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November 06, 2011


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Luke Baxter

Hope you are feeling better, look after yourself. I am sure I speak for all listeners when I say, don't force yourself. The fall of Rome has waited 1600 odd years, I am sure we can wait another week while you recover.
Am dreading the end. Is there any way we can convince you to recalibrate the end of the history of Rome. There are other alternatives to Romulus Augustus: 1453, Last Holy Roman Emperor, Berlusconi, he does represent the end of times in so many ways, it would seem appropriate.

Bill McNeeley

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Fr. Bill McNeeley


Sorry to hear that. Speedy recovery, Mike.

Conrad Robinson

Sorry to hear this. May you recover quickyly!

Scott Lewis

Get better soon! Thank you for all the great work on the History of Rome.


Ouch. Hope ya feel better soon, Mike. :)


Sorry to hear this and ,,gute Besserung'' from Germany!
Take your time to recover before you continue with your excellent work, history won't run away.


Get well soon Mike!


Zoinks! Sorry about all you've been through this weekend. Glad your recovery is going smoothly.


Wow! back next week...
Think about it,
This would have killed an emperor by then.
Take your time and recover.

Andrew Lowry

Mike, As others have said I hope for a speedy recovery but make sure you are well enough before you return to your work. My wife and I groaned at the 'footnote' comment.


Take care of yourself and feel better.


Ouch. Take care of your self and don't rush it. Hope you feel better soon.

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Good one Luke!!
Get well soon and rest up.

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

...and I second Fr. Bill's post as well...


major bummer glad you pulled through feel better asap


I certainly hope that you have a speedy recovery, but that you can enjoy convalescing! Read something good.

Carl Brodie

I hope you are feeling better soon. I will miss the episode. Look forward to next week!


St. Ambrose called and says you're gonna be fine. Feel better and get well soon!


Best wishes for a quick recovery.


Get well soon. The show is wonderful, but your health is more important.


I knew it! I saw a flock of birds flying erratically and wondered what was up. So that's what the auspices were trying to say. So what did they use? The Promethean technique is probably the most appropriate given the circumstances. But sometimes it's difficult finding a large enough rock when you need it.

Convalescas ex aegroto mox!

Hovig Maghakian

Get Well Soon!

pasta fresca

Yikes! Take good care and feel better soon.


Shame it wasn't Gall Stones. Then I cold use the line about "Only the Penitent Man shall pass..."

Enjoy the icecream.
(Or is that for Tonsils?)

Hume's Bastard

Take care and make a full recovery! Don't try to come back to form too hastily! You and your health is more important than the podcast. It's your opinion and your style we keep coming back for, not merely a weekly fix.


Get well soon, mate!

You're not allowed to fall until after the Empire falls. And we're all dreading the day.

I went on a History of Rome fast recently so I have about six or seven precious episodes on which I intend to feast some day.

To all those who groaned when they found no episode this week, History of Rome is addictive. Listen to it in moderation.

Ah, as to whether the footnotes had been removed, it took me a few minutes to get in on the joke but, in my uninformed opinion, if you're gonna take out the appendix you might as well take out the footnotes, too. :)


I've been there man. With an appendix surgery, I was tied up for a good four days. Take care. And make sure that you negotiate down the hospital bill once they give it to you. It'll be a doozy.

Also, I share Luke Baxter's assessment. A recalibration of the end of the Roman empire would certainly benefit the other listeners and myself. With less than 100 years before the stated end, maybe something to consider:

Some options for an "alternate ending":

-565: The death of Justinian (if I'm not mistaken, the last Latin speaking Roman Emperor and the last Roman Emperor of the Italian peninsula)

-May 29th, 1453 (Fall of Constantinople and symbolic end of the Byzantine Empire)

-The end of WW1 (the end of the Kaiser and the Tsar, both rooted from Caesar, also the end of the Ottoman Sultan who may have still claimed the title Caesar of Rome) [okay wishful thinking probably, but I'd still listen every week]

Nick Taylor

Ow! - get well!

Steven S.

Recently saw a great documentary called 'The Destiny of Rome'. Can't seem to find a link to the full episodes, however, I thought I'd post a link to the trailer. It's in Latin with english subtitles... i'm sure all you history nerds out there will enjoy it!
Get well soon Mike...


Get well! Rome can wait*>)


Get well soon Mike!


Yikes! Feel better and have a fast recovery!


Get well soon Mike. Thanks for hot brilliant work.

Richard Eppert

Hope you have a speedy recovery Mike!! Take care!!!

Niall Blehein

Feel better Mike. Flirt with the nurses and make them laugh . You'll find yourself getting a little more of everything you need . And don't forget to work this pain and trauma into a damn good care package . Your family should understand that only an iPad2 will help you past the wrenching experience of having your appendix torn away :)


take your time and get better. i need to go back and listen to some old episode to refresh my memory any ways. Thank you for everything!


Take care buddy and good to hear everything turned out ok.


Get well soon.


Get well soon. We will survive without our weekly dose of THoR. It will be hard but we will make it. God's speed on you recovery. We can listen to old episodes until then.

Bob Markunas

Get well soon!


Get well soon Mike


Sorry to here about that. Get well soon.

Aamir Aziz

Get Well soon and I pray that you live till you are great grandpappy.
:) Cheers and Love & Peace from Pakistan

matt, NL

Hope you get well soon Mike, cheers!


May you have a safe and speedy recovery!


Gute Besserung from sunny germany. Hope you get well soon.


good luck with the recovery Mike

Laurence Bachmann

Take good care of yourself, Mike and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Alastair M

Get well soon Mike. We miss you!

Neil Lee

Hi Mike, sorry to hear about the op, here's to a speedy recovery. Take it easy. Rome can wait.


The Ides of November?...Get well soon, Mike!

Alex Wall

Jupiter Speed!! We'll miss ya. Can't wait to hear the next one. Get well, Mike. :-)


Get well soon, I want to hear how much The Roman Empire's incompetence over whelms the cat came back style military and diplomatic tragedies.

Guy Moloney, Sydney Australia

Get well soon Mike from Sydney Australia. First time poster, massive fan. Hope you stare down death like Diocletian, smell better than Galerius and that the nurses hail you as emperor.


This is why I ALWAYS consult the sacred chickens before doing anything. Also, did you hear that cavalry is like, totally the new thing? Best of luck recovering!


Take it easy Mike; the next podcast can wait. Get well soon.


My Monday is not a Monday with your dull set tones and my History of Rome fix, get well soon sir.


Get well soon Mike!
This just gives me another week to think about how to use the Saint Ambrose job search method!


Get well soon!! I've gotten used to hearing your wonderful podcast at the start of my week.

John Nabers

I hope you get better soon and know that all of us are with you in spirit.

St. Ambrose

Mike, I believe you mentioned another person (or two?), who had problems with the church and also had nasty abdominal issues. Hmm... LOL. JK JK. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.

CA Bennett

Get well soon. Are you sure you weren't poisoned? If you were, I bet it was Livia!


Get Well soon bro.


Mike I'm so glad you're ok, appendix is not a good thing and tho mod med is amazing - abdominal cavity is a tricky place!

sending good vibs for a speedy recovery (not in a selfish way - the cast'll be back, but more in a being healthy is so great and lousy when you feel kak way).

Tho we are all waiting with bated breath for the next installment, WE CAN WAIT!!! don't push yourself and don't worry we're all so addicted we'll be ready when you are...

I'm sure yr wife, family and friends are gathered round to amuse and distract you from your patient-ness. Enjoy the attention!

Har det koslig og god bedring!

Stuart Harvey

Get well soon Mike.
I popped down to the Tiber Island today and left a dead chicken as an offering for the healing snake at the Temple of Aesculapius - you should be right as rain in a day or two.
Best wishes
Stu in Rome


Get well soon Mike, You make Mondays worth looking forward to


Golly Stu, I didn't know there was a Temple of Aesculapius on the isle of Tiber, the only one i know of is at Pergamon...


Get well soon!

Also, when next taking heavy antibiotics treatment for some reason don't forget to mention you had your appendix removed. The appendix stores a 'sample' of your intestinal flora when all the rest is destroyed by antibiotics, so without appendix you might get complications.
Free medical advice for you. Hey, you gave me plenty of free podcasts!


Take care, and get well soon.


Holding you in my heart and prayers...Get better! -Fr. Joe


Get better soon. What would we do without you? So make sure you get well and I look forward to your return for next week's episode.


Cancelled? Please, please don't leave a gap in the history of Mike's History of Rome.

We wish you a solid recovery, and a solid recovery of the story from where you left off.


I bet that one Roman Assassin who held is hand in the fire to terrify King Porsenna would have made the podcast. Now I have to lie here, with the blackness of my own thoughts. Thanks a bunch.


I was feeling your pain until the footnote pun... and then I was feeling MY pain...

Seriously though, best wishes. It's telling that as much as we love this history, we can't bear for it to end, with the plethora of posters trying to wheedle more podcasts out of you! (Consider me included. To Justinian and Beyond!)

Roger Black

I hope you enjoy a speedy recovery.

And I hope this week's episode is merely postponed rather than cancelled.

Ophir Radnitz

Sorry to hear that, get well soon!

Christopher Fernandez-Packham

Best wishes for a swift recovery; imagine how bad it would have been if you'd had this in Ancient Rome!!

David Milner

Get well soon looking forward to the next episode


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Maybe this would be the appropriate time to suggest some "Special" episodes again. Ala the Taking stock episodes in the second century.

One that comes to mind would be: "Medicine in Ancient Rome". I have also had my appendix removed and sometimes ponders on how short my life would have been if I was born in another time.

Perry Cassidy

Get well soon! By the way this is my all time favourite Podcast and I'm not looking forward the fall of the West and it's end!

Steve F

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and thanks, as always, for the effort you put into producing the show every week.


Bet you're glad you are not relying on Roman surgery... speedy recovery and kindest regards.


Well, blinkin' flip, looked in to download my usual episode and I find all this. Your health is important but so is the podcast: do you have a deputy?

Come to think of it, hope you have health insurance? Us Hayekian serfs in thrall to the faceless bureaucratic runaway superstate over here in the UK get socialised medicine and can get our appendixes whipped out more or less whenever.

Get well as soon as is convenient.


Cancelled the podcast because you had your appendix removed? If I had a dollar for every time I've heard THAT one!!


Glad to hear all's well.

Phil in HK

I hope you are feeling much better soon. Bus rides are very boring without your dulcet tones!
All the best to you and Mrs THoR.
Kind regards,


I wish you only the best. I found your podcast about 6 weeks ago and expect to be caught up in another 2 or 3. I am a junky. Take your time coming back. Your presentations are excellent and we can wait to have you back fully recovered!

Jace Cheal

Wishing you a comfortable and speedy recovery. Get well soon, Mike.


Feel better, Mike

Richard Canham

Get well soon Mike.

So glad you are OK and are already planning your return.

Best history podcast by miles.

Paul S

Sorry to hear of your illness. Thoughts and prayers are yours tonight ...


Take good care,!!!!!


Get well soon Mike.
I've only recently discovered History of Rome and have been listening to an episode each evening on my drive home from work. I love it. As I have only reached episode 59 I am in the fortunate position of being able to not worry about the fact there won't be an episode this week or for as many weeks as it takes you to get better. But soon that day will come...


The first thing I thought when I saw this was "Mike got sick. Really, really sick."

Get well soon, and no pressure on the next episode - I think organ removal is a decent excuse for a slight delay ;)


Hope that you feel better and lighter now that your organs are streamlined! Thank you for all of the lovely podcasts up until now, please take plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids. I eagerly await your return to health. Look at the bright side, at least they didn't remove your Gaul bladder. See what I did there? Sic semper appendix!

Robert Lombardi II

Yikes!! I was wondering why there was new episode in my feed this past Monday morning. My best wishes for a full recovery. Also want convey to you how much I look forward to each installment! Looking forward to how you are going to address the Byzantine Empire.

Ryan Reyes

Get well soon!

luke, UK

@Robert: he's not going to address the Byzantines, sadly..

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