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February 19, 2012


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To everyone going on the tour have a great time. Mike I will miss THOR while you are gone but you have earned a break so have fun and don't worry about us, we will still be here when you come back.


A pack of drunken Huns rampaging their way across the Empire. All the way to the Theodosian Walls.

Have fun.

Simon C


Benn Chatt

Hi to Mike and all other THORers.
I have a quick question for any 'geeks' out there who may be able to help me. I am currently considering moving away from the iphone as their Tarrifs here in the UK are about double that of a comparible android. I currently use icatcher for my podcasts on the iphone which is not available on android. I tried out google listen on a friends phone which seems ok but I cant seem to find THOR on it. It sounds stupid but this has a serioue effect on my decision making. Does anyone know a good podcast client that can be used on android THOR appears on.

P.S. Mike - this is an excellent podcast thank you for making it.

Alison Morton

Great episode as usual!
See you on Friday for nearly two weeks of intense 'History of Rome'.

A Seattle Listener

@Benn - try the Sticher app. Very slick and they love Mike. I have on iPhone, but available for Android:


Wade Griffith

Benn listening for about 6 months and have been meaning to reach out. I love the podcast. My wife and friends roll their eyes when I discuss it much less suggest we listen "together, " but I am learning so much. As a pastor, I have also drawn many great illustrations from your work. Thank you for making my weekly sermons more interesting and historically informed. In particular, your Christmas episode about Sol Invictus was super-helpful. I must be a groupie now because whenever I listen, I say those opening words along with you, "Hello, and welcome to the history of Rome." Don't change a thing bro...you are really onto something here.



Hey Mike,

I'm a huge fan of the podcast! It's what got me interested in ancient history, and Roman history in general. It has been a few years since I first listened, and over time the podcasts have become better and better. I know that we are in the midst of the craziness of the 5th century, but if you ever come to a point where it seems appropriate, I think it would be really interesting to discuss immigration and how the amazing multi-ethnic empire functioned and dealt with various peoples. It seems about the right time to discuss it so we can get a handle on why various peoples are where. Thanks again for the great podcast and I look forward to listening to this episode!


Benn, try Doggcatcher. It picks up and plays THOR just fine.

Steven Silvestro

Hi Mike, just had a thought... While on the Rome Tour why not do a live recorded Q&A episode with everyone on the tour? would make for a great episode/s.

Ben Nicholson

I don't know if you will see this b4 u go mike but I think steven Silvestro's idea is very good. Or maybe do the questions and leave them to a 200th episode.

Steven Silvestro

Thanks Ben... Even if someone recorded it on there iphone & uploaded it to You Tube perhaps? I'm sure all the THoR fans out there would really enjoy viewing it - (I know I would hehehe)


Thanks for sharing this post.


This is a nice story in the past.


At that time no civilisation yet in the mankind.

Cheap Flights

When i was young i love to read history of every countries because i love to relate myself on the past.


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Cool story breh

Caroline Rees

Benn, I have used podkicker on Android which picked up all but the very first few episodes and now with my new Samsung galaxy, the kies cast app that came pre installed works fine and automatically downloads the new episodes for me.

Ryan Leonard

@ xellos_moon

Do not voilate the sanctity of the history of rome comments page! No internet memes! never!!!

A Facebook User

I enjoy THOR. The best sequence of pod casts was the late republic as it was new history to me without the confusion of multiple similarly named players that infest the time line from the crisis onwards. I didn't know how little I knew but I've enjoyed learning.


John Citron

I discovered this podcast in early 2009.

I was so intrigued with the way Mike Duncan brings the subject to life that I feverishly listened to all of the preceding episodes to catch up to where he was at the time. I've never missed an episode since then and download them to my Zune for listening in the car.

Now that we are within decades of the end of the western empire maybe we can persuade Mr. Duncan to continue the podcast into the Byzantine era of the empire or maybe the Holy Roman Empire; either way this would give him almost another thousand years of history to bring to life.


I am a new fan of this podcast - currently on episode with Nero - and Mr Duncans marriage.

Didn't realise I was so far behind or that the series still continues.

Congratulations on a wonderful podcast

Shoham Adizes

Dear Mike and HOR community,

I discovered The HOR after visiting Rome for Christmas in 2011. Upon returning to the states, on a whim, i did a search for history of Rome on the app store. That was 1 month and 25 days ago. Since then I have been hooked and just this morning I finally caught up with the latest podcast.

45 days to listen to 170+ podcasts, I wonder if that is some kind of record:-)

I had to go to Istanbul in January for work so I was motivated to get to that part of the (his)story. That may explain the speed at which I consumed the material. (yes I do have a full time job:-) While in Istanbul I made sure to visit the Theodocian Walls. You should have seen the look on my client's face when that, of all things in Istanbul, was the first and most important thing I wanted to see on my day off. (What, no Haga Sophia?)

Absorbed by the HOR I have not taken you up on too many of your audible recommendations except for Monopoly by Mike Daisey. You gave it such a glowing recommendation I had to listen. It was good, and while I like Daisey, I like HOR much much better....

Mike- you make many mentions of the lifecycle of the Roman Empire in the recordings. I am unsure if you are familiar with the book "Managing Corporate Lifecycles" but the history of the roman republic fits the lifecycle path described in this book perfectly. I would be happy to send you a copy if you send me an address. I plan on writing a document paralleling the Roman republics' lifecycle and the USA lifecycle using the corporate lifecycle model for my internal organization. (But you have already done all the work for me, plain to see for anyone who has read the book and listened to your podcast)

I want to thank you - Mike - for providing this podcast, which I am sure will be a classic.

I also want to thank the HOR community for their interest. I have been talking up the HOR to everyone I know and no one has heard of it. So thank you HOR community, whom ever you are, for tuning in, creating a market and encouraging Mike to continue with this project. Without you I would be the only dork in town with nothing to listen to.

Finally, my question. I was told that Budda of Budda-pest, the two cities now one that make up the capital of Hungary, was named after the brother of Atilla. In episode 170 you use a different name for the brother of Atilla.... Can you clarify if the story I heard about Budda is correct?

With tremendous respect...


Mike Whitaker

Desperately catching up here - I get to listen to about one-and-a-half episodes a day on my commute to and from work, and I'm loving it.

However, I'm only at episode 104, so am frantically trying to catch up *before* you get to Romulus Augustulus :D

Peyton Ferrier


I really like the podcast. Lately, however, I think it is getting a bit bogged down by dynastic succession stuff. Can you do an episode detailed the economic collapse of the empire, describing how far things had fallen? Were towns losing their aqueducts and grain doles?

Also, can you describe the strangeness of the Huns? I understand that they were very wierd people to the Romans, even more so than the Celts and Goths. For example, they rode horses so much that they were chronically stunted and bow-legged. They had tattoos and flesh mutilations and would keep body parts of enemies as trophies. I know this sounds ethnocentric, but I understand that the Huns, more so than these other barbarians, really seemed like the spawn of Satan to the Romans and not just for their military success.

Robert Sandor

So, I found this podcast three weeks ago, and have now listened to every episode. I just want to say, thank you. This is awesome, and I hope that you continue with these podcasts after the fall of Rome, in whatever fashion you want. If not, the last three weeks of my life were pretty awesome (my non-loving of history wife would disagree).

Tom Mason

Just finished getting caught up on the whole series. Best podcast ever.

Val in Vancouver

@Benn I use Android. All you need to do is go to Mike's page here, click on the episode then choose download. Each episode will be downloaded with your music in its own file, The History of Rome. You can also just listen directly but while listening you won't be able to use other apps. When listening, if a call comes in, the story pauses. After the call ends the story comes right back.
Good luck.

Val in Vancouver

Next year in Rome!

Raphael Lasauze

Hello people, I'm brand new, my names Raphael, and I have just gotten to
Attila Comenth. But I have been a faithful listener since dEcember 2012. Belive it or not, I'm only 12 years old! And have been a roman and general historian since I was 11. And I do truly feel bad for the romens. I love them so much, and I really wish that they weren't ruled by idiots like Caligula and commodus. Micheal, you are amazing, and I can't wait for the next one, thanks bye!


Considering the Germans were supposed to be huge wild warriors, if the Huns managed to terrify the Germans...

Mark G

@xellos_moon - but the comments were poetic for a spammer!
@Benn - I use and love Google 'Listen'

Fantastic podcast i've listened to through twice, although glad i don't have to hear to a reference of that 'soggy island' that i live in anymore, ;)


Mike, knowing your love of American history I can recommend the latest "In our time" BBC Radio 4 with Melvyn Bragg.
45 minutes discussion of Benjamin Fanklin. Great when 3 experts are discussing a subject with an interested listener.
Looking forward to your The History of United States.


I have just found THOR and love it, I only wish it had been around when I was doing my A Levels. I have just listened to The Dacian Wars and Trajans Column is mentioned. You don't have to go to Rome to see it, as there is a full size cast, in two sections, in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Garry Stevens

Hi All:

I'm about 65% of the way through making an A1 (840x600 mm) poster timeline of the Roman Republic as a companion to my chart of the Roman emperors, both inspired by Mike's podcasts. To wit:


I thought I'd make it available now for comments before I get too far gone. What information is missing? Is the layout confusing? There are many things I already want to improve (such as the maps), and as you will see in the late republic I'm having a tough time fitting in all the info I want, but there you go.

Any comments welcomed.



Garry - Wow. I often find myself thinking "I wish I had a flowchart for all of this" while listening. Perhaps you could make separate timelines, one for people the other for wars and geography. Keep at it, it's a great idea.


i too would like a economic eposode


Hey, just discovered this podcast today. Started as far back as I could using my podcasting tool of choice (episode 40 or so). Having all day at work to listen I'm getting caught up fast.

Really enjoying the podcast, thanks for all your hard work, while perhaps under, it's not unappreciated,

Thanks again.


Hi Mike,

My name is Wale and I’m listening from Lagos, Nigeria and have done since late 2007!

I can’t even describe how excellent the podcast is or the impact it’s had on me personally over the last few years so let’s just say profound!

It seems to me though that we are rapidly approaching the final episode. If I’m not mistaken the exile of Romulus Augustus was in the 470s AD and were already in the 440s as of the last episode. Does this mean there are only 3/4 episodes left?? What next???????!!!!


Hi Mike
I have listened to all of the podcasts 3 times. I was wondering what your opinion was on Rome Total War and/or Barbairin Invasion

Tony Aguilar

Mike, I have finally caught up with the blog. I have really enjoyed this so far and been able to get so many things done while listening to you.

Best Regards.

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