indeed!


Congratulations Mike and Mrs. The History of Rome!

Alastair (Scotland)

Congratulations to you both - lovely photos. 10lb 2 oz is a hefty lad! Hope Mrs HoR is recovering well and that you're getting some sleep!

Andrew Lowry

Congratulations on the birth of your son. Children are such a joy (and a lot of work). Thank-you for sharing this with us, your fans. As a side note I've been playing catch-up on many missed episodes. I'm very grateful for all the hard work you did for us listeners. It is a great education for me.

Robert Stodulka

You're on a roll with bringing good things into this world. Your second, but most important, baby. Congratulations

Ben Shore

massive congratulations...a new endeavour begins. You have given me and hundreds (thousands?) of other listeners an amazing and accessible insight into the ancient world. Now you've got to do something really hard...be a dad! good luck and thanks



Just looked in to mention my blog http://alysb.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/classical-sites-in-le-marche/
and saw lovely photos - nearly as sweet as my granddaughter. You won't have time for much reading but hope you enjoy my blog when you get around to it.


Congratulations to all three of you. May he bring you great joy, be as wise as Trajan, lucky as Augustus and utterly kick ass as ThoR podcast.

Sean H

That's a fine looking kid. Congratulations to you and the Mrs.

Warren Hall

Fantastic news. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.


Congrats! That's one big boy you have there!


CONGRATULATIONS to Brandi and yourself. Nice work Mike. :-)

Ruben Strid

Congratulations! He's a great looking kid! A believe me, in spite of what everybody says, you will still find the time to do what you love when you have kids. Just involve them in the process. (I speak from experience, being a father of two boys and a struggling writer)

Kimber Lawler

He's beautiful. Congratulations!

Alan fearnley

Very happy for u both!!


Congrats on your growing family, Mike! I had been betting on 'Romulus', but Elliott is pretty good too. Also, belated thanks for doing the podcast, I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to hearing more in the future.


Congratulations and thank you for a fascinating and fantastic podcast!

I look forward to hearing your next project.
All the best with Elliot William!


very happy for you and Mrs history of Rome Congratulations

Kathleen Vintage Eye

All the best as you begin to witness the very best kind of history in the making! Congrats!

Richard Eppert

Welcome to the world of parenthood!! He's a great looking little guy! Congratulations to both you and Mrs. History of Rome!!!


Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. The History of Rome!

Sheldon White

Congratulations! Now the fun begins.


He is a cutie. Well Done Mrs Duncan, a big boy.

Brandon Watry


Stacey Roberts

Best wishes to you and Mrs. The History of Rome and Baby The History of Rome. There is only one reason I would accept for the end of my favorite podcast - Elliott William Duncan. Well-played, Mr. The History of Rome. Well-played. May your dynasty last throughout the ages.


Belated congrats!

Mette Korsholm, Denmark

Congratulations ... I hope he will be as interested in history as you and your wife are :-)

Jiachen Zhao

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Duncan!

Jerahmy Harkins

Grats brother!

Reid Bullock

Congratulations Mike! You'll make one heck of a Dad. Just make sure to record your THoR so he can listen to it when he is older. Oh, and get your wife a belated Mother's Day card - she'll thank you when you surprise her with it on Father's Day.

Steve Rhine

What a great looking (and enormous) kid.

Congrats, good luck and enjoy.

Jeff read

Hey Mike, congrats to you both. I love happy endings in stories. This is the best time in your life, ignore the sleepless nights, nappies and crying and soak it up. All the best, Jeff (hong kong)

Peter Alberts


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