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March 11, 2012


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At long last :) Welcome back Mike ! :)


First of all, welcome back. Secondly, I must say that you are to good. I'm only twelve years old, and even before I began to listen to your podcast, my favorite history was Rome. But thanks to you, I really begin to know the true history of this grand empire. I would really like to suggest 381A.D. Sadly I do not know who it is by, or if it is an audiobook, but if you find it, it would be a good read. And also, when Attila storms to the gates of Italy then Rome, please do not forget Pope Leo1, and how he lead Attila into his tent, stayed there from almost night to day, and then when the pope left the tent, Attila left, and didn't touh the empire again. If I have my facts extremely wrong, I apologize and implore you to tell me please. And I can't wait for the next podcast. (:


Hi Mike,
Been listening to this ever since I was planning for last summer's trip to Italy and am nearly caught up. Thank you for this fantastic podcast. My husband is happy that I can talk Roman history with him (a big hobby of his) and during some long drives over the holidays I introduced him to the podcast. He was skeptical at first but then really enjoyed it and appreciated the research you put into the show.

I particularly appreciate the way that you continually reference past and future events, helping us see relationships over time, across spaces, and between political, economic, geographical (etc.) influences.

Even joined Audible and am trying to decide between Herodotus, Thucydides, and Plutarch for my next listen. :)

All the best and THANK YOU.

John Stocker

Mike, thanks so much for putting this podcast together.

I think it was because my most memorable teacher was my Jr. High Latin teacher that I have always had an interest in Classics - history, mythology, archaeology... (Mr Zelmanowitz beating out the conjugations and declensions with his pointer was truly inspirational.)

Your show has reignited that interest into a bit of an obsession (all be it a healthy one).

BTW - the bibliography is is really helpful.

Simon C

U made me laugh during the intro..
"blah blah blah ... by going to that address u qualify for a free book download when you sign up for a 14 day trail membership AYE AYE AYE this is important"

I was like WTF? its not automated?! haha, scared me good :D


Mike, no need to apologize for the shorter podcast. If you had only posted the sideswipe of Dan Brown, that would have been enough

Jay Anderson

Mike, I'm a huge fan, and though I haven't been able to go on either of the tours (busy having/raising babies), I have been there in spirit.

I just saw a tweet from OpenCulture about an international effort to model ancient Rome around 320 AD. It is incredible. Watch the videos, everyone, if you get a chance.

Oh, I don't visit to blog very often, so maybe this came up already in discussions. But I saw it and had to tell someone. So here you go!


Vale, amici!


hello all,

don't usually contribute, but i found a nice piece on openculture.com:


if you're not familiar with the open culture site, i would say it is worth a look. there are related articles, as well.

keep up the good work, thor!



It's a shame that the senator marrying Honoria is bland. BASSUS HERCULANUS (?) is a name wasted on all but the pimpingest of men.

Luise Hayes Tasmania, Australia

@ wilmpete...loved the sideswipe at DB ;)
@ Scott...great find..added to my favourites, thanks!
@ Alice...very good point!


Mike: You rock. I sent money. I'm up to episode 76.

Simon, Petersfield, UK

Dear Mike,

Only just listened to the most recent episode - brilliant as always. Stunned to learn you are finishing the series soon but it makes sense. Babies are wonderful but you won't have time...

Congratulations to you and Mrs History of Rome for that great bit of news and also on a superb series.

Thank you very much,

All best wishes


PS Have you considered putting the series together in book form?

Val in Van

Babies are wonderful! Congratulations to you and the Mrs.

All blessings upon you and your house!! Thanks for all the work you've done on THoR and integrating the past with the near past and present it really brings today's politics to a sharper focus.

Once more for the road, Thank-you and best wishes.

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