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April 29, 2012


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Thank you so much Mike. I have been listening for two years now and I am happy for you and your new Baby. You have made Sunday nights something for me to look forward to.

James Hook - McLaren Vale, South Australia

Thanks for all your hard work Mike.

Stuart Dollar

Noooo! I was so much hoping we'd squeeze at least one more episode out of this.

Anyway, thanks so much for brightening my Monday morning commute for the last several years. Congratulations on your marriage, and your pending arrival.

It's been a genuine pleasure, Mike.


Well, here is hoping for one more episode to wrap things up, though we will all understand if it doesn't happen (or happens a year or two from now when you need a break). It has been a great ride.


This podcast has been a real thrill. Thank you so much Mike. I hope the final episode to be an hour long special or something. I was hoping that maybe you would something like you did in the 100th episode. You open up the floor for all our questions and really cleared up a lot of very interesting questions. THAT would really be awesome and give more closure to the series than just the epilogue. I hope I am not asking to much, given that all this information is this fresh in your head.

Your most sincerely fan


It's been an absolute pleasure Mike. Your podcast has brought everyone a lot of joy over the years. Thank you so much. You're going to be an exceptional Dad.


Livia did it!!


Awwww No!..

The words Romulus Agustus shot through me like an arrow when I saw them on the summary of today's show.

Best of luck with the new baby. And once he/she is sleeping through the night please please please publish your shows as a book.

John Kendell

Absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Thanks so much for making Mondays something to look forward to over the last few years. All the best for the future.

Peter Williams

Awww, NO! was expecting two or three more @ least. Anybody have any ideas about how we can threaten or blackmail Mike into continuing? (Just kidding, ... well Half-Kidding). Seriously though, Thanks Mike.

Matthew Meyer

Thank you so much for the hard work over the last few years. I have been like a kid at Christmas every monday morning waiting for my next dose of THoR.

All the best with the baby - they can be as challenging as a horde of barbarians sometimes :)

roifield brown

Congratulations on your baby Mike maybe the little one will be an heir to the History of Rome and will some 20 years in the future will take the History of the Eastern Empire.

Your series has been one of my highlights of the week for 2 years now. It helped with my commute to a job a hated. Anyway I have started a project that is really a homage to you. Its not yet on iTunes, I will do that this week but episode 1 "bigs you up" http://www.howjamaicaconqueredtheworld.com/2012/02/17/jamaican-independence-1962/


Boy, I'm going to miss this podcast. I already was a big Roman history fan before I started listening near the beginning of its run, but your podcast really managed to kick my interest in the subject into overdrive! Like, to the point where I'm seriously considering pursuing a Ph.D in history. We'll see how that ends up playing out, but in the meantime, thanks for stoking the flames of my history nerddom so effectively, Mike! (and giving me something to distract myself with at the gym)

Congrats on the incoming little squirt, and I hope he/she is blessed with your love of learning!

kieran( melbourne australia)

A great story told by a great story teller. Thanks for making.Monday evening commutes enjoyable. Best of luck with the baby. And a huge thank-you for an epic effort.


Take a bow Mike.
Good luck in whatever your next efforts might be.

Dr. William A.

As incredibly bummed out as I am right now, I thank you for your effort, Mr. Duncan. Unfortunately, I JUST found this podcast in February and I had JUST caught up with all the history, and now it's gone. :/ I intend to archive this podcast into my files for my children to listen to when I try to spark a love of the classics in them, and I still recommend the 'cast to anyone that will listen. Thanks so much, and good luck to you, the Mrs., and the new kiddo.

-Dr. A

Michael Leyh

OMG, an era comes to an end! Thank you so much for all your hard work. I work in home health and spend a good part of my day on the road with downtime on my hands. Combine this with a love for ancient Roman history, and you can see how you podcast really enriched my life. I shall be coming back to it frequently. How about this: Would you consider producing a, let's say, quarterly podcast about specific topics of Roman history, eg the roman military, social topics, etc.?

Todd Goldberg

Is this really the last one? Sad but so appreciative, good luck, hope we'll hear from you again. My Sunday nights will never be the same. I might start listening over again from the first episode.


Bravo!!!! Encore, encore!!!!

Chris (Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Mike, another big thanks from me for your great podcast. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to THOR for the past few years. It's really reawakened my interest in history and I now listen to a bunch of history podcasts. Thanks also for your commitment to the series and all the humour you've added in as well.
If you ever decide to do a podcast again (whatever the topic!) I hope you'll email us all or add another post to your blog. I'll keep refreshing the RSS feed regularly hoping a new mp3 appears!!!
All the best to you and your new family - your kid will get some great bedtime stories!

kevin Cardinal

Good luck Mike. Best to your family. If you ever start another podcast count me in.

PS Your book recommendations will keep me busy for years.


I haven't listened to the episode yet, but I'm catching up.
Thank you for the wonderful podcast and for sparking my interest in ancient history.
It'd be nice to hear a wrap-up episode if possible but if not thank you for the wonderful podcast and good luck with the baby.

For any listeners who want to continue the story, check out the mostly video podcast by Joseph Hogarty called Europe From Its Origins. He goes from Constantine all the way to the fall of Constantinople.


I'm so sorry to see the end of this. I've been listening since episode 8. Seems like you've been a part of my and my husband's lives for ages now. :)

Congratulations on the new baby. I completely understand the need for some time off - I have a 6 month old. Good luck with parenthood, it's the ride of a lifetime.

Predrag Mandić

What can one say that hasn't been said already... It was a pleasure Mr. Duncan. All the best in the future.


I haven't finished last week's episode either. I am deliberately stalling because I don't want it to end. Your podcast was one of the first I got in to, and the one I've been consistently listening to.

Best of luck with the little one, my friend. I'll miss your voice in my headphones.

Account Deleted

Does anyone else think that Livia would be a great--or at the very least practical--baby name?

Who spilled the coke?--Livia did it.

Who broke the window?--Livia did it.

Who poisoned little Augustus at pre-school?--Livia, of course.

Account Deleted

How can I thank an stranger that lives thousands of miles away for his great job over so many years?
Easy, because he is no longer an stranger.
Thank you very much for your hard work. I truly apreciate it.
Good luck with the baby and I hope, we all hope, that we hear soon about your next project.


Hey, Derek. Thanks for posting that link to the video podcast. It's exactly what we need to get proper closure on the story. Haha.

And thanks Mike, for the great series. I used to be a casual fan of Rome, but you've really given me a greater insight into its history. Great stuff, I'll miss it. And best of luck to your new life.


Mike, I've been an avid listener since 2009 and I can't overstate what an influence both you and one Mr. Edward Gibbon have been on me and my decision to pursue a career in Archaeology. Specifically the Archaeology of late antiquity and the early medieval period. I've even learned Latin since becoming a fan. Your efforts were not at all in vain. Best of luck with the new direction your life is taking


I was shocked to see the words "Romulus Augustulus" in the description of today's podcast; I knew it was coming, but I tried to tell myself it would be a while yet. THoR became my constant companion at about the same time that I learned I have terminal cancer, and catching up gave me a constant source of interest. I was disappointed when I reached "real time," and was even more disappointed that my health prevented me from joining one of the tours. I do wish Mike and Mrs. History of Rome all the best, and I hope young History of Rome proves to be a chip off the old block. I think I'll go back to the beginning and start listening all over again! Thanks again, Mike; the trip has meant a lot to me.

Juan A.

Thank you so much for the time, dedication, and energy you devoted to bring this podcast to us. I'm not venturing into new territory by telling you how much I have enjoyed listening all these years. Your humor was such a nice complement to an interesting story that I hadn't taken an interest in until I found "The History of Rome." There's not a chance that I would've picked up Gibbon had it not been for this podcast.

Many congratulations to you and "Mrs History of Rome."


Thank you for making my Monday commutes so awesome for so very long. I will miss this podcast a great deal (even if I have the archives) - I can still remember how excited I was when it came back from the long hiatus...I was positively giddy.

All my best to you, your wife and the new arrival. Congrats for making it to the end. And if you ever decide to podcast something else, please let us all know.


Your podcast has been the anchor to my monday mornings for about 18 months now after having been linked here by Reddit. I'm going to miss this podcast, but I can be in peace knowing there's roughly five years of podcasts i've been missing.

I hope you remain open to doing more History of Rome tours/a Q&A Podcast.

Best to you and your family.


I've listened to every podcast and I can't thank you enough for the effort you have placed into this pobcast. Best of luck!

Ray Harris Jr.

Just listened to #178 and hoping BABY doesn't come yet. But when he/she does come, I wish The History of Rome family all the best. Thank you for the knowledge and the inspiration. I now understand Rome's amazing story a lot better. A Giant is about to leave the stage.
Ray Harris Jr.
The History of WWII Podcast


I just saw the title, and knew. Mike, thank you for setting the standard. I found THOR around the time of the Gracchi, and looked forward to each new episode on Sunday night. Best of luck to you and your family. Once again, thank you.


Thanks a lot for THoR. And good luck with the baby. The podcast helped me get through some tough times and was eagerly anticipated every week.


I just want to add my thanks. This podcast has been fantastic and very much enjoyed by me and the others I have introduced to it. I am disappointed that this won't be popping up in my iTunes every week but also very thankful that you saw it through.

Good luck with the child and whatever it is you go on to do

Thanks again mate.

A Facebook User

Mike I've been listening to your podcast for 5 years now(found it when I searched from history podcasts on iTunes when I was 15, I'm 20 now). Your podcast has been one of the things I look forward to the most weekly for a while now. We'll all miss your podcast very much. Good luck with the kid and life.

Walt O'Hara

It's temping to say something trite like "words fail to convey what your podcast has meant to me" but in retrospect, it is kind of like that to see you go. An episode of History of Rome was usually perfectly timed for a standard commute and would hold my interest for the entire journey. I started listening right around the time of Vespasian so I started off in area that I kinda sorta knew and was delighted to learn a LOT more about Roman history, roughly once a week, from your podcast. Thank you, sir, for all your effort and creativity with HISTORY OF ROME, and my best wishes for you in your impending fatherhood. I hope someday (when your baby starts sleeping nights regularly) you might consider returning to the microphone again. Best of luck.

Chris watt

In an era of witless YouTube videos and twitter mania, this podcast has been a shining example of what the web can do well. Sincere thanks for an informative, irreverent and always entertaining journey. Word of mouth led me to this podcast in January 2012 and it's been a daily pleasure, sometimes twice daily, since then. Thanks so much Mike, and congratulations.


Thanks and Godspeed, Mike :)

PS, on your recommendation, I finally got around to getting Decline and fall from Audible.com.

Wow. It REALLY is that good. An amazing read.

Thanks Again :)

CA Bennett

Thanks, I have enjoyed your podcast enormously. I have many favourite episodes but Cannae (23b) and Aurelian (117) are my top two. I have followed the podcast for a few years and think of it as an old friend now. Knowing it is over is sad but all good things come to an end. Enjoy family life, kids are a hoot, I wouldn't be without mine.

Thanks again. Sit back, survey your work and allow yourself a satisfied smile. You've educated and entertained so many.

Take care.

Raphael Lassauze

Thank you so much mike, and even though you never answered any of my emails ( its [email protected] btw) your podcasts were easily the most important roman history I've ever listened to, and I'm only 12! Again thank you so very much, and thank you again. Goodbye.

Tom Lambie

I have listened to the whole story by each episode as broadcast from the very beginning! Mike, it has been a distinct pleasure over the years and your voice has become one of my friends.
Take a well earned rest with your family and I look forward to your next project.
Many, many thanks


Mike. Thank you for the commitment and perserverence you've had to this project over the years. This podcast was my first, and I loved Mondays when you posted the latest episode (I live in Australia, half a day ahead of you) ready to listen on the way to work Tuesday morning. It has been a wonderful journey.
I hope and pray a wonderful joy filled life for you and your family. Take care, God bless and thank you!


I want to thank you for all the hard work and entertainment that you have provided over the past few years. I started listening to this podcast midway through my freshman year of high school and now I am about to graduate from high school. The History of Rome has been one of the highlights of my high school career and is one of the biggest reasons that I am going to major in history in college. I really cannot thank you enough and I wish you and Mrs. The History of Rome the best with your new child. I hope that you will be able to do that epilogue episode, but if not I still appreciate all your hrad work.
Thanks once again,


Thanks for an incredible effort, to write and produce anything, much less a history for this long and develop such a following is an accomplishment. Im sending a few $, I hope others follow my lead.

Bill Blakefield

Everyone says the same thing in these comments. It's because it's true, this stands as a huge accomplishment. I know you will be busy in the next few years, but I bet that creative bug will bite again. I will Google your goings on every three months or so. Thanks for the good times.

Loyal listener Bill.


Mr. Duncan - My 13 year old son and I are working our way through your excellent series and are currently on #70, so we have a ways to go! He studies Latin in middle school and we have a decent drive to/from school, so we have a perfect opportunity to listen and have greatly enjoyed The History of Rome. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and for the quality of the programming. We will continue to listen our way through Roman History! Thanks again and best of luck to you.

Tom Harrigan


Thanks again for this incredible podcast. Congratulations on the new baby but I do hope you might have that one more podcast episode in you before the final farewell. If so, love to hear your thoughts on the following questions:
1. Did you change your opinions on any of the great figures of Rome during your research?
2. What saved the Eastern half of the Empire from destruction in the late 400's, better leadership, better education, stronger economy?
3. What are your favorite books or audio books dealing with Ancient Rome?
4. Any recommendations for great historical podcasts?
5. Who was the greatest military commander Rome produced?

Best of luck to you, the Mrs History of Rome and the new baby. I'll be revisiting these excellent podcasts for, hopefully, years to come.


Mike, I wish you well. Your podcast has been my faithful companion on my iPhone for as long as Ive had the thing. I never wrote or did more than 5 stars you. I thought about what you had said, told ALL my friends and family and made them listen too. After all Rome went through, to see it end this way... it really is a whimper, and sad.

I only have one negative comment for you so stop now if you like. I dont mind. But I wish your last words were a little less harsh sounding however accurate. I guess I was hoping for a Good Bye with a smile, but, you have a new life coming at any minute and one day when hes old enough, I hope you will continue the History of Rome in some way, moving on into the History of Europe perhaps. Take care.

Marcus Brutus

What all of them said ^^^^

A Facebook User

Mr. Duncan

I've been on board since the Samnite wars. Over the years, I've dropped every podcast except yours. We've never met, but your voice is so familiar I'd recognize it anywhere, like an old friend.

Though my undergrad degree is in Classics, I was pretty weak on everything after Marcus Aurelius. It was a pleasure to have you fill in the gaps for me.

If you publish a CD or audiobook, I'll buy one for me, one for my son, and half a dozen more for half a dozen folks I know who would love it.

I've not had a chance to make it on to one of THoR tours, so I hope those will resume after a while. Also, maybe we can tempt you to pick this up again, once the little one is in kindergarten. Seems like a long way off now, but it'll be gone in a flash.

In the meantime, your priorities are in the right place. Oh, and get lots of sleep while you still can.


Ken Sibley


so what do we listen to now? Seriously though, without THOR, what show should I jump on to next?


Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I can't say enough good things about your podcast. I have been following THoR since around the Punic Wars (2008-ish). You efforts have fed my interest in antiquity AND have exemplified the positive potential of the internet. You touched lives of professionals and eased their workday commutes as well as you inspired high school students to delve into history. I truly appreciate your efforts. Also, as a parent of two young children I wish you the best. Our son was nearing 19 months old when I started listening to THoR. Your podcast gave me 20 to 30 minutes of wonderful historical retreat every week as we raised our son through the "terrible twos" and as we added a daughter to our family in 09. I look forward to the epilogue and I wish you all the luck in the world.
Thank you again.
- CJ

A Facebook User

Sad to see the awesome podcast come to an end. I wish you and your family the best and hope for your return to podcasting! Thank you!


What's most impressive is that this project was finished. How many podcasts... hell, how many creative endevours of any kind make it to the end of the line with no compromises and the stated goal completed. Writing in front of an audience expecting a few more pages every week is no easy feat; and to keep it up for years on end and hit the finish line with your head held high is damn impressive. Congrats!


Mike thank you so much for the time and effort, you were a great lecturer and a really great broadcaster. I have loved the chance to brighten the Monday morning commute and especially sharing these stories/podcasts with my children. Great Job.

A Facebook User

Can we get Zeno to declare Mike the next Augustus?

Greg McPherson

Ahh well. One more to go. I suppose in calmer times this episode could have been split up in to 2 or 3 podcasts, but you do what ya have to do.

I think I will enjoy going back to the start. Sometimes THOR could be a jumble of names that fly on past too quickly. So let's watch the movie a second time to pick up all the bits I missed.

Liz Tracey

Thank you so much for re-igniting my love of Latin and Roman history. While I've gone back to school during the course of your podcast for something completely unrelated (PhD in microbiology) listening along each week has made me feel like I've gotten to sit in on a wonderful class with an inspiring and warm teacher. My best to you and your family, and again, thank you for all this.


So sad that this has come to an end, but incredibly grateful for the ride. I have been a listener since I was a college sophomore (I'm now two years out, so it has been a while). It is a superb piece of work, and my favorite podcast by a long way. Like the Roman Empire, I don't know if anything will ever top it.

Congrats and best of luck with the baby. Thank you so much.


Unlike the Empire itself, your show never declined. Every episode was solidly informative and entertaining. Thank you for your scholarship and your wit. Most especially, thank you for bringing such a positive experience to the world for all to share. You brought the ancient world alive through a medium that did not even exist a generation ago. THOR will always be your "other baby". Congratulations to you and your family on your new addition!


Good luck Mike! It's been one hell of a journey.

Andrew Lowry

Mike like others thank-you very much. The podcasts are so enjoyable. My wife and I like to listen to them on car trips. I also listen when I lift weights. You have given me a great gift. It is sad that it is ending but I'm very happy the impending birth. Fatherhood is a great thing. You get the opportunity to reveal the world to your child. Just think you can be the first one to tell your son about the Rubicon. Again thank-you so much. I'll miss new episodes of THoR but continue to enjoy reruns on my iPod.
Andrew Lowry
Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

Owen Rodgers

Thank you for countless hours of interesting listening, Mike. I stumbled onto your podcast about 150 episodes ago and was hooked right away. You've done every Roman history fan a great service. Thanks again.

Matt S

Thank you sir for the years of constant knowledge you have given me. You were the first podcast I ever listened to and might be the only one. Thank you for the great times.


I was wondering if you could do a quick rundown, no explanations needed, of the 200 or so reasons you kept referring to for why the Roman Empire fell?

Great Podcast, I will wholeheartedly miss it.

Guy Jordan

Dear Mike,
Your work represents the highest order of public service for benefit of education. Wait...that sounds too formal...let me put it another way: Over the past three years, you have been nothing short of Sandy Koufax from 1963-66 (or was that Aurelian? I'm not sure...;-)

Thanks so much for all you've done to enrich our lives.

A Facebook User

noooo, it cant be over. I hope you continue doing more podcast. I vote for an american history, or just continue in to the middle ages. I wish you all the best. And if you can make a CD version of this whole series I will gladly buy it. Thank you

Andrew Stansfield

Thank you so much for making a fantastic podcast series. It was the first one I ever listened to and I can't believe it's now over - I may have to listen again from the beginning.

All the best for the future.

Stan du Plessis

Mike, I have listened to THOR since August 2007. Thank you for the enormous pleasure you have brought me and all these other listeners while you've been teaching us about the history of Rome. I will miss the podcast tremendously.

Congratulations on this phenomenal success and even more so with your baby.


I've been a loyal listener since Ol' Pyrrhus and it's sad to see it end. To think, I used to get huffy if you missed a week. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we think of you as a friend, even though I wouldn't know you if you walk in my house, and we would enjoy it if you could find a couple of minutes to post some news about your life and stay in touch with us right here. Try to keep in touch and good luck with the new addition to the Plebeian or Patrician ranks.


Let me add one more "gratias maximus tibi ago". It's been a wonderfully educational but light long walk down the Via Appia. I listened to most of these while out on my daily run.

I'll probably start at the beginning - it got a bit confusing with all the emperors after Titus. Anyway - thank you.


Job well done!! Bravissimo!!! Every episode's a joy. I'll keep subscribing to the podcast - just in case there's The Epilogue. I like the idea of further occasional topic-based episodes e.g. what was/were the turning point in Rome? Was The Fall inevitable? Source materials - what's reliable & what eras do we really not have a clue? Romans vs Christians. Romans vs Jews. Rome vs the provinces. etc... All the best for the future!!

Marian, east coast Australia

Thanks Mike for your research and dedication and for sharing your passion with all of us. Best wishes to you and family as you commence your next big project :).

Mark H.

All good things . . . . And this was a very good thing.

Godspeed, Mike. We'll all be waiting for the audiobook.


Hey Mr. HistoryofRome, Thank you for all your hard work with the podcast, listening to your program has lasted longer than a few of my jobs, it will be sad not to have a new History of Rome to wait for. Have fun with your new addition, and I hope whatever you do next suits you well


Just wanted to add my voice to all of us who will miss you during our morning commute.
The last few episodes have been up-beat and I hope you at least can go out with a Bang rather than a whimper.
Keep us posted on what you do next, you have built up a strong and loyal set of listeners.
All the best to you, Mrs THoR and "little History of Rome"

George Banks

Congrats again on the baby! I am really going to miss the show!!

Please do a History of the United States next!!!

P.S. Livia did it!!


Over the past 3 years I've dealt with my mother's illness and death. This podcast was a faithful companion in the 4 hour journey to see her and later clear out the house.
She was the one who got me interested in Roman history and it was fitting that I listened to this while travelling the Roman roads of Scotland and England and crossing Hadrian's Wall
Thank you

brian j

Very sorry to see this podcast end. I discovered it about a year ago and it became my constant companion on my work commute. I love the history of antiquity, and, thanks to your podcast, I've been able to get my girlfriend hooked, too. My Mondays just won't be the same without you. I wish you all the best and hope you'll find the time to get back to podcasting. Whatever you put out next, I'll listen.


Thank you for all the hard work, time and effort you put into a wonderful telling of an amazing story.

And good luck on all the hard work, time and effort your next adventure will take up. Good news though, you'll be better at telling the bedtime stories than many are. You've had much more practice and have a much better grasp of some really fun stories.


Adios, Mike! All the best.
Hope you do another podcast after the little one is growed up some. If you do, I'll sign on-and support you as well.
If anyone hasn't put a few shekels in the tip jar yet, please do so now-I'm sure Mike will need it!

Jennifer in Trondheim, Norway

I started listening to the podcast about two months ago, starting with the very first. I caught up to the current postings only to hear that it was about to end. I'm glad to have found it before it was too late!

You write clearly and well and I appreciate your kind of humor. It has been a pleasure listening. I had not studied much Roman history before listening but am inspired to read further. I admire the discipline this podcast has taken, but it sounds like you have had as much fun making these episodes as I have had listening to them. Thanks for all the hard work and for the gift of an ongoing interest in this era of history.


I have been enthralled by the twists and turns you have so patiently covered. Previously I had concentrated almost exclusively on the early imperial history but you have led me into entirely new fields, for that thank you. Your knowledgeable and insightful story telling (coupled with a quirky sense of humour) has made the entire journey a joy. Thank you for you effort and I sincerely hope that you understand how many people have had their lives enriched by your work. Now all I need to do is get my kids to sit down and listen to a few episodes and understand what I keep raving about!

Steven G (Dallas TX)

All good things must come to end, and so it will be with my History of Rome podcast experience. What will I do each Sunday night when it’s time to download THoR podcast. Well it’s good that I still have all the episodes of THoR. So Mike, I want to say thank you for the many wonderful hours of your podcast. I want to wish the best for you and your new family. Let us end this podcast with bang and not in whimper, as Romulus Augustulus exited stage left of world history. Again think you, Mike and God bless.


I know everyone's saying how well you've done and everything, but try as I might I can't describe how personal, informative and awesome this podcast has been to me for the last 2 and a half years.

Every monday with a podcast was a joy and even two weeks without one was unimaginable torture.

I've listened to this podcast from beginning to present about 4-5 times and every time felt special.

You said during the episodes on the Punic wars when you started that you wanted to condense the roman story into easy to follow bits that people could understand and you achieved that goal spectacularly.

Good luck with all your future endeavours, especially the little one on the way.


I can't believe there is just one more episode. Thanks for all the good times. Definitely one of the best podcasts ever. If you ever decide to do another series, I'll be first in line. Congrats on the baby.


Let me add my thanks too Mike. It's been a wonderful run and I shall miss your podcasts!

Hoping for one last wrap up, but if the baby comes sooner (as they don't tend to ask us when it would be convenient)... Congratulations!

Oh and last of all thanks for the giggle with the "Livia did it."


Thank you for five years of well-crafted, edifying podcasting. Good luck with the baby, and all your future projects.

Mike Christ

It has been great to listen to this podcast these last few years. It kept me company on many lunch breaks at both school and work and broke up the monotony of both. For that I can not thank you enough.

In honor of the end of the story of the Empire I had a glass or two of wine while I listened to the last whimper of Western Rome. I will be sure to enjoy a good cup of tea for next week's, or at least hopefully next week's, discussion of what it all means.

Good luck to you, your wife, and your soon to be new child. You've left him/her something wonderful to look back on when the time comes.


Thank you so much. I loved every single episode. As a result, I do intend on blaming everything on Livia. You rekindled my love of Ancient Rome and I'll miss these podcasts so much.
Thank you for sharing your passion for History and congrats on the new little one and your brand new adventure in life!!


I am going to miss that guitar intro.

Ron McNabb

I have enjoyed this podcast for the last 3 years or so and I want to thank you for hours of enjoyment and education. I am both anticipating and dreading next week's podcast. I hope that you will find some time to do an occasional special topic podcast. Hey, you should charge for them to jump start the college fund!

Joe Cigliano

Thank you so much for all your hard work.
I do hope you publish this series as a book of some kind.
Congratulations to you and Mrs. THoR & THoR The Younger.

You will be missed.

Jonathan Hoyne

Slow clap...............clap..................clap................clap.
Thanks Mike. I've been listening to this or the history of ancient Greece by Donald Kagan (available on iTunes or by open Yale University) for 2 years or so now. Im on my 4th run through (caught up to you around Diocletian and couldn't listen only once a week). Thanks for making my commute entertaining and productive.

So, when are you starting on the Byzantine empire?

Matt, NL

Noooooooooooooo.. i was hoping to make it to 180, a nice number considering it was the year when the empire started really going downhill :( Anyway, thanks for everything Mike, we'll miss our fix.. I hope you'll be back one day


Really sad to see it all coming to an end, but hoping that the impending Duncanian dynasty fills in your time adequately :)

A really high quality podcast and one I'm going to miss....until the book comes out of course.

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