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May 06, 2012


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You rock Mike. You rock.

Chris M

I've been a long time listener since around the episodes when Rome was getting repeatedly trounced by Hannibal. I've always had an intesrest in Antiquity (my BA in history 25 years ago concentrated on classical studies) so I've been enjoying these immensely. I'm sure it has been very demanding, but as Virgil said "One day, we will look back upon these things with joy". Great job!

Dave from New Zealand

Thanks Mike and Good Luck with the new addition.

I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to your show. You've journeyed with me on holidays, to the beach, on the journey to and from work and even during the long wait of 2 of my 3 daughters to enter into this world.



Hi Mike

I just wanted to say a massive thank you....its been emotional, you have been a weekly constant in my life for so long, I was genuinely a little choked up over the final episode, although we have never met It felt very much like I was saying goodbye too a good friend.

I hope all goes well with your baby boy -I have a little girl who's just turning 2 - and can tell you from experience that you are all in for a truly incredable time.

Stay frosty and again a huge thanks.


Good work Sir. I very much enjoyed your show. Thank you very much


Thanks Mike. I listened to your podcast all the way though grad school and it made my late-night experiments a lot more interesting.

Craig Ireland

Thanks so much mate. Your podcast has been a fixture of my life for the last five years. I listened to it while surveying fire hydrants in Washington DC and at the Vic Desal Plant building site in Aus. Yours is an astonishing achievement. All the best for your new family. (and I'd love to see your new project pop up in the THoR feed one day.)


I, like everyone else here want to also say thank you for the last couple years. I'm a farmer in Iowa and I picked up the podcast around episode 80 when I was looking for things to listen to with all my time spraying and combining in the spring and fall. Each spring and fall I would start back over at episode 1 and listen up to the current episode again. I've thoroughly enjoyed every minute I've spent listening and learning. Because of you I now have a map of the Roman Empire framed above my desk and I still enjoy looking at it and thinking about all the history that has happened.

While I'm sad your finished, I am also extremely grateful your ending on a high note. Thanks for all the great podcasts and information you brought in a clear concise manner.


Thank you so much for all the hard work over the years Mike! The podcast will be missed.


I found this early when the mic was dodgy, told some friends and we have all battled the barbarians, schemed in the senate, and ate the proverbial grapes toga style together.

Great journey and really sad its finished. This has been the best book I have read, the best movie I have watched, and the best place I have ever visited.

I feel like the emperors baker now, d'oh what the hell are we going to do now??


Dear Mike. Many thanks for all the effort you put into this podcast. I think, best thing for me to do is to subscribe to all the good thing that all the other listeners said. Only one thing: If you ever come to Southern Spain, especially Almeria, Granada or Seville, make sure to send an email and we┬┤ll take you out for some tapas and a few drinks!

Best wishes for the future and enjoy your baby boy. Life changes with kids, but it is more than worth.


Thankyouthankyouthankyou... so sad that it is finishing. I've listened since episode one and enjoyed every moment.

You are good at this. Very good and know that whilst I can't come along to any tours or anything (living in New Zealand has only a few draw-backs and distance is one of them) I would have loved to have attended.

Now if only someone would collate and edit it into a bit audio book!


Hi Mike, thank you for the incredible podcast, you really brought the history to life. Before I discovered the show 1 year ago I was not particularly interested in history but now it is the complete opposite. I will continue with the "The Persian Empire" from the 'The Great Courses'
company, they do quality stuff, but I doubt it will be as good as what you did. You've made the right combination of facts, action, humour and soul and that's why I think this is one of the best things out there!! Best wishes to you and your family.

Your no. 1 fan from Slovakia

Mercurius Goldstein

Amazing series, amazing work. Listened to every episode, haven't commented until now.

Best wishes to your and your family. Looking forward to your next project when you next surface!


I was really happy to be a part of this Journey, at least since the appearance of Ceasar. Thanks Mike, especially for awakening in me a newfound love of ancient history. It was a great podcast.

Richard Lyle

Thank you so much for your podcast over the past few years. I've enjoyed every episode so much that it's the only one I haven't deleted as I finished it.

Good luck for your future podcasting ventures and for the whole Baby Thing.


This has been such a true delight, Mike! You are a gifted researcher and writer, and seem like an all around great guy. Nulli secundus!

Mick Mock

Thank you for an incredible podcast and for single-handedly changing this old dog's mind and making ancient Roman history one of my favorite things in the world. Best of luck with the wee bairn and truly, a heartfelt thank you for your absolutely tremendous dedication to what will always be on the very short list of favorite podcasts. Ever.

Michael Appleby

Thanks so much. THoR has been with me everyday I've gone on long walks, gaining me strange looks as you would slip in one of your deadpan jokes and I'd burst into laughter.
You've made something I have always been fascinated in a journey both worthwhile and life changing.
I wish you and Mrs History of Rome and your family all the best.



I discovered your podcast sometime last year and have been listening like crazy to catch up!

As someone who has never enjoyed history in any format, I can honestly say that THoR flung the doors of the past wide open for me! I have recommended your podcast to all my friends and family as a MUST DOWNLOAD!

Also, as someone who has recently gotten married and returning to school I understand the need to let THoR end, especially with the baby, CONGRATS!

I will be looking through the classical courses at school come next semester, that is all because of THoR and for that I say THANK YOU.

Looking forward to your next podcast, all the best. -Dusty

Chris Kalley

It's going to be strange not seeing a new episode. Thank you for all your hard work. And I'm now very curious about what you have have planned for thehistoryofsomething ;)


I started listening seven months ago from the first episode onward. I was short by 30 episodes to get caught up when you posted the last one! My own two cents as to how great your podcast is/was is basically this: in the middle between baser and esoteric concerns, human motivations from distant history can be hard to make full sense of, and your podcast made the Roman way of thinking accessible in plain, transparent language. The players from this era really came alive! As an Italian-American, I owe you twice as much thanks for filling in this massive blank for me, and I will be moving on to the "Decline and Fall" after I finish out the last episodes. By the way, there are other stories later in history about the Italian state and its reformation - though I realize you have other projects in mind. Perhaps the story of Garibaldi might be interesting? I think he was a contemporary of Machiavelli, I'm not entirely certain...


Thanks Mike. I have enjoyed every episode, you are a uniquely gifted storyteller. Enjoy some time with your family, I'll be waiting patiently for the next project.

In the meantime, I'll be starting over from episode one.

til next time...


I cannot find other words than simply "thank you!" What you have done is truly magnificent, and it has given me so many hours of joy (and anxious waiting since I devoured my initial backlog about a year ago). I wish you and your family the very best.

(PS: Who knows what could happen 5 or 10 years down the road, maybe you all of a sudden want to do a podcast on something again? I'm sure there's a horde of people who'd come running to it if we only knew about it... make sure you spread the word widely if it happens!)

Anyway: Thanks again.


Hehe, now I feel stupid for posting my previous comment while paused in the middle of the final episode. What comes at the end of the episode pretty much removes the need for everything in my parenthesis. Anyway, great news!

Jeff Gomes

Thanks Mike
My journey to work and jogging & gym session will never be as fun.
Good luck on your new baby endeavour


I wish that there were many podcasts of this caliber and interest, but unfortunately THoR was unmatched and I'll miss it greatly. Well done! Grazie.

John Otter

You have been wonderful. Thank you.

Anthony Lovat

Brilliant that you have another project in the pipeline. Can't wait. Thanks for all the hard work. I am going to listen to them all again. You are a legend.

Adrian Bright

Mike, a huge thank you. I got hooked not long after listening to Lars Brownworth's podcasts on the Byzantines and the Normans.
I'm going to miss that little guitar sting at the front and back of every show! Can't say how much the podcast has meant to me - the winding story, the jokes, the metro-nome like tick of it week by week in my life (with a few gaps!)giving me something regular and reliable to enjoy in my chaotic world. I could listen to it all over again, but I've done that twice already - once during the 'hiatus' and once during the tour breaks!
Over the years I got 4 others hooked on it and am not sure if they'll donate the tenner your requested, so please find it (in Aussie dollars! They're at parity right now!) in your donations box. Worth every cent.
I'll look forward to your next venture, best of luck with the family.


Thank you, Mike, for all of your hard work. I listen to a lot of history podcasts, and this one has by far been the most informative and entertaining. Even though we have met, it feels like I am losing a friend.

Best wishes to you and your family, I await your next project with great anticipation.


Thank you so much, Mike. I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from you over the past years. I'll miss you, but that's life. Your wife and son have to come first.

I wanted to let you know what I have done to scratch my Roman history itch, so to speak. For reasons I won't go into, I have two iPods. One has been dedicated to my favourite podcasts. I have every episode of The History of Rome on that iPod. You've given us a wealth of information. Thanks and best wishes for the future. :)


Thank you so much Mike, I've loved every minute. It's great to hear you have a new project in mind. Even if it's a year or two off it lessens the loss of The History of Rome from my podcast feed!

In the meantime I'm going back to episode 1 and listen to the whole thing again.

All the best.

Trey De Falco

I found this podcast when he was at about Caesar and first caught up and then followed mike every time he posted a new episode at about Titus. I loved listening to his podcast and i will miss his episodes. and i have one question is mike Christian.

Trey De Falco

with no new episodes im now just re-listening for i know that i most likely missed something the first time and it is always interesting to listen to mike a second time. and no i am not gay

Trey De Falco

salue et vale Mike i fruendum audita Vestibulum. hello and goodbye mike i enjoyed listening to your podcast. and wish that you would continue to the fall of constantinople or at least would do an episode on a breif what the east did when the west fell i know that the epiosed THE END did some of that but i wish you would do alittle more.
Veni Vidi Vici


Deus vult
good bye

John Pheasant

Thanks a lot Mike, coming home from work (aprox. 30 mins) will never be the same again. You've done a great thing - making a difficult, complex and dry subject seem easy and involving. I wish you all the best for you and you family.

Brett Lennon

Another note of thanks Mike. I've been listening for 5 years now (almost since the podcast started).

It's been a ritual to listen to THoR followed by Melvyn Braggs "In Our Time" on my (very early) Monday morning drive to work in rural Australia. It'll be a strange break with reality to listen to something different instead.

It's been a pleasure, I've learned a lot, all the best for the future.

Stephen Spencer

What a fantastic achievement. I only found History of Rome last January, so that most episodes were available. Some days I listened to 5 or 6 episodes at a stretch. My wife felt that she has become a History of Rome widow.

Due to my late arrival I could not join one of your tours, but have just returned from a two week tour of Italy. Your podcast made Rome so much more interesting.

All the best with the baby, and like all of your other fans I am looking forward to your next pod-casting venture.

Hector W Padilla

Hi, Mike. I'm a truck driver in Los Angeles. First off, I would like to thank you ofcourse; tell you that I dig your style in podcasting ( formal, yet hip), and that when ever I heard the opening guitar strum to your podcast it was as if I traveled back in time and lived the episode. Sooo-10xs better than reading a book.

I think I've found a better understanding of everything around me and how it came to be: I mean it all clicks, it makes perfect sense: Rome ( Trajan, theodocius, laws, codices, military) to the German Vandals & Visigoths ( aleric, stilico aetius)- to kingdom of Spain (carthage, hannibal,Feudal system, Spanish language)- to the conquest of the new world ( Habsburg, then Bourbons, Latin America , California), Christianity ( council of nicea, Arianism, catholics, popes, the structure of the catholic church modeled after the roman patres familias, the crusades, inquisition, Christmas) Economy ( inflation, natural resources, grain live stock, taxes, rich and poor, corruption) etc

Lessons learned;
1)A nation has to be able to change with the times: ( much like Rome did in the 3rd century
2)Exclusion of a people harnesses animosity, if you can't defeat an enemy don't wound him, you will never learn peace ( mithradates, Hannibal, Sassanids, Egypt) . Fear can get so far, for so long. Either kill them or defeat them then include them ( Julius Caesar ( yeah Agustus, but he decided to kill everyone)).
2b) If your going to let them live in Rome, and if your going to let them fight for you don't be prejudice and consider them as an " other"
3) War is inevitable- war is economics; because of limited resources ( gold, food, human capital ( taxes, slavery)
4) Religious tolerance is veeeeeery important.
5) Military supremacy is very important but also the ability to garner peace put it together and you get a very nifty stick and carrot.
6) the best king or emperor is that who is empathetic, and gets down and dirty ( Trajan, Sulla, Aurelian)
7)Fixation to the past, or what once was is dangerous especially when it comes to wiggly lines on a map that people get so nostalgic about ( Datia). Glory is good but it's better when you have vision to still see it standing in the future ( steve jobs). If you need to call it quits-quit during your apex, and just like Mike Duncan's The History of Rome you'll leave a legacy and the respect from many.

Matt Earls

Thank you. I've enjoyed your style and humor enormously. The tribute to your grandfather who had a copy of Gibbons available for a fifteen year old was touching. I hope you have parlayed your gift of parlay into something wonderful.

I actually have about 60 episodes to go. Hopefully your next project will be well underway by the time I finish.

Tim Nichols`

Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou.

I cant wait for the next project. Your dulcet tones are music to my ears.

juan antonio varela

Job well done Mike!
The only question is, what the hell I am going to do on sundays now?

Max Osterhaus

It was a pleasure to listen through these episodes nearly back to back for days on en while working in my garden. An education I sorely missed in school supplanted so well by such a gracious host. I wish you well and can't wait for whatever you might get to next...but take your time with the baby!

Mark W

Mike, thank you for this amazing series. I started listening 3 years ago and have loved every minute of it.

I recently restarted from episode #1 with my 10 and 13 year old sons on trips in the car. They have been captivated. You've not only taught me everything I know about THoR, but now you're educating my children. I couldn't think of a greater compliment.

Thank you for inspiring my kids to find history cool and fascinating (they're even reading books about it now!).

Thank you all your time, knowledge and sacrifice (thanks to Mrs. THoR too!).

Best of luck on your new adventure.


My first Monday afternoon without a THoR podcast to look forward to (aside from the planned vacations we knew about). I started listening around the First Punic War and this podcast has been a steady companion ever since. Thank you for your dedication to see this project through and the best of luck in whatever you decide to do next.

owen laffan

for a while there mike i thought the show would go out like the roman empire "not with a bang but with a whimper" but then you post the final episode. thanks for all your years of hard work. your podcast helped me though 5 years full of exams (junior cert.,leaving cert. and college) and now i only have one year let in college. thanks for everything mike

Joe Moore

Just another thank you! Besides this great podcast, you are the one who got me addicted to history podcasts in general - great work!!

Paul W

Thank you for the podcast.

This has been the most memorable days of my life, your podcasts have been my companion on buses, trains & planes. Its made the time go by so fast & thank you for that.

Good luck with your new baby & hope to hear from you soon

Luke Baxter

Definitely the best podcast ever for me. Thanks so much for all the work you have put into this endeavour. It will be a massive hole in my life. I have kept the podcasts for my son. He has listened to one already. Give it six years or so and check out Horrible Histories and great intro to history. He was listening to one about the Gothic non-sack of Rome while I was listening to your episode on same. You will enjoy fatherhood, moments like that are the best.
Am taking a Schrodinger's (apologies, no umlaut) Cat approach to the Final episode - if I never listen to it, I cannot know if it has ended.

Lawrence Davidson

Mike, I came across The History of Rome when I was given an iPod for my birthday nearly three and a half years ago and was searching for interesting things to download. I was fascinated from the very first. Many years ago I studied Latin as a language for five years at school (and passed with distinction!). I learned quite a lot of Roman history while doing so. This podcast reignited my interest in the period (along with the Roman "Caesar" novels by Collen McCullough).

Thank you very much for your persistence (which resembles that of one E.Gibbon!), erudition, and above all your delivery style. I have enjoyed every moment of your podcasts and will await with interest what you decide to do next.

Irina Kenderova

Thank you so very much, Mike!!
It's been a great pleasure, extremely informative and fun. Caught up on everything I have missed in high school and so much more. And it looks like I have no other choice but to start back from the beginning....

Very best of luck to you, and I very much second listener Todd Goldberg - sell the series on CD/DVDs. I will buy them. I already know that my kids will be listening to them. And make a shorter version and sell it as educational material to schools. They will love you - how else can you make high schoolers learn ancient history ;)

Again, many many thanks!

Martin Old

I would also like to add my thanks for a great series of podcasts.
I developed a passion for all things Roman when I was 11 while discovering how Britain became part of 'the empire' and how the region where I live rose up in defiance ( Iceni ). I came across you podcasts in March 2009 when I decided to download the back catalogue for my trip down to Ischia an island in the Bay of Naples. I travelled a day after the earthquake struck L'Aquila, north of Rome and was fretfull as to how the Romans would have read the auspices and what message was being sent by the 'Gods' with the destruction of a town named after the Eagle - sent by Jupiter himself.
I sat looking back at Naples with Vesuvius towering above the city listening to your first podcasts - not wishing for each one to end but at the same time eager to hear the next one. I found you so easy to listen to and enjoyed your sense of humour.
I was not however a weekly follower as I found that you instilled within me a desire to go back to the source records myself and in addition to my already well thumbed penguin classics I have acquired a number from your suggested reading lists. ( currently reading The Poison King ) so I would visit your podcasts periodically begin to catch up and then go back to listen again to a specific event, emperor etc as I got sidetracked by a documentary, new book or news paper article.
I will like the many posts here miss your podcast. I wish you and your family all the best for your future endeavours.



Gregory Theunis

This podcast has been a real treat, at a continuously high quality level. Many Thanks!

PS: 12 Byzantine Rulers (Lars Brownworth) = very interesting follow-up to this podcasting-series, indeed!!


I have listened since episode one. This podcast has saved me from hours of endless tedium aboard airplanes as a travel around our current american empire. I recently traveled to the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco and had I such invaluable insight into those ancient lands thanks to The History of Rome. Thanks for all the hard work! Can't wait to read your forthcoming book...


I can't thank you enough. For the past five years you have been my constant companion.

Graham Cole

Woe! Woe! And thrice woe! I have been listening for years and wanted it never to end.

You have left us with a wonderful body of work. Your just-right pace and easy yet authorative delivery will continue to attract new listeners for years to come. Well done.

My only thought is, would you consider rerecording some of the earlier episodes? Their technical quality does not do justice to what follows a few episodes later, but as the starting point for new listeners they may be off putting.

Best wishes for all your future projects.

Jeff Read

Mike, A great piece of work over these last years. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute and will listen to them again over time. Thank you, Thank You.
Jeff (Hong Kong)


Thank you so much for all your time and effort, it's a monumental achievement. I have been listening for 2 years and you have kept me entertained through many a dull drive and quiet moment.
Good luck to you and Mrs HOR with your Son, our daughter was born this time last year and all I can say is that you are in for another amazing journey

Dick Mackin

I was so pleased when I first found THOR podcast and I am now so sad that it has ended. I looked forward to every new episode.

Thanks for everything Mike, I look forward to your next project.

A. Lewis II

I began listening to your History of Rome last month and I must say that you've got me hooked! Your style of storytelling is as good as it gets, when it comes to keeping the listener interested.

I would be quite interested if you'd do your next project on The Age of Discovery. I believe that between the end of the Black Plague in the 1300s thru the mid-late 1700s were the most interesting times in world history because of the characters (discoverers and their employers) make good storytelling just like the Roman Empire.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for a history lesson that was WELL DONE. A great ride indeed.


Hampus Andersson

Thank you Mike for this amazing podcast. I've been with you since episode 50 and been dying to get to the next episode every week. Such good storytelling and such dedication. Good luck with your family. I hope to listen to you again in the future (obviously I'm gonna relisten to THoR a couple of times). Thank you again!


This podcast has been on my favorites list for almost a year now. Listened just about every week since subscribing. Thank you for all the Roman history I would of otherwise passed out to boredom to. An extremely interesting period of time, but hard to translate that interest into ink and paper. Your podcast made it very palatable =) Good luck with the baby!

Nevin Ball

Thank you so much for years of listening enjoyment - and learning! HoR was the first podcast I ever listened to and it is still my favorite. I even ran a half marathon listening to the History of Rome! I sent a donation as a token of my appreciation and I wish you all of the best. P.S., is there a book planned based on your podcast work?

Stuart Harvey

Mike, thank you for your incredible work on this podcast. As someone who lives in Rome and works as a licensed tourist guide I was incredibly impressed by your attention to detail and your ability to filter the various sources to come out with a really excellent objective commentary on the world of the ancient Romans.

I wish you the very best with the new baby - but when you feel you have relaxed enough (or when Mrs THoR lets you), it would be wonderful if you could turn all that research into a book.... the new Gibbon perhaps!

We never got to meet when you were over in Rome, but do look me up next time you're over.

Best wishes with your new adventure, and the mysterious new podcast.


Mark Savage

Thank you so much! Thank you. This is the first week that I haven't had THOR playing while I did the accounting at the office. I feel the lack, both the knowledge, and your funny, friendly voice. I'm gonna miss you, pal! lol
I don't know if I've done it before so I'm going to give you a donation now.


Suddenly noticed "podcast 179 - The End"

(I've been hanging around 059 since my projects are set in around end of Republic and Early Empire time periods - though I have snuck up to 86)

So I'm quickly listening to 179, and thought I should comment to say Thank you for all the effort.

It is much appreciated.

David Kiefer

All I can say is thanks, and that seems so little for all the enjoyment.

Keep the sense of humor.


Thank you - amazing work!

Would love to have a definite podcast on Napoleon - era podcast.

Stewart Mickey

Well done Mike what an achievement !!!! .... Thank you thank you thank you... I mightCannot wait until the series. However, enjoy being a father first..

Next time are you taking us through the British Empire.???


what an experience this podcast was (still is)! a little donation was sent to say thank you.

i started listening only 1/2 a year ago, recently catched up and now i look forward to listening one more time from Romulus onwards.



Best podcast ever. Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to your next effort, but do enjoy some extended time with the new addition to the family. That'll give me some time listen these shows again.

Donation coming soon.


Thank you Mike, for providing us so much entertainment and insight over the years of THoR. What an outstanding survey of the history of rome you have left us with. You will be missed!

I hope that this is only the beginning, and that you can find further outlets for your interest in and knowledge of history.

Best of luck and happiness.


that was brilliant. thank you. just hit the donations button and it was worth every penny. I hope your new venture is just as good. I am now ready to go back and listen to the whole series again :)

Phil Paxton

Thank you for all the great content over the years!

Thank you so much!

I am saddened by the end of this show. It will be a major gap in my weekly listening habits!

Phil Paxton

One other thing. Will it be British History? I can see that being really cool and even more monumental than Roman History. Though in many ways British History is an offshoot of Roman History. We will see what it winds up being and here is hoping that we don't have to wait too long for your return.

Oh, and congrats on your soon to be born baby. Please make a post when this happens!


Hi Mike,

I haven't gotten to the end yet, still about 60 episodes to go as I started the series, then restarted it after about half way through, so I am behind. I love listening to it, your delivery makes it so interesting and whilst I know all good things etc etc I just wanted to thank you for this amazing series.

Well done,all the best for the future and hope to hear more from you someday :)


Brisbane, Australia


Thanks for educating a teacher.

You have created something out of nothing, wealth where the land was barren, increased the quality of life of not just all who have listened, but all who know all who have listened.

You know, after a year or so off, consider coming back and adding extra material to past episodes. You could squeeze in the material by putting a 'b' on the end of the number.

Take a look at how Bob makes money at 'History According to Bob.' More is better, consider coming back some day.

Larry Bachmann


You're All Going Down

Thank you for a great series - it's been amazing!

Best wishes for the future!

Hugh S

Some podcasters cannot decide whether they are historians or comedians.
I reckon you provide a great summary of Rome with just the right kind of light touch.
This is a production designed to inform and entertain the reader, rather than to demostrate the erudition of the author.

There are too few such efforts. A CD version is an absolute essential.

Marc Paradis

Merci pour ce podcast. I've enjoyed every minute.
I finally caught up (I started over when I returned from Afghanistan) and learned that it's all over :( I expected it would end, just didn't want it to but it is understandable why it must.
Enjoy your little one, et bonne chance


I know I'll shed a tear when i finally reach this point... Thanks a lot and good luck for the future!

Nick Stodel

Thank you so much, Mike, for keeping me company on those long car trips. Love it!!!!!
Nick Stodel (South Africa)


I must confess that throughout your final summing up of reasons the Western Empire fell, I kept waiting for: "Livia did it."

Thank you for expanding my knowledge of the Roman Empire beyond the first century AD - not to mention ensuring that my dishes were done and put away at least once a week. Best wishes for the scion of THoR, and future projects.

Rob Grimshaw

Hi, Mike,

I've not posted a comment on these threads before but couldn't let it pass without saying a profound "thanks" for all your dedicated hard work over the past 5-or-so years. I have really enjoyed this podcast and have learnt a hell of a lot as well.

I wish you all the best for the future and will definitely keep my ear to the ground about future projects.

Thanks again,

Rob (Sheffield, UK)

Dave LaFontaine

I started following your podcast when I was first sent out on assignments to teach New Media to journalists around the world. I've used it to soothe myself when I was stuck in unfamiliar hotel rooms, far from home, in Kiev, Moscow, Bogota, Cartagena, Tbilisi, Azerbaijan, and too many other places to remember. Thanks for the humor and the insight. For humanizing this vast stretch of history.


It's been real a pleasure to listen to this podcast, and it's sad to know it's over now.

Thank you for all the work that must have gone in to it; congratulations on reaching the end; and appreciations for it being so good!

And best wishes on your other endeavours.


Just wanted to join the other fans by saying thanks and good luck. I plan on enjoying the podcast as long as I have access to it. Thanks again!

Peter Nicander

I want thank you for all the listening pleasure you have given us...on your spare time. I cant start imagining how you did it, but I loved every minute of it!

I wish you all the best in life after thehistoryofrome!


Excellent stuff - tour de force gotten me thorugh daily grind at work for months/years and plenty more re-listening legs in the series!

Javier Reyes

Oh my god... now what will I have to look foward to every week??

Let me be the Nth person to thank you for this podcast, it has been an awesome trip through the history of Rome.

From Spain, my most sincere best wishes.


Zachery Z

Thanks Mike for doing the podcast. I've enjoyed it more then you'll ever know. I've always love history and the Romans have always been my favorite and know I understand the great Roman even better thanks to you. Thanks good luck on the baby.


I'm so sad that this podcast is over, but very happy to hear that you'll be doing another one eventually. Thank you for all your hard work; this has seriously been the best podcast ever!

Congrats to you and Mrs. History of Rome on the new baby :)


Your podcast has been one of my absolute favorites! Thank you for planning such an entertaining and thought-provoking series. You have done a masterful job collecting and disseminating Roman history. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.

Renne Benthien

Thanks Mike for your amazing work. I discovered them last year and listening to them on my drive to and from work was a highlight of the day.

I live in Sydney so driving in bumper to bumper traffic is something most sane people would try to avoid, so I'm saying a lot when I say I looked forward to the drive.

You've gotten me interested in history again. Hope you don't take too long to produce the next series.

Steve Elshoff


I can only echo the words of everyone here. It has been a true pleasure listening to your work. Enlightening and entertaining. Who could ask for more?

Thank you so much for all your efforts. I look forward to your next subject and wish you all the best with your young family.

John Boivin

I just had my first Monday go by without downloading the lastest episode of AHOR. I feel like a dog waiting for his long-gone master to return home.
Your podcast brought me much joy,entertainment and enlightenment over those years. Thanks so much for your very hard work. Best of luck with your new family.
Meanwhile, I'm going back to Episode 2 and am starting over... :)


Mike: This podcast has been a part of my life for so long, I can't imagine life without you! Your excellent research, insight, and most of all your humor, have been a real pleasure. Good Luck with the birth of your first child and I look forward to the next chapter.

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