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May 06, 2012


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Boris Smelov

Thanks for the history.


Thanks for all your hard work over the last few years Mike, you've created something really amazing. Best of luck for your new baby!


Thank you so much! It's been an incredible show. I'm now quietly hoping you're next project is a history of the British empire, but I'm sure whatever you've decided on will be just as interesting. Good luck with the baby!


Well done!

I have listened to several other history podcasts, nobody else comes close to the quality of THoR. The delivery is so smooth, so intimate, I wish I could have a private teacher come sit by the fire for all other subjects. Others sound so much like rote reading of a script while here it was always a conversation. This could well be Duncan's Magnum Opus, but I hope it doesn't stop you from trying again! If/when a new series starts (not ancient, not American) I'll definitely tune in again!

Robert WB

Thanks Mike for all the time and effort you've put into THoR! I spent the majority of the time THoR was running as an undergraduate student in Science, and THoR was by far my favorite talk of the week!

I also agree a CD would be an excellent idea, and would be another enthusiastic customer if it is feasible.

Best of luck with your baby, and I can't wait to hear what you have planned next.

Romelio Caffieri

Thanks for doing them Mike, have really enjoyed the past few years looking for to that weeks podcast. Even forgotten about your extended holiday, till you raised it again.
All the Best for the future and thanks again.

Patrick Flynn

Amazing series.

You got me into podcasts, you got me into roman history.

You are a compelling listen, your research and detail is fantastic and I can't recommend this enough!

Thank you so much for all you have done. Really, thank you.


Dear Mike,

Thanks so much for your fantastic efforts in delivering the History of Rome. I was never any good at history in my school days, but I always had an interest in it. Your amazing podcast, together with your easy going style of narration, made this so accessible to me over the past two years, and I can't imagine how much I have learnt from it.

Thank you again, and best of luck with History of Rome Junior and the new project. I can't wait!!


Jannine Graham

So sad that it's come to an end. Thank you so much Mike and best wishes to you and your family.



Terry Maltman

A huge thanks for such a rivetting listen! Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated and I even got a bit emotional at the end. Don't worry, nobody saw so I retained my 'romanitas'.

I am curious about you hints for the future. I guess I'll just have to sit quietly and wait.


One of the best podcasts ever.

Going to miss my weekly fix of The History of Rome, looking forward to your next project!


This was insane. Insanely great. So many thanks!

Alex Gough

Thanks so much for all your hard work - fantastic series.

Alex Gough

and of course congratulations on the new arrival.

Andy Bones

I've enjoyed every moment if this wonderful podcast. It'll probably be on my iPod until I die, and I'm sure I'll listen to it again and again. It's an enormous achievement. I'm sorry to say goodbye to you for the time being, and I wish you and your new family happiness.

Peter Flatman

Thanks very much for a superlative effort Mike, I have really enjoyed this series and learned a lot. An interesting point, a friend of mine gave up watching "A Game of Thrones" - the political intrigues just put her off, but I found it quite fascinating - I put this down to your excellent podcast.
Best wishes for this new chapter in your life. We would all be more fortunate if you ever decide to, at your convenience of course, come back some time in the future.


Hey Mike,

Been listening to your podcast since just a few episodes in. Been amazing to see what it has become. Your hard work and dedication has been much appreciated by myself and my family on many a roadtrip. Congratulations on the new family addition, and again thank you.


David James

Dear Mike

Feel compelled to add to what amounts to almost a litany of thanks and praise.

I only discovered your podcast two months ago, so have been privileged to engage in THoR marathons which - since I have no capacity for delayed gratification - has been a Jupiter- sized blessing.

An historic achievement by a 21st C Gibbon. I have recommended you to several people and I know that my two sons have become hooked. Since their education was little better in substance, if not process, to that offered by the Empire, my greatest gratitude to you is that you are teaching them that history did not, somewhat to their shock, start with their births.

Thank you, and salute



I finished this today (I kept putting it off because I didn't want it to be over!), and I just want to thank you for all your hours of effort. You're a great storyteller, and I look forward to your next podcast with great eagerness. I'm sad that it's over, but I suppose all great things must come to an end.

I blame Livia.


Mike, thank you, thank you, thank you, it has been a truely wonderful journey. I have enjoyed every episode and as your other correspondents say, "so what weekly fix do I look forward to now!". Many best wishes to you and your family.

Dinesh Gaitonde

Thank you for an exciting journey. I am so sad to see this end. My commute will now be much duller, but quite a bit faster. For the last few months I have ODed on Ancient Roman history. I have willingly volunteered to run errands so that I can listen to the podcast.

Simply beautiful. Best of luck with the new baby.

Alan fearnley

Sorry that it's ended but can alway's listen again:) Thank u so much for hour's upon hour's of great listening! Good luck with the family and hope to be listening to your work again soon!! ;)

Matthias Eichten

Thank you Mike for going with me to work every night for the past few years. Your episodes are almost exactly the same length as my commute. I have listened to the whole thing several times and find something new every time. My teenage son has gotten interested in history because of you. Thank you.


Just listened to the last episode on my way to work this morning. Had a wee tear in my eye and missing the sound of your voice already.

Come back soon.

P.S: baby pictures are fab. Congratulations.


Just another Me Too thanks! Great work. Something to be proud of.


This was a great podcast. I was truly saddened to see it end, but great wrap up episode. I can't wait to listen to your next podcast.

Beverley Sheridan

Have just listened to the last podcast, i had been saving it. Thankyou so much for your work on it over the years, every episode was a joy.The pictures of mini(!!) THoR are great, May babies rock (my birthday is the 21st!). Good luck for the future and can't wait to hear what is coming next


Thank you so much Mike- I envy your well deserved sense of accomplishment.

I'm trying to picture all of us lost THOR pod-casters floating in the abyss... not sure what to do with ourselves.

haha- I'm sure we'll all just go back to ep 1.

Zak Sherwin

Well done!! Thank you.

Alex Schroeder

Wow, what a time it has been! Thank you very, very much.


Rome held such a long reign. I dont even know what other empire was so long. They did meet some problems.


Thank you, Mike. I learn alot, it became part of my working routine to sit on my pc to do my stuff and listen to your wonderful podcast, then surf the internet to relate images to what i just had listen. i enjoy it every minute. congrats from mexico.

Ralph Hopwood

Thank you Mike. Epic.


I'll say thank you for this now - even though I won't get to it for ages.....!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have no other words. thank you mike.

Wayne Basta

Sad, I had a baby myself in Feb and just now am getting caught up on the podcast. Sad to see it ending. Good luck!


Many, many thanks for the hours of entertainment you have given me as I drive my monotonous journey down the M3 (UK) to work. I am not sure what I am going to listen to now! You realise you have produced a contemporary classic and that all future students of ancient history will be directed your way? Read Gibbon and listen to TOHR will be the basic starter in every Classics class. Can't wait till my kids are old enough to appreciate it and I can listen through again with them.

I hope the little caesar and Mrs HIstory of Rome are both well, and yourself of course.

Gil C. Schmidt

Mike, what an experience your podcast has been, for you as its creator and for me, for all of us, who followed you. Thank you for your passion and your discipline, for your sense of humor and for humanizing what has traditionally been a topic more skewed towards facelessness (with very few exceptions), caricature (Nero "fiddling," Caligula's horse, etc.) and outright superficiality. Your work has made me want to delve even deeper into history, a subject I once ranked last on my list of favorite classes.

Thank you again. Best wishes in every future endeavor.

Zach Kanta

Thank You Mike for keeping me company all these hour long drives to work, I've now listened to the entire "History of Rome" several times through and still can't get enough.
Thank you thank you thank you

Ramodise Monnakgotla

Greetings from sweden! I've listened to your podcast 4 times from beginning-end, and I still listen everyday. Your work is incredible, and you've cured my insomnia. I really hope you do another podcast, I suggest Ghengis Khan. I really can't thank you enough for all these hours of listening. I can also tell you that according to swedish historians the Goths came from swedens biggest island Gotland "gothland". The island was the most significant place of trade for the vikings. Thanks for everything / Ramo



I started listening to your podcasts I think 2 years ago. At one point I stopped listening for a while and now I found out your podcast is actually finished! I'm looking forward to listening to the remainder and I want to thank you (in advance) for a very beautiful, interesting and splendid podcast!

Gratulatio et vale!

Joshua Kales

I would totally pay for a digital or real book featuring pictures to visualize what your talking about in each episode. If it came with the entire show either on a usb drive or a unique key to download the entire show online, I would pay more even. Maybe this should go to kickstarter?


I feel strangely sad. I haven't read all 443 comments to this blog entry yet (and I don't intend to) but I expect many others have expressed the same thing. I'm not crying or anything. It is more like I am leaving someplace I loved to be and I know I will never see it again. I know there is a good reason I won't return, but that doesn't make me less sad.

James Conder

Thanks for the terrific series. There are so many great podcasts out there, but this has been a real pleasure - all 79 hours of it. Best wishes on your new endeavors.


Many many thanks and much admiration!

Steve Gad

Having found this right near the beginning, I want to thank Mike for becoming part of my life for the past few years. I'm sure many of us long time listeners feel the same as I do, that things won't be the same without that opening guitar piece and the beautiful journey through time that always followed it.
I've listened in bed, in the car and even walked to work in good weather - setting off early so I can catch up, when I've fallen behind due to work - and it has always been a pleasure. Business problems barred me from being unable to make the HOR trips, but that's one regret out of many, many hours of pleasure.
I also want to thank the HOR listeners for making me aware that I'm far from alone in my hunger for this topic and those too have become a kind of extended family in a way.
I hope you feel as proud of yourself as we feel of your achievement, which will remain a valuable reference point for future curious types. As the HOR becomes part of history itself, we feel proud to have been there while it was actually being made and are surely glad to have made the journey with you. Thanks a lot Mike.

Liz Scargle

Mike, I enjoyed every episode starting from 1 all the way to 179. The excellent content and your wonderful wit and sense of humor made for an A-1 podcast. Many wishes for success in the future with all you do and enjoy every minute with your new baby. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Theo Johnson

I'm a 27 year old Londoner and I learnt more through this podcast than I did studying Classical Studies at University. It's an awe inspiring thing that you've achieved here and you are, in many ways, a hero of mine for the depth and clarity of intelligence and expression that you have.

Congratulations on everything you've done with this - the other commentators were right, there isn't a single bad episode and I can quite honestly say I enjoyed every minute. What a guy!


What am I going to do without your podcast Mike? Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and research with us weekly. We'll definitely miss you (also I've always been just a little behind, but I've been a subscriber since almost the very beginning). I guess I'll have to start listening from the beginning again!


Hi Mike, I know I'm a little behind the times but I Just finished listening to episode 179. It really was fantastic and I cant thank you enough for your enormous efforts. My jogging regime, long drives in country NSW (in oz), boring train rides in Sydney etc.. have all been filled with the history of rome, I was a little worried that they'll never the be same after ep179, however, I don't have to worry about that for a while because I'm going back to the start! I tell everyone who'll listen about the podcast and I'm constantly quoting little trivia bits from your history of rome.

John Doyle

I listened to it from about episode 50 to 100, then went back to the beginning and listened from 1 through the end, even the episodes I'd already listened to. It kept me walking while listening and I lost about 20 pounds! So good that it took me a long time to find a new history podcast that I could enjoy - you spoiled me, Mike!

Richard Normington

Well done on a great project. Thank you.


Great series Mike. I just finished the last episode last week. I know you are busy now but if you ever start up with the Byzantine Empire, I will pick that up in a heart beat.

You mentioned Lars Brownworth's "12 Byzantine Rulers" as an inspiration in one of your earlier episodes. I think your detailed approach will be a great balance to his podcast.


I think it's the first time i cried when a show was finished, including radio and TV shows.

Guillaume, from Gratianopolis in south east Gaul.


I just finished the last episode during my commute into work this morning. What an amazing podcast. Thank you for your herculean effort. Great job!


Thank you

I am only in eppisode 146
However this is an amzing experince
Life changing
I Love history, however your podcats changed the way I view the Roman empire and even modern poiltics
Thanks you


Fantastic work Mike. I finished the last episode this morning and I must say, I'm going to miss hearing your ascerbic jokes every morning. Thanks for all the effort, you deserve a glass of Chianti or three for that.

C Knerr

These podcasts are so quiet (compared to other pod casts) I am unable to understand them when riding the bus, waiting at a bus stop, or sitting in a coffee shop. Is there any chance you can rerelease them with more volume?


damn, i just finished the series... it was truly the best history podcast I have ever heard and definitely the best history anything... it is simply amazing... thank you for your hard work and i hope to hear more from you in the future


I've been listening to you for two months. Finally got the the end. My favorite statement out of the whole thing was "they had like swords and stuff".

I hope your son gets to listen to what his Dad made someday.

I'm going to miss you man! Sniff, sniff.

Rohit Batra

I love you so much
Thanks for everything
I feel empty without hearing your voice on my walk to school :(
Good luck and I can't wait for what you have next!


It's the end ? Really the end? My god what now? Start again I guess? Thank you so much for this this brilliant achievement. I've enjoyed this podcast so very much.


Surface joints, where dirt tends to gather, require regular sealing.

Michael Peters

You have done a great job with this project and I cannot wait for your next one. I am re-listening from the beginning.

I have shared this podcast with several of my friends and they all now share my appriciation for your hard work.

Thanks again and please keep us informed if a CD becomes availiable or you pick a new project.


The best podcast every. Thank you. I will review you podcast every several years.

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