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March 25, 2012


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Chris in Shanghai

Thanks for everything, Mike.
I have loved every minute of the podcast and will be sad to see it go.
Best wishes and congratulations on becoming a tata


Thanks a lot Mike, I've been following this very faithfully since I first came across it a few years ago. As a Roman history buff I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

I suppose you could call Baby HofR Max - and then have us all puzzled and guessing whether it be Maximus, Maximian, Maximinus or Maxentius.

Sincere best wishes!

christopher darlington

Congratulations. I was filled with child-like glee at hearing the news.

Stewart Ennew

Firstly congratulations on baby history of Rome. We always knew this journey would end but now the time is almost here it's a sad day. Thank you for all your work and time, this is one of the few casts I'm always desperate to get the next episode of! At last I can answer my own question of "where did the Romans go?".

Sören Nordh

I would like to congratulate you on "baby history of rome". Secondly I would like to thank you for making this pod, I have learned so much about Roman history and life. Sad to see it all end but, as they say, all good things must come to an end. I have one question thou: You mentioned about 50 or 100 episodes ago (not really sure when), that you were planning on making your podcast into a book. It's a book that I am sure that all of us that has listened to your pod would buy, and probably anyone that are interested in history would buy. Has these plans been put on ice as well, or have you discarded the idea all together? Once again, Thank you for making the pod!!!


Thank you Mike. You will be sorely missed.

Dominic and Mira Wade

Congratulations on the news that you will be a father and both my wife and myself wish your wife and yourself all the best for the future. Having one daughter, Andromeda, already and another, Ziva, coming in June, you realise that things change. We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the History of Rome podcast and will ensure that our daughters listen to it at some point when they are at school.

Good luck for the future and thank you for the 5 years of a legendary podcast.

Colin Davey

I'm still only up to Nero (66,666 and all that) so I've got a way to go. It's a great ride: by the time I get to 173 the little one will be at school!
Many thanks and good luck.

Matt Guertin

Hey Mike,

This is my first ever comment, usually because someone says what I want to first. I found your podcast back when there were 6 episodes, they were short and the quality wasn't so hot, but you made them special. When you had you long absence I was in withdrawal, and I will be again when it's all over. The podcast just like Rome couldn't go on forever, and they've both been a fantastic ride, thanks in no small part to your presentation. Thanks for all the hard work, and good luck with the baby.

Best Wishes,
Matt G.

P.S. If it's a daughter, There can be no other name but Livia. Agrippina or Urgulanilla are good names, but that's just cruelty.

Richard Eppert

Congratulations Mike!!!! I'm sad to see you end this series, but fatherhood is one of the best thing I've ever experienced and I would not trade it for anything! I am sure you will feel the same way. I still hope to hear from you again somewhere down the road. But if not, thanks for the ride! It's been a lot of fun and very entertaining!!

Jason A.

Congratulations, enjoy each moment of parenthood because as you have no doubt herd before they grow up so fast.

Your podcast has been amazing, I will miss it greatly.


Thank you so much for the podcast. I agree with what others have said- I'd love to hear about any projects you may have in the future, no matter how far away that may be. And all the best to your family.

A Facebook User

As the omen of the legions after the first sack of Rome, 'we may as well stop here.'

It has been great, and as many have, I have been totally ruined for other podcasts; they just can't hold a candle to you. As a father of three, I have a little advice:
1) Make no promises about what you will accomplish after the birth of your child. Trust me on this one, whatever you meant to do, you will never even start it, let alone get it done.
2) If it turns out you have twins, under no circumstances should they be named Romulus and Remus. Can you just imagine what the school playground would be like for them??
3) Your hands will be full. So will your heart, and your home. There is no title on this Earth greater than the name "Daddy" from a child's lips. Enjoy it while you can, they grow up all too fast.


thanks Mike, I started to follow you since Episode 13 or so. I knew the end would be near when you went back to recommend Gibbons on Audible(120 hrs...hmm) I dare say you have come close to making THoR reach as wide an audience as Gibbons did in his lifetime. Congratulations to you and your family.


Mike, I've listened to you in car accidents, on the way to the birth of my baby girl, at work, on road trips, on planes, and everywhere in between. You've chosen an excellent stopping point, although I will miss the podcast deeply. Listening to the rise and fall of a mighty empire has been an emotional journey of celebration (Caesar Augustus' "golden era") and sadness (the second Sack of Mighty Rome). Thanks for navigating the journey for us and best of luck to you and Mrs. History of Rome in the future. Whenever you come back to the "air"waves, let us know - your faithful listeners will still be here.

Doug & Liz Duncan - in Washington State, USA

Michael: We are proud of and happy for you and the Mrs. The History of Rome as the podcast winds to an end and your Fatherhood begins. Well done. (In fact, *really* well done.)

We've listened to and enjoyed the podcast since you exclaimed, "Brandi, 17 people have downloaded my podcast!" We've enjoyed all the listeners' comments over the last 5 years. (Yes, we read them all.) We loved joining you and the other listeners we met and roamed Italy with on THoR Tour last month.

We are looking forward to and will be supportive of the next unique, off-beat, wonderful project you decide to pursue.

(And are *really* looking forward to meeting our third grandson and your first son, Baby XXXXXXXX William Duncan in May.)

Love, Mom and Dad


Dude, Mike, you're child is going to have a badass for a dad.

About 2 years ago I typed Rome into the iTunes search bar to find some extra help for a history test and stumbled onto your little show here. After enjoying the episode and ACING the test I started the series from the very beginning and have loved every moment. I'm on my second run-through. The episodes about Trajan and Aurelian have earned permanent spots on my iPhone. I've even carried on a modest missionary movement and have brought several friends into the HoR flock.

Seriously, Mike, awesome job.I can't wait for Baby the History of Rome to turn 18 so we can get your next show on the American political parties.

Oh, and congratulations.

J.K. Bryant

Mike, this has been an amazing adventure, not quite as amazing as the adventure of parenthood of course, but nothing is :) Congratulations to the both of you!

You'd be an amazing history professor by the way :)


I could not have imagined the impact this podcast had on me when I nearly shed a tear in the metro while listening to this episode. So I'll add to the pile one more suggestion for a future project: mini-series of a half a dozen episodes on the daily lives of different people throughout history. How did the Byzantines lived, how was daily life in Medieval Europe, etc
Anyway, keep us informed, because I'll certainly check whatever is your next project out.

Thank you very much.

Bernard Budel

Oh Man, we all knew it woudl happen and that it was fast approaching but what a shock to hear it was actually happening! I was on a flight from London to Lativa when your announcement came through my earphones and more than one passanger turned around with a furious look on their face due to my outburst of curse words.

Fair game though, you have done such an amazing job of this podcast. This was my first foray into listening to podcasts and NOTHING I have listened to thus far is even close to THoR. But as important as it was to have a new THoR every Monday, raising a kid does tend to take priority and I know I barley have time to listen to each episode let alone create one so I can see why this must happen.

Thank you so much for all the pleasure you have given me. One last request though, can we please have another question blow out episode and/or your own ideas on how and why Rome rose so high and then fell so low...

Good luck mate and thanks again,

Bernard, New Zealand

Crispin Pemberton

Might I suggest that the lad's name is picked from the following:
Scipio, Marius, Lucius, Julius, Claudius, Hadrian, Aurelius, Thrax (love it!), Domitian, Decius, Diocletian, Constantine, Valentinian or Theodosius.
Try calling them out - it'll help clarify your choices. Personally, I reckon Marius Duncan is brilliant, and would be appropriate considering what a man of the people he was.


Its sad thats it is ending, this is the best podcast by far on the net, good luck with fatherhood, you will be missed.

Al McDermid

Congratulations to you and your wife on becoming parents and thanks for all the great history!

I was wondering, have you considered packaging and selling the podcasts for download (as the History Network does)? I would like to re-listen to the entire series (and I guess I could just do that), but I imagine you could you the funds.

Yes, a great portent for stopping with Romulus Augustulus, but I see no reason for the History of Rome to completely fade from the scene.

I do you'll consider it.


A good decision, Mike. I hope someday you take up the mic once again.

Congratulations to you and Mrs History-of-Rome!

Thank-you for all your work for these years. Your voice has been a comforting companion as the seasons passed.

My own son - Atticus - turns two this Saturday. I'll make sure he knows he owes his name to you (and Harper Lee).

Russel H

I have been listening for several years and loved every episode. You have brightened my life and I will miss your voice and your sly humor. I hope all goes well with your family. Maybe someday you will undertake a new project...something for your son, perhaps. Godd luck always. Thank you.


Hi Mike,

Massive thanks to you for providing what must be the most entertaining and educational 20 minute podcasts around. I'm sure it has been a massive effort so I hope you got as much out of it as we did. Thanks again and congratulations to you and your wife on the forthcoming birth of your baby!

Cheers mate.


Congratulations to you and Mrs tHoR, and thank you. I started listening around episode 25, and got my husband hooked around episode 60. The podcast has been wonderful, and we'll miss it.


Congratulations on your heir. You have truly created something special here and it will be sorely missed. Your voice brought me into the world of Rome and it's a place I'm sad to be leaving. It will be hard to replace the warm, thoughtful, and well-researched narrative with the stale facts and dates presented by other historical media. You once incredibly made a 16 hour non-stop flight an enjoyable experience and for that and many other moments I am thankful. I really hope one day you do the American history podcast that was mentioned, but I can't complain. You've already done so much. Good luck.

Robert Stodulka

I think this podcast must be published. You need to be paid to clean up and record a second edition and it should be sold on cd in bookstores and on itunes, audible etc. Students should have to listen while walking to school. A little discussion, a few tangents to other cultures and history class done. Thank you. WWI and II, or 20th century history needs someone with your writing talent and vocal talent now.

Robert Stodulka

Umm...my first podcast listened to was 12 Byzantine Rulers which was fantastic. Lars Brownworth, if you see this... someone buy Lars' notes, give them to Mike so he can record byzantine history with his particular flare and have less work.


Many thanks for the podcast, I'm going to miss it.


In Croatia and old Roman City Cibalia (Vinkovci, this is quite close to imperial Sirmium) an important finding has been found these days.
Around 50 different plates and glasses made of silver and some gold plate and other stuff has been found durign the building reconstruction. It has round 35 kilos of silver and gold.

This is the most valuable tresure found in Croatia.

This was placed in the earth and buerried carefully. The date is estimated round 4-5 century so probably these days when manny barbarians plungered the Panonia.


Thanks Mike for this huge effort that you have put in over the years. You have increased my knowledge of Roman History tenfold, when I thought I knew a lot to begin with, so I really appreciate it.

Congratulations on your child, and I hope your life will be prosperous.

I sincerely hope that the History of Rome will still operate after the podcast ends, as I am too young at the moment.

Otherwise, thankyou again and wishing you the best in the future.

Mark H.

Congratulations, Mike, on securing the succession! Best wishes for the safe arrival of History of Rome the Younger. May your child grow up healthy, strong and with a best friend "as utterly kick ass as Marcus Agrippa."

Thanks for all the great work. My daughter, who is in college 500 miles away, got me hooked early on, and it became a ritual for us to call each other every week to discuss the new episode. I plan to go back to the beginning and listen to them all again as soon as you bring things to a close. I hope that someday you find the time to edit the podcasts into what would be a truly terrific audiobook.


Hi Mike

I've never commented before and I suppose I have been one of those anonymous listeners for many years. I found the History of Rome waaaaaaay back when it was new - as a long time devotee to Roman History the moment I saw it in the list I had to have it! And you have done an awesome job of it! I've looked forward to each new podcast each week... Ive been wondering for a while how far you would take it, as we all know there is the argument of just 'when' the 'Roman' empire ended.... (i Tend to be a 1400's fan myself, but i'm nostalgic).
Your podcast has literally crossed the world with me, from Australia to China, to Malaysia, Singapore, England, France, Korea, and back again... Through times good and bad. I actually used the way you worded your history while at university as an example of how ancient history can be made a whole lot more interesting by how you present it!: (I used your example of Pompey and Crassus.... "Crassus went off to invade Parthia, and Pompey went to the kitchen to make a sandwich"... haha!, love it!)
Really wanted to go on a History of Rome tour and wish I could have, but I have to say, all's well that ends well. You and your podcast will be missed.
Congratulations on becoming a father - May your offspring never be subjected to a Roman Educations! haha! All the best!


Just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful podcast series. I've finally caught up only for the end to be in sight. Not sure I can say too much more than the others have posted above - if you ever worried about whether the podcast was worthwhile, just take a read through these comments! Whenever I now recommend the series to friends or family, I'll just send them here to read these glowing tributes. Congratulations to you and Mrs THOR - all the best!


I'm going to save my goodbyes for the end -- I will just add that ever since discovering this on Reddit, its been the highlight of my week. I'm going to miss it, but life goes on...

Best of luck to you


I started listening a couple of weeks ago and have finally caught up, only to find that it's almost over... Congratulations on the baby, it's a game changer. If you find that you need a hobby, maybe you could move to a once a month podcast of US history?



It will be a sad day when I get to the final episode (I keep a backlog for drives), but I can always go back and listen again (just so long as Dan Carlin's Hardcore History doesn't come to an end as well!). Perhaps when your child is old enough you'll return to podcasting (I hope so). I'll keep pointing folks to the site and telling them to listen!

Many thanks for all of your work here. It sparked my interest (along with Dan Carlin and Lars Brownworth) in all things ancient again. Good luck to you, Mrs. History of Rome and Future Baby History of Rome!


Congrats, and thank you for all the wonderful podcasts! I guess I just have to start them over from the beginning...

Michael S

I haven't been this sad about the passage of an underground-culture icon since the death of Stringer Bell on "The Wire."
Thank you for all of your work and humour over the years.
Good luck with your upcoming parenthood; I trust that if anyone has a plan in place to deal with the difficulties of succession, it is Mr. & Mrs. History of Rome.

Brad G

Congratulations on the your baby. As a father of 2 young boys, I can say there is nothing greater than being a dad.

A tremendous and heartfelt thanks for sharing your love of Roman history with us. You've done a great job and purely for the love of it, not for money. The world would be a better place if we were all like you.

Thank you for making me look forward to my Monday morning commute.

Jerry McCarraher

Just wanted to thank you so much for this podcast. It is AMAZING. I don’t remember how I came to download it originally, but I still remember the first time that I heard “Welcome to the History of Rome…” years ago, and it has been wonderful ever since. This podcast has accompanied me everywhere: commutes, lunch-breaks, and innumerable long drives to visit family up and down the East Coast. It is just the BEST thing out there. Before I had no specific interest in Roman history, and now I am a passionate student of the subject.

Finally, congratulations on the news of your son. I am overjoyed. I imagine you telling him tales of all the great Roman heroes and villains one day. When I have children, and thanks to your podcast, I hope to do the same. Thank you again and good luck.

Jim Burd (Boulder, CO)

Mike: Congrats on a great accomplishment with THoR, and on your pending newborn. As a father of two, I know all the fun and joy you have in your immediate future.

All loyal listeners: I highly encourage you to make a donation to THoR, if you've not already done so. It sure would be nice to give Mike a well-deserved send-off as he starts to wind down the podcast. If even half of us can make a small donation, it will add up to something nice for Mike and the THoR family.

Mike: One last suggestion, if I may ... people are expecting a nice Roman name for your son, and since one era ends with Romulus Augustus, it seems only fitting to grace your son with such an awesome moniker. OK, OK ... just kidding! :)


I wonder how many 1000's of miles you've been a companion and friend for me ? (I listen to the podcast in the car). Good luck for the future ---please - somehow - keep us in touch with any future projects.

Enjoy being a father - like the HoR - it seems a long and daunting task, but it goes just too quickly. Congrats to you both


Hi Mike
Thanks so much for all your hard work - it has been most appreciated. I've listened to your podcasts a number of times, as I found having to wait a week for the next release just too hard! Whenever I got to the end I'd go back to the start and listen all over again so that always had the next episode available. THoR has accompanied me through sleepless nights, walking to work, and hiking through remote locations.

Congratulations to you and your wife on your soon-to-arrive child. Much as I will miss THoR (and I will!!!), a shift in priorities is the right move. Good luck and thank you.

[For fellow listeners: a podcast to help the transition to a post-THoR world is 'A History of the World in 100 Objects' from the BBC and the British Museum. Images to illustrate the objects are online].


Mike - This has been a phenomenal podcast. I started listening around 200BC and have looked forward to it arrivin on my ipod each week. Perhaps finish up with a "why were they so great and why did they fall" summing up?! L anticipate your next podcast endeavour in about 5 years after son of HoR has grown up a bit!


Your top class podcast will be sorely missed. How about signing off with a Q&A podcast, like the 100th/90th episode?
Congratulations on the kid.

Peregrin Took

Listened to it from the beginning and have enjoyed every second, especially when you became the Award Winnning History of Rome podcast. Thanks for everything Mike and good luck!

Johan Koning

Mike, Thank you for this great podcast. Ciao


To Mike: Adding my my voice to the chorus of thanks and praise, thank you so much for all the work that you've done. I listen to quite a few podcasts and this has always been the one that I look forward to the most.

To everyone else: I just sent Mike a few bucks via the donation link and I encourage you to do so as well. I hear that kids are expensive and I certainly owe him a lot for the amount of entertainment and enlightenment that he's given me.

Robert Foster

p.s. the podcast will still be on itunes after it's done right? it would be a great study guide for anyone studing roman history.

Emil Østergaard

Long time listener - first time writer.
I am very sad to see the podcast ending. I was turned on to it by my sister's husband who is a Phd. in ancient history back when you were still doing the late republic. I have enjoyed the podcast immensely here in Denmark - waking up every monday and turning on my computer to download the latest episode from iTunes. It made the beginning of the week something to look forward to :)

I am sad to see it end and very thankful for your efforts. Congratulations on soon becoming a father and all the best in the future!

Taylor Bryan

Congrats Mike, and thanks for all the hard work you've put into making such a informative and entertaining podcast. You've clearly had an impact on a great number of people, and I truly hope you pursue other historical endeavors. I know I would eagerly read/listen to anything with your name attached to it.


It was great to have been listening from the very very beginning, where at the Birth of a Nation there was a refuge Trojan prince, there was a Vestal Virgin, and there were The Seven Kings of Rome and, remember, there were seven kings of Rome.

Todd Goldberg

Have been looking forward to every Sunday night to listen to your podcasts and disappointed it will be ending soon, however as a parent totally understand. Babies do absorb all of your time, energy and attention. You have done a great thing for the Net and the World and deserve a lot of appreciation, hopefully we'll see more great things from you in the future!

Ted Ruddy

I have come late to The History of Rome but I have listened to all 173 podcasts in the last few months. One that I particularly appreciated was a tour of the empire that gave a rundown of what life was like in the various provinces. Would it be possible for you to do a similar rundown of the state of the empire at its end?

I taught secondary school for 35 years and always enjoyed teaching the Ancient History part. I wish you had been there for me when I was still facing "the kids".

Thank you so very much for doing this monumental project and my best wishes to Mrs. History of Rome and the new family members when they arrive.

Ted Ruddy on Facebook

Andrew B

Hey Mike, thanks so much for your incredible work at THoR. Congrats on growing family and I hope you enjoy your time with your family as the pater familias.

I only started listening to your podcast via a friend about 6 months ago, and caught up to the present about a month ago. It truly has been a great pleasure hearing your work and it has rekindled my love of history that engineering while in college didn't allow time for. There are now about 5 people at work that now listen to the History of Rome because I couldn't help put let other know about your great work.

You have inspired me to want to do a podcast of my own over baseball. If I ever get it going I hope it would be half as good as yours. You set the bar incredibly high.

Thanks again, and congratulations!



Thank you for this contribution! I don't know what all the fuss is, I have listened to most of the episodes more than once and look forward to listening to the history of Rome for years to come!!! One special request though, back in the Antonine years, you did an episode about each province. Could you do the same podcast, only recapping how and when each province was lost to the west? I ask this, because I am having a hard time understanding just how little territory these last emperors control. Congrats on the baby, I have a one year old and your making the right call. But please, find time to capitalize on your achievements with a book or something else we can buy in the coming years.


Congratulations on the little historian! My only piece of parenting advice is to find yourself a good podcast to listen to :-) You've been my companion while holding our third child (our first daughter) who is really, really anti-sleep. She just turned one and has finally decided that maybe sleep is good after all, but a good 30 minutes of THoR makes 30 minutes of baby rocking (or baby nursing, but you're off the hook on that!) go by much quicker.

Best wishes as you end one season of your life and enter another. Parenthood is exhausting, but the most wonderful thing you'll ever do (though any given day may be significantly less than wonderful).


Mike, thank you so much for a truly exemplary podcast. I've been listening to you every week for almost three years now, and while I was somewhat saddened to hear that it will be ending I am far happier for you and your wife and your new child! Listening to your voice narrate the history of Rome has been one of the most consistently pleasant moments in this era of my life, and I suppose that it is only fitting that it ends as I, like you, enter a new phase. We all wish you nothing but the best.

Carthago delenda est!


Congrates on both a brilliant acheivement on this podcast and for becoming a father.
You've brought a lot of pleasure into peoples lives thanks to your efforts and it is very much appreciated.

Sean H

Congratulations on the baby & on bringing a tremendous project to a successful conclusion. Even though this podcast saw the end of Roman dynasties, I hope it marks the beginning of a podcast dynasty that my own baby will enjoy one day.
Thank you!


Thank you very very very much for your wonderful podcast, that I've been enjoying these last years. It's ending marks a new beginning for you and your wife. Things will never be the same again, based on my own experience I can say you will find a new kind of hapiness, it is a privilege to be a father.
Good luck to you!

Mark Thomas

Thank you for the last few years. Personally, I would have liked for you to take us to meet Constantine XI Palaiologos; but you did warn us that it would end here. You also mentioned a book, so we’ll keep a hopeful watch. Meanwhile, congratulations on soon becoming a Dad! No matter how much you enjoyed your work on THoR, it will pale in comparison to fatherhood. As busy as you will be, you will eventually find your pace, and we will look forward to your next effort when you do.


Congratulations on becoming a dad and thank you for all your amazing work on the podcast! I've been listening to it since the beginning of high school and it is finishing just as I am about to graduate!

Thomas Hendron


Thank you for a great podcast, was looking forward to your podcast on the Eastern Roman empire. Recommend any good books on Byzantium?

What book(s) did you read on Scipio Africanus? The phrase " Mix of Jim Morrison, Alexander the Great and Jesus" really caught me ear.

Congratulations on soon being "Mr & Father The History of Rome"

Sebastiaan Eilander


I am very sad to hear you will quit the podcast. It feels like the parting of a friend.

I very much appreciate your show and want to thank you for all those hours of fantastic learning and entertainment.

It's all for a good reason; your new born will deserve all the love and attention it can get. I hope you and mrs. The History of Rome will find a lot of joy and fullfillment in the family expansion.

I keep hoping you will make a new show, or point out shows worth following. A nice idea would be to end it with another 'question and answers' session as you did with the 100th episode. Or make the book you were once talking about. Either way, it has been a blast, thanks for the good times and for lighting up my fire for Rome.

Love and all the best,


Vic Dimagiba


I started listening to your podcast when my youngest daughter was just born, and now, she's five. I've always listened to it on many subway stations in Hong Kong, as well as being a constant weekly companion while driving through Manila. We all knew it was bound to end one day, but it has been a blast, being a HOR buff for as long as I can remember, and your show has made such names such as Scipio Africanus, Gaius Marius, Stilicho and others seem all to familiar.

Good luck on your next adventure in life. We'll be fine.


Luise Hayes Tasmania, Australia

Congratulations to you and Mrs. THoR! May this new chapter in your lives be full of joy and peaceful nights!

stewart mackay


I have never commented before my but listen til your
podcasts again and again... they have helped me win elections in the UK...can't thank you enough...oh and congratulations on the baby :-)

So when things settle down how about the history of the
British Empire?

Stewart Mackay

Andre Wemans

First of all congratulations to you and to Mrs. History of Rome! For my experience fatherhood is amazing adventure. Secondly although I haven’t posted many comments I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this wonderful podcast, it has been a weekly companion and I love to hear it. I’m sad to know it will end soon but on other hand I couldn’t think on better reasons to finish the podcast. Thank you.

Chris Kalley

I'm going to miss the podcast something fierce, I've learned a lot on a subject I thought I knew quite a bit to begin with. But the timing makes sense. And if your life happens to have some free time in a few years, and you decide to do the history of Byzantium (or most any subject) let us know, I'll listen. Thanks again.

Robert Rodi

I've been a fan for years; I usually listen while walking my dogs, with the result that there are some locations in my neighborhood that I now indelibly associate with, say, Nerva, or Diocletian, or the Punic Wars. Sorry as I am to see the podcast coming to an end, I'm looking forward to starting the whole thing over from the beginning. And once I'm through with that, doing it a third time. Meantime, though -- savoring these last few weeks.

Raja R

Thank you very much for this wonderful podcast - I will surely miss this.

And congratulations on becoming a father!

Alastair M

Mike, your podcast has been an absolute joy, and has got my whole family hooked. I shall be so sorry to see it end, but you've made the right decision, and with fatherhood looming, life will never be the same again! With young children myself (3 boys, so any time you want advice in son handling, just shout) the history of Rome tours were just not feasible for us but something we'd looked forward to indulging in once the boys were a bit older. I hope you'll find a way to continue with them. And whether your future holds another podcast series or not, what you have achieved with Rome will leave you with friends and admirers worldwide.

Adrian S

I just wanted to genuinely say thank you for all the time effort and love you put into the podcast over the years. Like other posters I knew it would have to come to an end someday but I secretly hoped you would change mind and go right on up to the fall of Constantinople! I'm not the worlds most emotional guy, but lying there in bed listening to you tell us all the end was nigh, i was quite unexpectedly overcome with sadness. One big regret is that due to the arrival of my newborn son and other mainly financial issues I never got to go on one of the THoR tours. I recall you mentioned that you plan to use your labours as the preliminary work for a book. Please keep us informed as I intend to purchase a copy. Congratulations and best of luck to you and Mrs THoR, I am sure you baby will bring you immense joy.

Josh Pond

We have never met, but for the past 5 years or so I have found a friend with an always insightful podcast waiting for me. You have been with me during jogs, road trips or just during relaxing afternoons in the hammock. I think all of us knew this day was coming sooner or later, hence the complete lack of Roman domination in our present day, but were oddly surprised when we heard the announcement. So let me add my post to the heap of thank-you's already in place. Thank you for all of the time, dedication to making this wonderful podcast. Thank you for knowing when to end, as there are fewer things sadder than staying at the party too long.

Good luck with your new chapter in your family. Enjoy your son! We will all miss you, but we will find comfort knowing your absence is from a worthy cause! Please let us know if you decide to write a book, I'm sure there are a couple of us that would buy a book or two. Good-bye and Thank you!


Going to miss the podcast! You've done such a fantastic job. Happy fatherhood!

Rob Shinnick

Every ending brings a new beginning.

Thank you for a fine time. When it's all over, I'll probably start over at the beginning and listen to it all again. You've filled and enriched many a dull night at work, and I'm grateful. I wish you the best, sir.

Joshua Javier

Really sad to see the podcast end. Especially sad to see you're ending it on a somber note with Romulus Agustulus. I was hoping you would make up to the Byzantine Empire, being of the camp that the Empire ended with Constantine XI. Good luck with the kid, I had my first last November and I know how much work it takes in the beginning. For all the fans I'd recommend checking out Lars Brownworth's podcast "12 Byzantine Rulers". Not as comprehensive as the "History of Rome" but he's a great story teller. Thanks again Mike.


Thank you for the many hours of hard work you've put into this project. Also a big thank you to Mrs. History of Rome for being supportive of the many hours this must have taken.

It's very odd, but it really feels like I'm losing a friend. I'm going to miss this podcast--it's always been a highlight of my Mondays.

Congratulations on the start of your own empire.

Sarah T

Mr. THoR, I join all the others in thanking you for your tremendous podcast. It has taken me through many a long drive and numerous hours with a newborn (now 18-month-old). Best wishes on your expanding family. I'll pass on the best advice I received before having a baby: sleep when you can, ignore the dirty floor, and it gets so much better once your baby smiles up at you.


Thank you for the podcast. I have enjoyed listening for a while now. Good luck to you and your wife on your new adventure.


thanks for so many hours of wonderful hiSTORY. Congratulations (soon) becoming a father, i am sure you will be an amazing dad i am sure all you podcast/story telling abilities will come in very useful!!!
have you thought of any names, because a roman middle name may be a very nice idea, if you wife lets you.

your faithful listener Barny

Anthony Lovat

Dear Mike,
I have not posted anything before but have been an avid fan for the past two years and have listened to every episode at least once - usually while walking my dog. Your announcement was surprisingly emotional. This podcast has been something special and I've been hooked by it. You are an outstanding teacher. You have clearly worked so hard to make your podcasts clear, interesting and engaging - these things don't just happen. I also became a father to a little boy 6 months ago and it is hard work so I totally appreciate that you need to knock this project on the head. Your son will no doubt be very proud of what you've done with this when he comes to listen to it one day. I sincerely hope that there will be other work in the future for us to enjoy. All the best and if you're ever in the neighbourhood, it'd be a delight to make your aquaintance.
So thanks a lot. All the best.
Anthony Lovat, London, England.


I can't tell you how sad I am to hear the show will soon be ending. I guess we knew it had to come. I have been listening since the beginning and remember when you got the new microphone. The only reason I loook forward to Monday mornings is because I get to listen to the show.
Congrats on the baby! I wonder if or what Roman name the baby will have? I liked the idea of having a last episode as something of a question and answer, like the 100th episode. I really wish I could afford to go on one of the History of Rome Tours but financial reasons barred me from doing so. Good luck in parenthood and life! Thank you so much for the show!


Mike, thanks for the truly great series. An award winning series of podcasts to be sure. I came on board on about episode 12 and (while I get left behind every now and then) I have been a regular listener and follower since.

Congratulations to both you and Mrs TheHistoryOfRome. And I hope TheHistoryofRome junior will soon ascend to become Caesar and then, in the fullness of time, a great Augustus.

Enjoy fatherhood.

Robert Parker

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I've especially loved the way in which you've interwoven jokes and sarcasm into your podcasts; I've told all of my friends in New Zealand them!



I think you've picked a pretty reasonable end-point for the podcast. And it sounds like you're going to be busy. Congratulations to you and the Mrs.

One question and a few requests:

Q: Will you continue doing the History of Rome Tours?

R: I would hate to have the series end with the disappointing last emperors of the west.

R: It would be great to get a series wrap-up episode as a whole, similar to the Q&A one you did earlier.

R: It would be awesome to get "what happened next" episodes, preferably one for each of the Western and Eastern empires. A sketch of the history of the Byzantines from the fall of the West to, say, the conquest of Constantinople would be neat. For the West... well, the stories of the successor states, and maybe even the "emperors" of the Holy Roman Empire, are worth some note.

Anyway, I hope you take some time to look back at the great work you've done, analyze, and summarize. It's a momentous achievement and I think you have a lot to be proud of. Go out with a bang, not a whimper (or an exile or what have you).

Rapid Travel Chai

Another flower laid at the foot of this monumental achievement. I have kept every episode. Most memorable was listening to episodes while touring the Roman sites of Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. Thank you for selflessly giving so much to so many.


I discovered THoR after my first visit to Rome last summer, and it has kept that trip alive in my head with more detail than I ever expected to know about Roman history. When you have more time on your hands, I urge you to create a podcast that takes another slice across Roman history along the lines of your A Day in the Life, Provincial Matters, and Hundredth Episodes. While there is a lot of intrigue at the top, I yearn for more of what life was like for the average Roman, along with exploring the economics, arts, sports, etc. of the Empire. Another idea would to focus on Rome the city from birth through it's decline and then recovery in the 2nd millenium. Whatever you end up doing, I'm sure it will be great. Oh, and Augustus would be a great middle name.

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