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November 06, 2011


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David Dibben

Was concerned something had happened to you when Monday's episode didnt arrive. can see now that you have had appendicitis. Do hope you are beginning to feel better. Dont rush to get back to the episodes, as much as we all want to hear the next one. Better to be fully fit.

Aric Wilisvh

Get well soon. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Thank you for your podcasts. May you get well soon for your sake (and ours!). Just to let you know that I am a listener in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.


I sense an themed episode about Roman medicine coming up :-)


Sorry to hear about the surgery and all. Get well soon.


I discovered your podcasts while recovering from my own emergency appendectomy. Hope that you find recording the History of Rome as helpful to your recovery as I found listening to it. But if you don't... don't push it. We can wait.


While you recover, you can work on a themed Roman Medicine podcast... should make you feel better :-) (PS: get well soon)


Get well soon.


Let other people take care of you and eat cookies - you deserve it. Heck, you deserved THAT even before the appendix because of your podcast. Tell your relatives / friends to give you massages and bubblebaths...


That is a shocker! Hope you're better soon. My week is not complete without THoR, and I dread the end. THoB, anyone?

Joseph Hren

All the best! Here's to your health, and we're glad you caught it in time!

Account Deleted

Just wanted to wish you an speedy recovery and thank you for your podcast.
I can't believe that you are ending it in 476. We are almost there!

Richard Andersson

I hope you feel better soon and please take some time to rest and recover fully before embarking on the next episode. We all love each episode and we appreciate the hard work you do putting them together. You have our heartfelt gratitude for this great podcast series and our thoughts go out to you.

Melissa Wiebe

Hope you feel better soon :) Fortunately I have lots of podcasts to listen to while you are getting better.

Philip Mackie

Speedy recovery - and take it easy.


i hope you recover soon.i greetings from germany.
i'm shure we will survive without an episode for a week. you just focuas on gettign better.


Ps: sorry i'm writing from my phone and my shift buttoon does not work.

Christopher Weuve

History of Rome has documented many rebellions within the body politic. Glad to see this literal one turned out okay.

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Ligia in Singapore

Get well soon!!

A Facebook User

Get well soon Mike

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You encompass our genuine gratitude intended for this immense podcast succession and our judgments go out to you.

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