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May 06, 2012


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Thanks Mike for this amazing podcasts that has expanded my interest of history back 1000 years from medieval europe to the founding of Rome. It's been real fun seeing how all those little admin changes in late roman history laid the seeds for feudal society. My life is richer for having listened to this. Thanks again, to you and Mrs History of Rome, good luck for future and see you round.

Predrag Mandić

I am not sure how it all started... Can't remember when and can't remember how.. But a couple of years ago I started listening to your podcast and my interest into the history of Rome has grown.. a lot.

Thank Jupiter that you have made some 200 podcasts (I dare say some 100hrs of listening time) and thank Juno that Gibbon has also been a prolific writer.. there is also Stephen Dando-Collins, Robert Graves, John Maddox Roberts and others which came thanks to your podcasts so my addiction to Rome and all things Roman can be satisfied.

But, I am very sad to see you go. Very very sad.

Mr Duncan thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Its been a pleasure... and it will be for a long time by the Neptune with the repeat listening... I hope that one day when the baby grows up you might return with something new. I also hope for the book...

Again, thank you very much.



Thanks Mike, great podcast! It's been a great companion over the years.


I'm lucky enough to have found out late so still have many more episodes to hear.

Really wonderful, thoroughly professional and brilliantly enjoyable. Best of luck with your next project!

Tony Murray

My uncle teaches philosophy at Dublin university & has often discussed republican Rome on national radio, but he's never brought Rome to life the way you did. I loved every podcast. Thanks for your witty & fascinating tales of the wonderful personalities through the life of the Roman empire. Please, please do something else & advertise it here. I would definitely pay for your work, as I'm sure would many others. Good luck with the baby, hope to hear of something from you soon.

Paul (@princejvstin)

Ave Atque Vale, Mike.

And, thank you.


Thanks Mike!
Your loyal listener from Melbourne, Australia.
Best wishes for the future.

Kevin McAvinchey

Mike, it has been a pleasure. This podcast has been something of a soundtrack to the successes and failures of my last five years. I wish you, Mrs History of Rome, and Baby History of Rome, the very best for the future. Its been fun.


I've so looked forward to these episodes every Monday, it will be hard to adjust to not having this weekly event. You've done something pretty fantastic, thanks for everything and best wishes to you & your family.


Mike, this has been, without a doubt, the most delightful and inspiring podcast I have ever listened to.

For me, you have brought the past to life, with wit and gentle humour. And for this, I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you so much. Best wishes to you and your family for the future and I look forward to delving into the past again, with you as our guide.

Don Collins

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It's been a wonderful journey through the years. All the best for what lays ahead Mike and family.


Thanks Mike for everything! Been with you since episode 15, been going over the old ones again on my 4th listen through. You inspired me to learn more about Rome and have just returned from my first trip there. Amazing.

Good luck with the baby, and keep us updated if you can! Looking forward to your next project!

I hope you can release a book of your notes, because i, like many other, would buy it!

Dave L

What can I say? Thank you for a great journey. I stopped studying history back in 1984 at age 14. Your podcast has awoken an interest in history that I never knew I had. Thanks to you, I've been ploughing through Tacitus, both Plinys, Livy and the rest. I had a go at reading the works of Marcus Aurelius. I've read up on the fall of Rome and now know far more about ice cores, pottery fragments and isotope analysis than I ever thought necessary. Me and my eldest son are doing our best to learn rudimentary latin together. I'm still not sure I like the Romans, but your podcast has been fantastic.

I look forward to your return to podcasting whenever that may be. Good luck to you and your wife with the next stage in your life together. Being a parent is a blast. Please post an update just to let us know what you call your son , if nothing else!


For the last 3+ years I have looked forward to sunday night. Thank you so much. I have learned a lot.

niall blehein

Mike, I'm not alone (clearly) in saying that I'm going to miss your podcasts terribly !! I used to stay up late on Sundays just to get them.

I went to bed every Sunday night with Mike Duncan - and woke up with the headphones wrapped around my neck :) (Sorry Mrs History of Rome !)

Yours the standard by which all other history podcasts should be judged.

Good luck with the baby !


Thanks for all of you work on this. I have been listening to you talk the History of Rome on my Monday morning runs for the last couple of years and have loved it. Good luck with parenthood and future adventures!


Thanks Mike for this. Its bitter sweet getting to the end now. Like closing the cover on a great book - one you've been reading for years straight. Like many fans I've listened to many episodes many times (particular favourite are the Julius Caesar episodes). Walking to work, out for a run, grocery shopping you've been there and will be missed.

Ever thought of going back and tweaking certain episodes to add / amend things with the benefit of hindsight (not that they weren't all perfect)?

Looking forward to the next project.

All the best to you and your family. Thanks again.


Thank you so much Mike! I will miss hearing about the Romans on a weekly basis, but I look forward to the next adventure you will take us on.


The History of Rome deserves another reading. I will take this opportunity to listen again. Thank you, Mike, for making this story and your perspectives so accessible.

Best wishes to you and Mrs. THoR and Baby THoR.

For the planned podcast, I put a nickel on The Church. With you that should be quite a ride!

John Barsa

Mike, you deserve a triumph. Thank you for all your work and dedication over the years. Best wishes to you and your wife as you await the birth of your son! Vale. Bona fortuna. Cura ut valeas.

Brian P

Thanks so much for your excellent podcast Mike, It has been a highlight of my week for years. Now I will have to go through the whole series again.

Best wishes on your future endeavors!


Thank you, Mike. This series has been educational and entertaining - and everything else sandwiched in-between. I'll miss this, but you've given me some great foundations to work through Europe from 1000AD til WW2.

Good luck!


Wow, I cant believe it is over. It is extremely sad to see this come to and end but I sincerely wish you and your family all the best as you start this new chapter in your lives. I have enjoyed this podcast IMMENSELY and look forward to your next project. Again, THANK YOU!

Jens Overgaard

Hi Mike
Thank you for your podcast, it has been incredible. I have listened to the History Rome for the last four years and have waited expectantly every week for you next instalment.
I will now brace myself for withdrawal and wish you and your family all the best.

Caroline Rees

I just want to echo what everyone else is saying, namely: thank you, thank you, thank you. The only way to cope with your absence now is to listen to the whole thing again. Like others, I find your voice so mellifluous...it is perfect to listen to before sleep...all other podcasts are too grating on the ear, but your voice is just right. I very much look forward to hearing your new project and in the meantime wish you every joy with your new baby. Thanks again, you are the pontifex maximus of podcasters.

Leo Esperon

Mike it has been truly a pleasure! Your podcast and my hammock are my proffered way to have my breakfast before work each Monday morning. I'll miss it terribly, and will continue to re listen to it (4 or 5th time now) until you make something just as awesome. I wish you all the best.

Jarrod Brett

Thanks so much for all your work with this podcast. You combined humor, humility, and a passion for history that really made this a joy to listen to for years.


Thank you for such a great and amazing podcast. I have been listing religiously to your padcast every week since 2009. I will surely miss them. Best of luck with the family and your new projects.


I just wanted to say thanks for the amazing podcast. I discovered it around the time Julius Caesar was conquering Gaul and have listened ever since. I will admit I'm a bit sad to see it's finally over but look forward to your next project and wish you and your new family all the best.


I've listening for about a year now, and it's been fantastic, thank you so much.

Mike Christ

Thanks, Mike. It has been great listening these last few years, I think I started around Episode 11, and I look forward to your next project. Whatever and whenever that may be.


Wow I wish my history class in school was this much fun. I am going to miss your dry humor. Best wishes to your family. I wish I could live in Austin, sounds like a great place. Say hi to Adam Curry and Alex Jones for me (my other podcast favorites). I just sent you a little donation. Thanks, I can't wait for your next project.


I found this podcast series about 8 months ago, I must say I shall miss you.


Thank you Mike for this great podcast. I found the History of Rome series by chance about a year ago, and instantly became fascinated by your podcasts.

Since then, the comings and goings of the Roman empire have taught me a great many things about history and your episodes have accompanied me to jogging, gym, washing dishes, walking to work, etc. This has been the best podcast series I've ever encountered (and I've listened to a few!) Good luck in the future!


Jeremy Wyler

I have to say Mike I have listened to many comprehensive histories of Rome and I would argue this is the best I've ever heard. I came across your podcast completely by accident and it has been incredible over these past few years. I'm sad to see it go but I agree with you that this is the right time and you made a good decision. I'm looking forward to your future endeavors.


This podcast has been absolutely amazing. Thank you for all of you work on this.


This is the first comment I've posted here, but with the podcast coming to an end, I felt like I had to leave a note and say how much I've enjoyed it over the past few years. I got started relatively late (around episode 80), but got caught up to speed in a couple furious weeks of listening, and have caught every episode since as soon as it came out. Most of the early episodes (from the more cheerful parts of Roman history) I've listened to several times, and even though the history is done, I'm still going to be relistening to old podcasts for as long as I can foresee. The effort you've put into making this podcast has been incredible, the quality has been constantly top-notch, and the weekly ritual of a new episode has come to mean more to me than I realized until it's suddenly over. Best of luck with the baby, and I'll certainly be an avid listener of whatever the new podcast is going to be, whenever you have time to bring it to fruition. Thanks for everything!


Thank you for bringing the history of Rome alive for so many people.


Dear Mike:

I almost started this by saying that it's a sad day, but then realised it would be daft and kind of insulting to call the imminent birth of your son "sad." So instead I will say that this is a momentous day. Honestly, I feel like the final History of Rome podcast is a life cycle event because your podcasts have been such a valued part of my life for the past five years.

I found your podcast in 2007 around episode 4 or 5 while I was spending a lot of time on site at Fermilab outside of Chicago, during which time my wife and I were living apart: I in London and she in Boston. Since then I have been a devoted listener and massive fan. I've listened to episodes at Fermilab, at CERN in Switzerland, at KEK and J-PARC in Japan, and at meetings and conferences in New Zealand, India, Spain, Poland, and Greece. I've listened to them at home in London, at my wife's former apartment in Boston, at my Mom's house in Chicago, and on airplanes in between all those places. I like to listen to a few episodes while doing household chores and yard work, so that trimming my hedge now always reminds me of Teutoborg Nightmares. And yes, I have even listened to History of Rome episodes in Rome.

The main reason I'm sorry that the podcast is ending is because it has been so great. I will really miss the weekly history fun-time, and I was hoping you'd continue to fill the massive gaps in my historical knowledge. I was also hoping that one of these years I'd be able to actually join the History of Rome Tour, but my schedule never allowed for it (I blame Livia). Finally, I'm sad because I feel like a friend is moving away. It's probably a little creepy to be called a friend by a person you've never met, but with 75 hours of your voice on my iPod, I feel like I know you. (Another reason I'm bummed about having missed the Tours.)

You will probably never know how many people you've touched with the podcast. I don't think I can communicate that to you and I absolutely cannot pay you back for the amount of enjoyment you've given me. But if you ever happen to be in Japan, or Switzerland, or Chicago, and you would like to tour a particle physics lab, let me know.

I wish all the best for you and Mrs The History of Rome, and of course for The Son of The History of Rome. Although it's a low probability event, I still hold out a little hope for the Return of the History of Rome---maybe Return by the Son of the History of Rome?


John Citron

Thank you for these GREAT podcasts! You made the history of Rome come to life for me!

I also want to thank you for being the nexus for my own journey into the study of ancient history. You introduced me to Rome and then to Audible. Since then I've read and or listened to numerous books by such great writers as Herodotus, Livy, Homer, Caesar, Juvenal, Plato, Aristotle, etc..

Your vivid recounts of this time period has made me a lover of the classical world and broadened my mind in ways I can't begin to adequately explain.

I look forward to your next project and wish you and the Mrs. good luck on the birth of your child.

PS. I loved the joke about Livia possibly having killed off Leo II!

John Citron

Thank you for these GREAT podcasts! You made the history of Rome come to life for me!

I also want to thank you for being the nexus for my own journey into the study of ancient history. You introduced me to Rome and then to Audible. Since then I've read and or listened to numerous books by such great writers as Herodotus, Livy, Homer, Caesar, Juvenal, Plato, Aristotle, etc..

Your vivid recounts of this time period has made me a lover of the classical world and broadened my mind in ways I can't begin to adequately explain.

I look forward to your next project and wish you and the Mrs. good luck on the birth of your child.

PS. I loved the joke about Livia possibly having killed off Leo II!

Andre Wemans

I would like to thank you for the wonderful podcast you made Mike. I can only imagine the time and effort you have put on it and the result was fantastic. I’m sad it is over and I will miss to expect and listen for a new episode every week but eventually it had to end and I can’t think on a better reason than a baby, the beginning of the great adventure as you will soon discover.
You have advance with the idea of trying to make the book of History of Rome and if you ever deiced to make it I believe you have everything to make it as good as the podcast and be sure that I will buy it.
I will save the podcast episodes since I’m sure I will listen them many more times and when my children can understand English I will also recommend them. I will stay tune and waiting for discover your next project. But if you don’t mind I say it first enjoy the fatherhood. It can’t ever be so well enjoyed as when the first child arrives.
My best wishes to you and to your family.
Andre Wemans

Chris in Shanghai

I listened to the final instalment on the way to work today and couldn't go to bed without thanking you for every second of the podcast.
It's been part of my daily life for about 18 months - coming with me from Australia to China - as I caught up with the program; and then awaited the next instalment - I've already started again from the beginning because I can't get enough.

Best of luck in the future for you and your family.


Thank you for what has been the most engaging, informative and entertaining history presentation I have ever experienced. I would also be very interested in buying the CD should it ever come to fruition. Good luck with your next endeavour :-)


i've dreaded this day for a long time - your magisterial podcast has brightened up my monday mornings since i first episode i downloaded - way back at ep14a or b "A phlanx with Joints' - History of Rome is that rarest of things - authoritive its is depth & scope, but never academic or dull, and imbued with great humor & wit. e.g 'dear old Marcus Agrippa - we should all hope to have best friends as utterly kickass as Marcus Agrippa' - bravo! & so true - one of my favourite lines of the whole epic series!

I wish you the best in everthing that you do & hope you return someday with another equally awesome podcast - i seem to recall during the 'hunderdeth episode' you mentioned a history of the civil war or the conquest of the american west or persia?

this is a landmark podcast series IMHO, and deserves to be put in the Library of Congress as an examplar of just how powerful a medium of education podcacsts can be.

You efforts are worthy of the 'corona obsidionalis' no less


Thank you very much, sir.

I hope everything goes well with your new family. All the best.


Thanks for all the time and effort Mike. It is truly a remarkable thing you have created.

Well done, sir.


Thanks for the great series! I've been listening for a while now, and it makes he sad that I have ones less thing to look forward to during my Monday morning drive to work. Hopefully you'll do another series down the line...

Seth Lynch

Here's another post to thank-you for the podcast.
I joined you on about episode 40 - and caught up over about a month. I've listened to the podcast on my walk to work ever since.

Good luck with the fatherhood (I hope your new ruler won't be too much of a tyrant)

And good luck with whatever you do next (those Greeks had some history, didn't they, nudge-nudge)

Seth Lynch


Thanks you have enriched my working day more than you could ever know i will miss it and you thanks and good luck with everthing you do.

Mike Roberts

This podcast has revived in me a love for all history, but specifically, Roman. I have anxiously waited each week for the next installment. Thank you, Mike. And thank you, Mrs. History of Rome for your support. Best of luck in all your future endeavors (hopefully a History of Rome book) and your growing family.

Chris E.

Once again thanks for the wonderful work. Looking forward to your new project. Good luck!

Sheldon - Canada

Great job on the entire podcast. The research, the wit, the sources cited, the quality. Huge effort every week. Our thanks to you for doing this every week. And our thanks to Mrs THOR for letting you do this almost 5 years!

Good luck with the little caeser.


Thank you very much for the History of Rome! You have done a great job. I have been listening to your podcasts for years and am allready looking forward to your new podcasts series.

The best wishes for you and your family.

Steve d

I have loved this podcast since discovering it 2 years ago, and I will sorely miss it.

Just a suggestion....
I think you should seriously consider doing a history of Egypt.
It is a LOOONG subject, so there's a lot of job security. And the subject matter is diverse and endlessly debated, leaving plenty of space for comedy asides. Also there is a real dearth of relateable material on the subject.

Johnny Zaia

Thank you so much for this podcast. I've enjoyed it, and learned a lot. I'm planning to listen to it a second time while I eagerly wait for your next project.


Thanks for all the hard work on this podcast. I found it roughly 2 years ago. Since then, it has made many long commutes tolerable.

Stephen DeMarco

A simple thank you and good luck being a new dad. You did a great job.


Thank you for the great podcast. Cheers on the new addition to the family!

Aaron Fichtelberg

Thanks for a great podcast. Lots of luck with little Augustus or Augusta (I assume that's the names you're going with).

Deren Kellogg

Wish I could say I was a longtime listener, but I only discovered The History of Rome a couple of months ago. In that time, I've made if from Romulus to Valentinian III. I will miss it terribly. Ancient Rome has always been by second-favorite historical topic (after the US Civil War), and I've learned more about it in the past couple of months than in the rest of the 40-odd years of my lifetime. Many thanks; congratulations on becoming a father.


Thank you Mike for putting out this wonderful resource for us. I hope this can be preserved so that this work, as Rome, shall out live us all. This is and will continue to be a great resource for students and history lovers alike.

Tomer, Tel Aviv

On behalf of all the rebels in Judea, may you be luckier than Augustus and better than Trajan. (And may your bones never be crushed!)

Mark  Chessum

Well Mike,

just about to listen to The End now but with a heavy heart.

You have been my travel companion for some years now and it's hard to believe that soulful voice will be leaving me.

You have set the standard for the pod-cast medium.There are some great ones out there but, oh boy, yours is the best.

Early on in you described how as a boy you were captivated by Gibbon's descriptions of Ancient Rome. Gibbon may possibly have been England's greatest historian. What you have achieved is right up there.

I wish you and Mrs THOR all the best and much happiness with your new family.

I hope to hear you on the airwaves one day soon...


I can remember when I discovered this podcast. My girlfriend (now wife) had gotten me into listening to podcasts with eps of This American Life, but I was looking for something based on history, my longtime passion. I found this little podcast on a subject I didn't know much about (my own interests tended towards Early Modern Europe and the American Civil War). I mean...I knew almost nothing about Rome other than the standard stuff. And I was lucky...I only had 20 or so eps to catch up on before continuing if I liked it.

So I started listening...my first ep involved the Romans using the same tactics vs. elephants that "the Rebel Alliance" used. Needless to say...I was hooked. I can even remember debating whether or not to just delete the feed during Mike's hiatus...since it had just been forever since it had posted anything. And then the excitement when out of nowhere, I looked and itunes was downloading a new episode.

Most weeks, this was my morning commute - listening on Metro in DC...and later, post my move to Atlanta, on my Monday drive. But I also listened to episodes in Costa Rica on my honeymoon...on a long business trip to China last year...and several endless drives back and forth to Florida.

I believe I'm not alone in this "Senate" to say that you've earned your Triumph - and you've earned the right to proclaim to the world: "Veni, vidi, vici." I wish you well and can't wait for whatever you do next. Happy wishes to you and your family.

Rich and Sandy Quackenbush

Can't believe it's all over! Dunno what more can be said! We will miss you and we wish you a wonderful future! Haven't played this last episode yet.

Emmanuel Gustin

My thanks for a great series. I will miss your great podcast.

Richard Canham


So sad to see the end of this. It's become part of my life. Every Monday I listen to the podcast on the way to work since episode 15. I was scared by the break just before the republic ended and thought that was it. Now I must face life with definitly no more. Not even the promise of another slice of ancient history.

To you as an individual I must say "brilliant what an achievement" you should be incredibly proud. To the community as a whole it almost feels like a bereavement.

Enjoy and cherish your new arrival. It's all you can do to pass on to another generation and this I guess will put history into a new prospective.

It would be a pity to leave it there. There must be another topic you could address. Nobody as yet has done a proper greek or persian history podcast (apologies if they have and I've missed it). Just a thought. Mull it over during the 3:00 am feeds.

Enjoy the rest (although you won't get it) you deserve it after this opus maximus.



Thank you so much Mike, I have downloaded all the podcasts multipal times, its been great and I truly can't believe that its over, thank you so much, (I had a tear in my eye). Good luck with the baby

Manuel Gonzalez

Thank you, Mike!
It's been a hell of a ride. Good luck with the baby and back to podcasting soon.

JM Pompa

Hi Mike:

I only discovered The History of Rome, back in October 2011, it has been a fast pace ride, but I finally cathed up with the new epidodes two weeks ago. I cannot really tell you how much I enjoyed all your hard work. I will look forward your next project. God bless you and your family.

Thanks for everything.

JM Pompa

Will D

Thanks once again for the amazing podcast. It's been fun. Also thanks for the news that you most likely will make another podcast in the future! Near future!

Hmm, no ancient or american. There's already england, russian, chinese, and japanese history podcasts...perhaps France? Perhaps one focused on 16th through 18th century? 16th through 18th is amazingly cool and not covered very much. Any way, I'll be excited to see what it is.


Thank you for all the hard work that has gone into these podcasts. I had started listening to them about a year ago, and literally _just_ caught up to this episode earlier today. This has been a fantastic adventure through Antiquity. I wish you and the missus best of luck with History of Rome Junior.

I'm happy to hear you're looking to do another podcast in the not too distant future and I look forward to it!

Ian M

Thanks for an incredible five years of wonder, fascination, entertainment and knowledge. You've made my life so much richer, it would be difficult to overstate my praise and appreciation.

All the best to you and your family and I can't wait for whatever exciting topic you cover in your next project.

Patrick Baker

Excellent podcast, Mike! It and you will be missed. Please keep us all informed when you start the next podcast! Congrats on the baby. Even as great doing this podcast no doubt was, being a father is even greater.

Marcus Brutus

Thanks again Mike! Hope to hear from you soon!

Jamie Redfern

Great job Mike, thanks for everything! Incredibly excited that we could have a new show in the future! I'm sure it will be incredible whatever you choose! Good look at University and with your son, have a good few years I guess and hopefully see you back 'round iTunes in the future!


I echo all the comments. Thank you for all your hard work over the past five years. You made my Sunday evening commutes a lot easier. But you should also take stock of what a tremendous accomplishment you've done. Even if no one ever listened to this podcast, putting out 74 hrs of quality material is a tremendous accomplishment. Kudos for doing something you actually loved and having the commitment to stick it out to the end. You are an inspiration to more than just podcasters. Get ya a case of beer for that!

I'll add one more comment (and I absolutely mean this with no disrespect whatsoever) but your podcast is perfect for either keeping me awake or putting me to sleep. The facts are so interesting, your voice so soothing. So sometimes I listen to the old episodes again and it puts me in a restful place. You got me through many a red eye flight.

Best of luck to you and your growing family.

P.S. I was going to guess that you are going to do a podcast of the British Empire but since there is a British history podcast out, I wonder if you'll cover the same ground, only better.


It's things like this that the internet was made for. One man sharing his passion with the world.
This is your legacy Mike, congratulations.

Gary Huckaby

Thanks so much!

What's next?

James Rathbun

Ok, let's start guessing what Mike is coming up with next. I have a few suggestions / guesses:

History of baseball. Ok, so it's not going to last quite as long but instead of emperors you could use managers. Heck, Billy Martin was as crazy as any of those wackos. Earl Weaver could have been a stand in for the guy who blew a blood vessel. You could have a three parter on Randy Johnson if you want.

History of Hoover vacuum cleaners...naaa

Am I close yet?

Send in your own suggestions folks!


Optimus. Yes, sir, the best and most complete history of Rome you can find anywhere. Seriously. Unless someone unearths another 25 volumes of Livy, it will probably stay that way. Over 70 hours of good, clean fun- including stuff that nobody else discusses. Where can you find hours of stuff on obscure figures such as Aetius? Or Philip the Arab?

David Weinstein

THANK You. THANK YOU very much. I have 12 more episodes to go, I can't listen to 1 a week so I save them up and listen to 2 or 3 a day for a week. I.ve enjoyed this so much. What a joy it has been.


Thanks for a great podcast, been with you since ep. 19. Looking forwards to the next project and best of luck.


Mike, as a long time listener (I stumbled on your podcast sometime in fall 2007), I want to say that you'll be greatly missed in my listening lineup. As an ancient world history teacher, I gained a new appreciation for this period in history, and I still remember the kick my students got out of the story of the sacred chickens you shared from the First Punic War. It sounds like you have an exciting new chapter in life to explore now, but if time permits, I would greatly enjoy a study of the Byzantine and Russian portions of history (since some might argue that the Roman Empire finally fell in 1917 ;)). Best of luck to you, and fantastic work on this epic series.


Thank you for the great podcast. My Monday morning commute will not be the same. Best of luck with your growing family! Cheers!


Thanks for all the hard work Mike. I jumped in on this amazing podcast right around the time of "The Spear of Destiny." I quickly caught up, in about a week or two. But the it was agonizing waiting for every Monday morning to download a new episode, and when you were gone sometimes I about died:). I'm sad to hear that THoR won't continue anymore:( but I appreciate all that you've done, i've been listening to this podcast for so long, it's truly amazing.

Tim Reardon

Mike, thank you, thank you so very much! As a quiet, but none the less, enthusiastic and inspired student listener, I want to tell you that the generosity of your monument is what makes this life a joy live. It is people like you that make our cultural world go round. Please thank your wife, for us listeners, for the sacrifices she has made along side you, to have shared these treasures of knowledge.



Got into THoR at the behest of my father, right around episode 50 or so. I can't even begin to tell you much I have enjoyed your work, and how sad I am that it's now at an end. Much as I'd have loved it to just go on and on and on, I do understand - and both congratulations and good luck with your new baby.

Thank you for the History of Rome. It's been incredible.

Madison Metricula

A job well done, sir.


Thank you


Dear Mike,

Many thanks - such a wonderful gift to us and to human knowledge. Make the audiobook and sell it.

best wishes.


Thanks for making Mondays brighter these last couple years. I plan on going through the whole podcast again. Best wishes with your family.

Shane Bennett

Thanks Mike.

A little depressing my favourite weekly podcast is going away, but a huge heartfelt thanks for all the work you put in.

Good luck with the new addition to the family (we are expecting our first in a month) and looking forward to whatever your new project may be.

Thanks again.


Good work man. That was an awesome 5 years.


Thanks for making many hours of delivering leaflets, using public transport or doing housework an enjoyable and educational experience- for myself and many others.

Best of luck in the future.

Jim Moore

Mike, Thank you so much for this podcast. While mildly interested in history, I'd never dug into Rome prior to discovering your podcast.

I discovered it some time in late 2010, while commuting to a job that I loathed, but had stayed with to provide for my family. Rapidly blazing through episode after episode, I had the company of your podcast to help keep me sane--something to look forward to for the trip in, something to let me relieve my stress on the way home.

The early time was amazing, moving from episode to episode, knowing one day I'd catch up with the recording schedule. When that happened, I found myself eagerly awaiting each new episode--listening on Monday morning's commute...over so quickly, but again eager for the next.

I'm sure that I've bored countless colleagues with various tidbits that filled in gaps, or provided info I'd never thought to look up (Who built the Coliseum? When exactly did the Romans reach Britain?).

As cheesy as this might sound, I can honestly state that this podcast had a profound impact on me, and I cannot thank you enough for the work you've put into it--the depth of your research, the excellent storytelling and your enthusiasm and love for it. Thanks to you and Mrs. History of Rome for the time you've put into creating it.

As the father of two small children, I know the excitement of what's coming, and I know you'll have a wonderful time! Best of luck with your new addition!

Eagerly keeping the feed open for what comes next!


Thanks for it all. Doubt we'll find another podcast like this. Best of luck.

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Thank you, yet again. I do hope you put the series into some marketable format--I will certainly buy it.

Looking forward to your next podcast.

Congratulations to you and the Mrs on the baby.


Good luck with everything, Mike. It's been great listening to your podcast, filling in all the huge gaps in my knowledge of ancient Rome and giving me new details about things I thought I already knew. I look forward to your next project, whenever and whatever that might be.

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