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May 06, 2012


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Derek C

Thank you dearly, Mike. My sister got me interested around episode 50, and I've been a loyal listener ever since. I've recommended this show to as many people as were interested in learning, and a few at least stuck. I liked to let a few episodes build up, then go and listen to the last 5-10 episodes I'd already heard and keep going with the new ones and go on a THoR binge.

I listen to a ton of podcasts, but I've never had one end before, so this is a sad parting for me. But I am truly glad to have known you indirectly, to have been able to listen to this show, and to hope for the best for you and your family.

Thank you!

Rob Horvat

Thank you Mike! You have made THOR interesting and humorous at times.
I will miss learning about Rome that I had never considered. I will also miss your many theories e.g. Gibbon was wrong to blame the christians for Rome's decline. You did miss one other emperor ? Rob Augustus Caesar Horvat!


Mike, thank you, so much, for the epic journey you've taken us all on. Monday public transport trips won't be the same now.


Man...I've subscribed to dozens of podcasts and I always reach the same point with them. The point where I'm looking at my iPod and think "Man, I'm sick of listening to these people talk. What else do I have?" The one show that was an exception was The History of Rome. Ups and downs, rain or shine, this was the reason I gave a damn about Mondays and I'll miss it. It'll be sad to have nothing to download just before I head out into the City.

Mike, you did a fantastic job. Your care, passion and detail is what made this podcast great. I'll be watching this feed for the next fifty years if that's how long it takes you to get back to it. :)

Good luck with the kid. Much love.


I started listening to THOR last summer, and seems like I caught up in time for the last episode. Looking forward to your new podcast, the quality is unsurpassed.

Thank you for your hard work !

Mark Spooner

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!


I will miss this podcast so much. Thank you.


Your podcast has been, for the whole length of my time in grad school, the first that I will listen to when I update the stack of podcasts on my iPod, and the most eagerly anticipated! I will miss it, and the journey into Roman History that it provides.

Looking forward to your next podcast, though it's only right and proper that your son gets the benefit of your story-telling ability now.

Thankyou, and farewell (for now)

(and I would most heartily recommend, with others, the idea of releasing the whole podcast, either in book form or as an mp3 CD (audio CD wouldn't work very well with 74 hours...))



thank you some much for a great journey. I will miss your weekly visit!

All the best with the baby - that's a whole other journey!

Michael Easton

Thank you Mike, I've really enjoyed this Podcast. You have a lot of fans in Sydney, Australia. Best of luck with the new bub!

Rick Roberts

Thankyou so much for the wonderful series. Wish you would do something else like this.

Maybe a Rise of the Third Reich??? Fingers crossed.

Marian, Australia

Having previously posted my thanks and best wishes, I am writing now i have listened to your last episode to say how excited i am to hear you are planning another project on top of the new project of parenthood. What could it be!!!

Raal Harris

Dear Mike
Your podcast has been a constant companion to my commute these many years. You've filled in so many of the blanks for me in understanding how the Empire rose, developed and fell I am in your debt.

A truly great accomplishment, particularly as a self funded one. Hats off also to your good lady wife, it's a rare woman indeed that will support a man in such endeavours.

Finally the very best of luck to you all in your adventures together with the little one. You're going to love it

For those that want to pick up where this left off I thoroughly recommend dancarlin.com episode 'Thors Angels'4 hours of the rise of the Germans post the fall of Rome. Enjoy!

Matthew Billington

Hi Mike,
I've been a long time listener, first time commenter! Just wanted to say thank you producing a podcast of such quality. Thanks for sticking with it - for telling the story right up to the end. Best of luck for the future.


I'd just like to add, this final episode comes out in the week I start my finals for my degree in Classical Studies. You've been an amazingly entertaining listen through the years, and I wish you all the best in the future.


What a wonderful show you have put on. You have kept me company on my walks to the train, mowing the lawn, washing up and putting the laundry away! Your words transformed these mundane tasks into a rich and stimulating experience.

I am looking forward to your next project.

For those of you who have not yet donated, please do so! We need to encourage Mike's wife to continue allowing him to do this.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

All the best to you, Mrs History of Rome and History of Rome junior!



Thanks for the best podcast available. I came to it like you did, I listended to 12 Byzantine Emperors and thought it wouldn't be great if there was a history of Rome podcast...and there was, yours! It's a good thing you did it, as if it had been left to me it would have been rubbish (and much shorter).

Truely looking forward to your next podcast adventure, and best wishes to you and growing family.


Hi Mike,

I'm (un)fashionably late to the party as ever and am currently listening my way through those wacky Severins, but I thought I should add my voice to the chorus of praise and best wishes that accompanies the final collapse of the Western Empire. No, that doesn't sound right, does it?

Anyhow, thanks for all great work and I look forward to whatever the next big project turns out to be!



Cheers Mike, my mate got me hooked a few years ago and I still go back and listen to the old episodes now and again. I lived the Punic wars, the truimvarites, and the carnage as Rome began to disintegrate. Thanks for making such a comprehensive podcast that was so informative and humourous at the same time.

I hope your next podcast is on medieval Europe and picks up where you left off! Please make the cd. Theres people I could buy that for who would never listen to a podcast but would listen to a cd. It's a great idea.

Thanks again Mike.

Michael Konomos

I have been listening for years now while I animate and I have been utterly captivated. You are an engaging speaker, and your work is very well-researched. Your stories are well-organized, and you managed to bring some potentially dry periods of Roman history to life. Congratulations and thanks for sticking with it so long.

If you ever decide to do some sort of "History of the World" I'll come along for the ride.

I wish you and your family the best. As a new father myself, I can say that you are in for a wonderful journey.


Thank you so, so much, it's been amazing. I'm going to miss this podcast! Looking forward to the new project.

Best regards to Mrs History of Rome, and all the best on your new family life my friend.

Another wee donation sent your way. All the very best!


Many thanks for this Mike. This was truly a remarkable body of work. You should be proud of what you have accomplished.

Best of luck.

Samuel Runge

Thanks for the wonderful podcast Mike and best of luck to you in your future projects and raising a family. It's been a pleasure listening to you talk about one of my favourite topics. Hail Caesar!


Claudio Casetti

Thanks a lot, Mike. I'm Italian, and, as you might guess, we are taught tHoR starting in primary school, and then again in middle school, and then again in high school. If you're really brave, you can even get a Roman History degree in college... :) Never before, though, has tHoR been so fun and entertaining in all its previous incarnations during my school years! Thanks again for such a great, amazing ride and the best of luck for your future endeavors!

Ciao from Augusta Taurinorum


Even though it was obvious you were going to end, as the Roman Empire did finally crumble, it's still a shock and I'm gonna take a few more weeks/months to get over it.
But I want to say thank you for reminding why I used to love the Ancient World so much as a child, and getting me to rediscover it again.
Thanks again and you will be sorely missed. But good luck with the future. When's the book coming out ?


Thank you Mike for all your hard work and time put in to this excellent podcast.
Good luck with the baby and take time to enjoy family life.
I will miss my favourite podcast but look forward to anything you will be producing in the future.


This is like saying goodbye to an old friend. I loved your sense of irony. Absolutely right for Roman history. I've been an ancient Rome freak at least since the "I Claudius" series which we can't watch now because I couldn't keep my mouth shut with all my pearls of wisdom.
Quite simply in my opinion if you don't understand ancient Rome you don't understand anything about our society.
I'll miss this terribly but Mazeltov on the birth of your son and all the best for the future.

Bob Mulcrone

I have been both educated and entertained by "The History of Rome" in the past few years. I greatly regret that it has ended, but end it must. This podcast has led me to read a lot further on the history of this era. It has made an excellent foundation for further study. Thank you and good luck!


What a great trip it has been. Mike, you have performed a monumental task - and a very enjoyable one at that. You have had a great impact on my reading list - nothing but Roman history and biographies for the past two years.

Best of luck to you and your family and look forward to your next project


I am still working my way thru the episodes, and am up to #160. But I wanted to say a heartfelt "Thank you" for all your research, dedication, and hard work. I'm looking forward to what's on this final episode.


Thank you so much Mike for all that you have given to us. It's been such an enjoyable and informative ride, good luck in the future!


I'm hungry for more. The History of Rome Podcast wouldn't have been the same if not for your fantastic narrative sharing abilities. Which is really what I will miss the most. I can always read and re-read Gibbons but what I will miss the most is your charming personality and the wit you brought to the podcast. Cheers buddy.

geoff welsh

Dear Mike
thanks so much for your wonderful podcast
thanks to you I am a stone lighter and fitter than I have been for twenty years as I have listened to you running along the old roman roads of northern England

John K.

Thank you for all of the hard work, it is very much appreciated. I have loved Roman history since early on and was lucky enough to visit Rome in the late 90's. Your podcasts pull together the vastness of the history in a way that brings it all to life and makes people want to learn even more. I wish I could go back to Rome and I'm sure the trip would be even better and more meaningful with all the new knowledge.

Best of luck on the new family and whatever else you have planned.

(I agree that people would pay for cd's or something similar as has been suggested. Also, please do some additional lectures related to Rome in addition to your new project. Similar perhaps to your Christmas special. You have a captive audience, that all loves Roman history. Give the mob what they want.)

Tony Pucci

Mike, thank you so much for your years of dedication and research; you have enriched my life with your History of Rome podcast. I do a weekly music podcast, and I know it can't be the highest item on your priority list each week. Best of luck with your growing family! I look forward to what you come up with next!

A fine Italian, Tony Pucci

Brian O'Neal

This was just fantastic. I started listening in January of this year and absolutely tore through it. Good luck with the baby! For what it is worth, I have 3 boys, age 2 to 5, and they love it too. Our in-car conversation works this way:

Me: "OK guys, do you want to listen to music or history of Rome."

Gaggle of toddlers: "History of Rome!"

No kidding - this actually happens.

Best of luck, and thanks for the fantastic story.

Tommy van Son

I really need to get used to the idea that next week, I won't be having my fix anymore. Sadly. Thank you very much for these hours of time will spent. I enjoyed them a lot. I'm looking forward to your next project.

Larry Anvik

Thank you Mike. Every Sunday night for years I've gone to bed with my ear buds in and listened and learned from THOR. You have done something significant for others with your podcast and I hope you are blessed for it.

If you do decide to do another podcast down the line I'll put it at the top of my Sunday night listening list.

 Kostis (Athens, Greece)

Thank you for this journey Mike. Fittingly and just in time this podcast ends as we are expecting our first born(s) by this weekend.
Good luck to you and your family!

Milutin Jovanovic

Thank you very much. I did not think for a second if you deserve this donation. You gave meaning and value to my trip to work and back. Because of you I started listening to books in the car. You made me find an extra hour every day that I can now use to educate myself while enjoying a good listen. An hour that was wasted in the past. Thank you, and have a very nice life!

Rob Crawford

Thanks again, Mike, for your fun and entertaining work. Can't wait to get the Gold Collector's Edition on paper AND audio!


Ben Nicholson

Just thought I will tell everyone that mike had another interview with Andrew Johnstone on his Podcast Squared show this week. And as Mike didn't advertise it. I thought I would mention it. Heres the link http://podcastsquared.com/2012/05/08/podcast-squared-97-the-fall-decline-of-a-podcast/ or get it via iTunes.

Ron, TX

Argh.. this hurts! I sincerely hope you start a new history related podcast when you have some more time and when you've decompressed from the laste five years.. that would be awesome.. And I would also definitely pay for new material! All the best mate

The Realist

Well, these podcasts were shit!

Only kidding. Loved everyone of them.

Thanks and enjoy fatherhood.


Never posted before, have been a silent but appreciative listener for many years. Such great work, enjoyed it immensely, made every Monday that little bit more bearable. All my wished to you and the family. You're some man, and I hope its not the last we here from you.

Dustin Harkness

Sir, you will be missed. I've been a listener since episode 6 and your work has been greatly appreciated the entire time. Good luck in whatever you set yourself to and may God bless you and your family in the years to come.


Thank you very much for a great podcast. Enjoyed the ride and learned a lot and thank you very much for the efforts over the years.

Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove

Thank you, Mike, for this insightful and entertaining endeavour between 753 BC and 476 AD, spanning 2800 impressive years of human history. I discovered your podcast when you were dwelling in the early republic and followed your podcast ever since. I listened to the episodes while running and baking bread (though not at the same time). Best wishes for your future plans and many, many thanks for your efforts.


Thanks from myself and my two middle school age sons for something we've been able to enjoy together.


In my mind no other history podcast gave me the feeling of being educated and being entertained at the same time. some times i laughed some times i said "wow I didn't know that". its that mix of fun and facts that made it a great ride. Thank you for the journey.


Salve Michaelis
Tibi ob rem bene gestam gratulor
Gratia Tibi Ago!

Sin Wei

Greetings from Singapore! Thanks for a great podcast! I started listening last October and I had a great time listening to your podcast.

Thanks again, and best wishes for your future endeavorers!

Thomas Ware

I started listening to The History of Rome mid 2010, just at the beginning of my senior year in High School in Houston, TX. I had a lot to catch up with as you can imagine! I used to listen driving to and from school...those were the days! I think I got up-to-date about three months ago with your second round of tours...well I'm now at the end of my first year at the Unversity of Edinburgh in Scotland and its difficult to know what I'm going to listen to now. Have to find something else I suppose! Thanks a million, and good luck with your family. Perhaps when they're grown up you can do the History of Byzantium on whatever audio medium we'll be using then. I'll be listening :)

Valet, Thomas Ware

Paul S

Like many others, I want to say thank you. We all have our own stories of how we discovered your show and reasons we stayed to the end. I hung with you because this is truly excellent work that you have created.
I too would buy a CD should you decide to produce one. I know I can simply burn one myself from the files saved on my computer, but it would be a nice to have the official "signed by the author" collection.
Please thank your wife for her dedication to the podcast (as the occasional podcast widow), and best of luck in your future. Hope to hear from you again soon,


Gushing thank you for everything Mike! You've added so much to my life. Sometimes books and podcasts can make compelling history dry. But you've kept it as alive and fresh and exciting as Bill Bryson would. I always anticipated a new episode and now I'll have to go back and listen all over again as I anticipate your next adventure.

You, sir, are an Artist.


Thank you so much for this wonderful podcast, Mike. I've enjoyed every minute of it. It's been truly enlightening and enjoyable at the same time. This is how history should have been taught in school! I've appreciated your insights into Roman history and your humour. I for one will miss it greatly (although I'll probably relisten to it). Best wishes with the baby.


Im getting some money soon and I will definitely drop you 10$ but you deserve so much more of my money and Im a poor student :(. Will this site remain up indefinitely so that some time in the future when I have more to give I can?


Haha, I paused you in the middle of what you were saying to post that last comment, I assume the site will still be here since your doing another topic! Super excited to see what it will be on :).


Mike, thank you so much for a wonderful podcast. I'm sad to see it end, but will wait eagerly for your newest effort. Best wishes to you and your wife as you welcome your son. We have 5, 4, and 1 year olds and parenthood is the most amazing, tiring, humbling, yet joyful and life-affirming journey you can undertake.


Thank you so much for this! I have been listening for four years and started over a couple of times. This is an amazing podcast!

Good luck with your baby.


Phil Berry

Another grateful listener - this was life enhancing and has opened up years of reading to me. Whatever your plans, good luck...Sol Invictus is smiling down on you!


Thank you so much for doing this. As the last episode ended, I remembered what I was thinking when I listened to the first episode a year ago: This is exactly what I want to learn.
I learned a lot more than I expected. I can't agree more with you about the Crisis of the Third Century. Before I had only inklings of what that was about from scanning Wikipedia, and now your podcast has fascinated me with not just that period, but the late empire and entire transition to the so-called Dark Ages.


THANK YOU x179 (more including the parts of the Punic Wars)

Been a great journey, I managed to catch up around episode 100, so I had not realised there was a hiatus after Marius. Ending it here is both logical and rather neat with a Romulus at both ends.

I am sure all your listeners will agree that we learned a lot, were entertained throughout and look forward to your next series of podcasts. Intrigued! Slowly going through your recommendation of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, not quite as enjoyable as your readings.

Best wishes to all The History of Rome family, thank you.

Brett Cunningham

Thanks for producing an excellent podcast series. Fantastic.

Mikael Bøgh Rasmussen

Dear Mike - life is going to be a lot less exciting without your company. I started listening only a few episodes into your marvelous endevour, and have continually been struck by your outstanding way of bringing on the story. Wit and knowledge, language and rhythm have been imbued with what always seemed to be a loving distance to the subject - like someone superior to all the petty stupid things and the more loving the essence of the subject.
I have taken the show over again a few times, and will no doubt return to some of the episodes every once in a while - if only for nostalgic reasons. The good old days of Marius and Cincinnatus and - I believe it was Livia, as well...
The History of Rome helped me get through a tough time in my life and career. Thank you! And good luck with your own attribution to the history of mankind - its an adventure in itself, not always easy, but more giving than demanding.

Ben Williams

Best of luck to you mate! I've been with you since day one and always looked forward to the next episode. Cheers :)

The History of England

Thank you, Mike, for all your brilliant work. My week will no longer be the same, and I feel as though I've lost a friendly voice. But I guess I can start over from the start again...

And indeed thanks for inspiring me to do my own; not a patch on yours, of course, but I love doing it, and would never have thought to start without your example.

And the very best of luck with the kiddies. Your house will be full of laughter, despite the absence of the podcast.

Michelle Knowlton

Loved the podcast and am looking forward to the next series. Great job and good luck with fatherhood, Mike.


Thank you for all the hours of enjoyment. I will miss the podcast. I wish you and your family good fortune.

Ken Riddell

Thanks for everything Mike! This was my first enthusiastically listened to podcast, and my Monday subway rides in to work won't be the same without The History of Rome. :(


A superb podcast. Well done Mike!

Andrew Payne

I can't say enough about what you did. It was my favorite thing to listen to or watch every week for many years now. Best wishes with your new family!


Thank you so much. I have enjoyed the journey and learnt a lot. I will miss hearing you every week. Best wishes for the baby.


What can I say that others haven't said. This has to have been one of the best podcasts ever produced, and I hope the content becomes an ebook. All the best with the family, and please thank Mrs. History of Rome for sharing your time with us.

mark sutherland

I came across this podcast recently, and have been listening avidly at a rate of 3 or 4 episodes a day. It's a tour de force, and I would like to congratulate you on it.

Kind regards,


Kevin Hulland

Thank you so much for this podcast; it's been a joy to listen to. You've provided a brilliant framework to my own scattered reading on Roman history. It's sad to see it come to an end, like the end of a favourite book (I suspect I'll be re-listening from the beginning all too soon).

I wish you and your missus all the best with the baby.

I look forward, with hope, to the possible future podcast you spoke of.

All the best,

Kev H. UK.


Thank you for the podcast Mike. What you've achieved is pretty inspirational. And congratulations to you and Mrs H.o.R. on your new arrival.


One of the best historical podcasts around. Thanks for the heruclean effort in getting this done, it is much appreciated for us commuters.

I'm gonna bet that Napoleon is next.


Mike, thank you so much! I have been listening since I found you on iTunes somewhere between 2 and 3 years ago, and you have done beyond a marvelous job! You have conveyed the huge history of this historic people, nation, and empire. You have captured the nature of the society, from its technical brilliance to its noble civilizing grace, and from its petty cruelties to its genocidal intent and actions. And you have done all of this with wit and great story telling prowess.

I have had an interest in Roman history since my teens. There are many popular histories of some key moments - the Spartacus revolt, Julius Caesar, the Julio-Claudians, Constantine, etc - but to have a comprehensive history from the founding of the city to the fall of the West brings a whole new dimension of understanding. To have it delivered in such an accessible and enjoyable format can only add to the experience.

One notable point gleaned from this comprehensive overview is the challenges that were faced by this society at all times. The weight of conquest on a political system designed to govern a small Republic; the great civil wars and strife at the end of the Republic; the decadence and lunacy of the first imperial dynasty; the ossification of the education system and the upper echelons of society you highlight during the golden age of the Antonines; the anarchy of the middle 3rd century; and the lurching from instability, to competent individual Emperor, and back, in the late empire. Perhaps the question we should ask is not "why did the West fall?", but "why did the Empire last so long, given all the reasons it should not have?".

I am sad that this has come to an end, but I await the new project with keen anticipation. You could do the history of the lands of the Western Empire to the present day - with the over thousand years you have already covered you are more than a third of the way there!

"On May 6th 2012,Fancoise Hollande was elected President of France. He has been President for 3 days, or minus 4, depending on whether we count from his election or his inauguration..."

Any way, I have been ranting enough. The best of wishes to you, Mrs History of Rome, and your new addition! Thank you again. Until the next time...

patrick clarke

what can I say...happy for you and your family......maybe someday we will see you back doing a rambling history of rome podcastthats not strictly chronological (like Lazlo's china history podcast} not a criticism of yours at all just meant that if its not chronological then there is no end!! I will miss your podcasts .really really enjoyed them and still listen to them over and over!!

Antony Seville

Thank you so much Mike! At state school in England we didn't spend much time on the history of Rome, the history lessons were all very much 'on message' about Oliver Cromwell and the various Kings and Queens of England (ad infinitum). I always wanted to go back some day and learn about what Romans ever did for us and you've provided a fantastic way for me to do this. I have enjoyed every episode. I'm a proud dad to a 3 month old daughter and it's a wonderful experience...tiring but wonderful. Best wishes, Antony


Thank you so much for doing this!


Thank You. I eventually caught up just as you announced the end was close.

You've lit a fire for me over the last two years that will remain forever... off to bed to read Gibbon!

(also, having always listened to you whilst running I reckon we've done over 550 miles together in that time)!


What a ride! Thanks and all the best :-)

Josh Pond

Thanks for all of the hard work and the resulting series. Enjoy the baby and your family. I look forward to the next series. Thanks again!


I've been listening you for the longest time. And to be honest, I'm more that a little sad the it has come to an end. I've actually have been unable to listen to the last four because I don't want it to end.

You did an amazing job and I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this podcast. I wish you all the best in the future.

Matt Mooney

Fantastic Job...came in around the Punic wars and was a faithful subscriber since then..

Dr Frank

Dear Mike
A huge thank you for your efforts in producing your magnum opus. Like so many others, I discovered this only recently (4 months ago) and have listened absorbed during my daily commute (in Hong Kong), only to reach the end just as you do.
As one who grew up in the shadow of the Antonine Wall, I have long been interested in Roman history but only had a faint knowledge of it. Now I have become a real Roman bore thanks to you and often ask myself, "What would Cicero say/do?" when faced with a moral dilemma.
Good luck with your new family and thank you once again. I urge everyone who has enjoyed this podcast to make a donation.
with warm personal regards

Robert Keesecker

I have all the episodes. When I get caught up and reach episode 179, I may start all over again.


Riding my bike along the shore looking over the Indian Ocean, listening to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.

If perfection is only in the moment, that moment was perfect, every week.

Thanks Mike, all the best.


Mike, we hereby proclaim you Imperator Duncanus Podcastus Maximus :-)


Mike, thanks so much, congratulations on little boots and more importantly than all that BE PROUD. You've genuinely accomplished something by sticking with this, something I think people will learn from for years to come. Keep teaching in whatever you do, best , Paul


I have enjoyed your podcast so much over the past two years or so. I have learned a lot, but am sure there is an enormous amount yet to learn. You made so many mundane activities incredibly enjoyable and edifying. You also gave my friends a lot of fodder to make fun of me with. But anyway, when the rest of the senate and I meet to vote on your deification I will most certainly vote "Yes".


Lacking words to describe how gratefull and impressed I am to this podcast, which has been a favourite since I first got into it at around episode 30 or so. Understandable that it now ends, but I am sure Mike will get an itch and start another podcast with history topics. Once the sleep depravation of the baby times ends:-) As a father of two young boys I have also had a tendency to fall asleep while listening to the podcast, which now makes me glad that I can relisten to the whole thing from the start and still discover new things.
A sincere thanks to you Mike, for the numerous hours you have shared with us followers. Good luck with the baby!
/Stefan, Sweden


Domo arigatou gozaimasu from Japan!

Seriously, the amount of work it must have took to do this...thanks doesn't even begin to cover it, but, hey!

Thanks again and good luck! Genki de ne!

LB Wilson

Thank You for the time, effort, attention, dedication and keeping me company at work. This is by far the best podcast I have ever listened to. It has enhanced my life and discussions with my friends that also listen in a way I could have never imagined. Good luck with all your future endeavors, and I will plan to purchase anything you produce.


Congrats and well done, Mike.


Mr. and Mrs. History of Rome,

Thank you for your time, thought, and dedication. I found THOR in the fall of 2008. I had just moved to Montana to start my dissertation work. I was lonely and feeling sorry for myself. I decided to download a podcast or two and go for a long walk. I discovered two things that day: 1) my new town 2) The History of Rome. I have been a diligent listener ever since and am a better person as well as scholar for it. Thank you again and good luck.


I don't know what Mike is pursuing in terms of a degree, but what professor wouldn't crap his pants with a student that has made easily more of a contribution to education then 99% of the teachers out in the world.


In the time our Roman Empire has risen and fallen I have got married and had 2 kids. THoR has been with me all the way. It has given me an interest and a love of history I didn't know I possessed until I started listening. Words don't express my gratitude enough to you Mike, but thank you, thank you so much for your sacrifice and the labour that so evidently goes into the work you have created.

I can't wait for my kids to join the journey in the years to come. If you ever do a family friendly tour, I'm booking! (cd too!).

I wish you the very best for your family.

(podcast about sleepless nights and fatherhood?!)

All the very best

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