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November 13, 2011


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Great job Mike. Its only now near the end I'm able to appreciate the sheer breadth of the work. Hope this week finds you well!

Liz Tracey

I'm glad to see you're up and about. Take care and don't rush things...and thank you for your excellent work!


Glad that you're back. Cura ut valeas! Take care that your are well!

Aamir Aziz

Its good to hear that you are recovering, Inshallah (God Willing) you ll recover to 100% within days. Take care and Thanks for your valuable work; you should be classified as Polybius and Livy of contemporary times. :)Keeping alive the traditions of ancient story-telling. Love you. Take care and get well soon.

Account Deleted

It's a relief to have the podcast back. It's hard to picture Christians and pagans existing in a situation where Christians would placate pagans with their symbols returned to the Senate building. I think after you dispatch Arbogast that we need a cultural episodes to illustrate just what the western and eastern cultures looked like.

BTW, I thought Romans committed suicide by short sword. Is hanging a new custom, or just convenient for Valentinian II?


Hi Mike.

I have a question on something you said in this week's podcast. You said that Arbogast knew he couldn't become emperor himself, due to the fact that he was a Frank. But why should that stop him? Everyone in the empire has been a citizen since 212, right? And emperors have come from all over the place, from Spain, Illyria, Africa, and beyond. Is there some sort of perhaps new institutionalized racism in the Roman empire at this point in history?



It took me less than a year and now I'm completely caught up on your podcast! What a great stuff!


See, you are back after all: perhaps incipient peritonitis and abdominal surgery isn't so bad after all?

Hope you're feeling well.


Hope all is well! I'd just like to thank you for undertaking this project, I painted my entire house this summer with you as my soundtrack, it made it a much more enjoyable and educational experience!

Thank you!


My sympathies, I had mine removed in February, kept falling over for a week before my core muscles recovered.

Great work in getting an episode out the circumstances!

Laurence Bachmann

Welcome back! Fine episode, as ever.


Glad to hear your back Mike! Speedy recovery and thanks a million for making my numourous plane rides so much more enjoyable with your incredible podcast


great podcast as usual.. take care mike.. and Niel has a point there.. even i was wondering about why Arbogast couldnt be an emperor if he had the army and most of the administrators of the western empire at his disposal? hope you are feeling much better now..cant wait for the next one but already sad now that tis coming to an end.. it's been a very pleasurable and wonderful journey for last 2 years.. thank you so much!


Great work as always. I discovered your pod cast on iTunes and have been a fan since listening to the first episode. After three months I can say I have completely caught up.

Now I'll have to get used to waiting for the weekly episode like everyone else.

Ryan Leonard

Good podcast,

i'm not ready for the fall of rome :(. I'm a 16yr old from pennsylvania been following your podcast since around the Aurelian's walls episode. Love your podcast, hope you feel alright without that appendix too.


It is very good to have you back. Stay on the mend!

Michael Sheehan

Mike, I just discovered your wonderful podcast. I am only up to the time of Cicero, episode 39 or so. I have been listening for around 5-6 hours per day since finding it.

Thank you so much.

Ed Ford

I actually stumbled on this series shortly after returning from Rome. The next time I am there I will embrace it with much greater appreciation. I've thoroughly enjoyed the series,... hell, the epic, verbal monument. Thank you for this.

Nathan Meyer

Mike, hope you're back to full strength, we need your work! On a different note, I was wondering if you could say a few lines on what the linguistic map of the empire looked like during this time. Was it Latin west/Greek east? How deep were the divisions between what was spoken in Gaul/Hispania/Africa/etc?

Thanks for your hard work and saludos from Hispania!

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