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April 08, 2012


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I imagine that most Romans who thought about this sort of thing figured that it was only a matter of time before everything got put back together again; that the glory of Rome would be their's once again.


I take issue with one thing that Mike says every week- that Audible is the leading source for audio entertainment. They may have the most breadth of content but for my money, The History of Rome podcast leads as a source for entertainment :-)


I just found out about your podcast 6 months ago, and since that time, I have been furiously catching up - thanks to a recent move with much unpacking required, I managed to FINALLY catch up, just in time for the sad farewell. I took Latin for 4 years in high school, and loved it. This was a great way to realize how much I have forgotten!

I've enjoyed your perspective, humor, and concise extraction of relevant information. In fact, diving into Roman history again also turned me onto Steven Saylor's historical fiction books on life in Rome - there are probably comments or posts about this author previously, but if not, there you go.

Anyway, thanks again and congrats on the upcoming baby! Kids are work, but all sorts of fun. And, I am sure they will someday enjoy all of the the History of Rome podcasts. I sure have.

Best of Luck

Mike Whitaker

@Sameer - funnily enough I just (as in about 10 mins ago driving back into work from lunch) caught up, and am now waiting on 176 :D

@Mike: Loving the podcast, hoping my son makes use of it in his year 8 Latin/Classics classes next term!


hey Mike I've been listening to the podcast since the beginning and looking over the titles I found the one name "A day in the Life" I believe this was episode 88, which as we can all see was a very long time ago. So I was wondering that seeing how so much has changed from that period of relative peace in Rome that you would create another "Day in the Life" except what life as like for common romans near the end of the Great Empire. Thanks and have loved the podcast ever since it started. :)


Mike you simply need to find something else to talk about in Rome. ANYTHING! Just never end this podcast ever! It's too good, I even have my parents, and grandparents listening to it now! I sometimes don't think you realise just how good a job you are doing, but trust me, travelling 3 hours a day would be hell without your podcast.

Sincere thanks
Zack :)


Mike, congratulations on your impending bundle of joy.
I have really loved the podcast. Your humour and humanity helps the subject really come alive.
I agree with Zack, that there is so much more history that you could do!
However, its your call and you have earned it. I only hope that at some stage, perhaps when you don't need to be doing the late night feeds and nappy (diaper) changes you consider another project. Your fans will still be there.
So long and thanks for evrything,

Jerry Soper

Mike - what a fantastic podcast!
This was the first podcast I ever properly subscribed to and it's been an incredible journey. I've always been fascinated by the Roman Empire and to methodically go through it's history has been just awesome. It's hard to imagine what they may have achieved if the leaders hadn't spent so much time slaughtering each other!
As a VP in a large telecoms company it also reminds me of corporate politics. Thanks goodness we don't carry weapons any more!!
I now listen to many other podcasts but for me yours is the gold standard. When I wake up Monday morning for work the first thing I do before breakfast is start downloading the latest weekly update on iTunes. So the end of an era approaches!
Having your first child will be an enlightening experience. But I have a hunch that after a while you will hanker for a new project.
I really hope you find a subject that captures your clear enthusiasm in the same way as the Roman Empire.
How about the History of Britain? A fascinating little island that once had an empire even bigger than the Roman Empire if not as long lasting.....
Whatever you do I wish you success and say thanks for all those fantastic episodes.
Scipeo Africanus - you Rocked!
All the best / Jerry UK

Pilot James

Man I have been along this ride for a while and I hate to see it end. That said I found this epic Roman battle in the news.


Quick question is it sad that I prefer Mike Duncan's narration of this event better then some reporters? If anything I think it could have read like;

Next week on The History of Rome. We will learn of the battle of the legions and the barbaric tribe known as the "Italiian Cops". And their battle at the Flavian Colosseum in 2012 AD. :)


Mike thes is the best podcast I have ever listened to on roman history. I was wondering If you could tell me how you make this subject fun because I am writing a speech on the tutaburg forest I would like to know how you make an episode


I can't recall if this was a prior recommendation or not, but for a history of Rome podcast, it simply can't be missed: The Aeneid as read by Simon Callow. The translation is wonderful, and its reading is dramatic and engaging.

Also, there's a couple of classical mythology lectures (both for Greek mythology and early Roman myth) available that are wonderfully informative.

Love the podcast. Sad to know it's wrapping up. I've been along for the ride since the Gracchi, and have loved every moment since. I'll be taking a certification test soon to be a Latin teacher, and simply listening to your podcast has made me more than qualified to pass the history portion of the exam. Thanks for the help! :D

Harry Cross

Absolutely superb podcast! Thanks, Mike, for many hours of educational and listening enjoyment. I cannot tell you how much I like these and what a wonderful job you do in so many aspects of Roman history and lecturing. I look at and listen to a lot of podcasts, and this is by far the best. I appreciate all the effort, hard work, brain power, study, and thoughtfulness that goes into each episode.

I am going to wait a few months, and then start listening again starting with episode 1. I find when I listen the second time, I still learn quite a bit. All the best going forward!! No doubt you will excel and whatever you do.

Ryan Leonard

Hey mike, when do you think the true "Roman" empire fell? Like, when did it turn from the "Roman" empire into just a multinational medieval empire. My guess is after the tetrarchy, the citizens became serfs :(.

Mike Roberts

Mike, I have loved and anticipated this weekly podcast from almost the beginning. Although I know that your energies will be directed to a new and very rewarding project, how can we know if you ever decide to go public with another narrative? Any link we can consult from time to time?

All the best!


Mark Mullen - Liverpool

I'm in shock. I knew it was coming but the end is finally approaching after all this time. Five years of listening to you every week and now it's almost over. I feel like I'm about to be dumped by a girl I really like :(.
Thanks with all my heart for all the time and effort you have put in. You are a gentleman and a scholar and I will be sad to lose our strange kind of freindship. Though we are thousands of miles apart, we are of similar age, temperment and humour and I Like to think that should our paths ever cross we would be like Spartacus and Crixus or Octavianan and Agrippa. Ha ha.
Congrats about your boy. My son is six months old now and once he comes you will barely get time to shave let alone podcast. So I hope he doesn't come early. Haha.

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