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October 23, 2011


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Hi, Mike, your podcasts are great! I'd been listening to them for a few months a year ago, but then I had a break, and I hope now it's over. Yesterday I downloaded all missing episodes, from 44-th and to this one, 156-th, and now I'm ready to devote at least an hour every day for your creation. I'm from Ukraine, Kiev - and I'm promoting your series among my friends, particularly as a wonderful way to improve one's English. So, I'd like to express my profound gratitude for your work and wish you a successful ending of your excellently told Roman history.

J Autry

Hey Mike, I found your podcast and I just finished them all. I just wanted to say thank you for a delightful journey through Roman History. Most of my Roman History was church history, so it has been great to have a fuller picture.


Hey Mike, this might answer your question about John Cleese, apparently he doesn't want it: http://edition.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/europe/12/21/uk.honors/

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Well said Igor!

The History of England

Always glad to hear of a fellow Python lover! Not sure if you can run this, but here's a link to a really good, if wierd program on the BBC recently about the controversy that went with the Life of Brian. Very funny. Here's the link if you can use it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0162zbx/Holy_Flying_Circus/


I rather think you should gather your grateful podcast listeners and storm the gates of the world, ready to conquer. We already know tactics, politics, and have hopefully have learned enough to avoid pitfalls on the road to glory.


its interesting to think that if nicean Bishops would have been tolerant to Arians then we may not have seen the dominance of the trinity we see today.


Mike, thank you so much for your exceptional podcast. I started last May and caught up about two weeks ago. I am a stay-at-home mother/screenwriter and your podcast (as well as In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg- check it out) stops my brain from leaking out of my ears while I am folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen, walking to pick up the kids, etc. I just filled an iPod nano with as many episodes as I could cram on and am giving it to a lovely and seriously bright 13 year old boy (son of a friend) who is going to fall in love with THOR. Really really pleased to have found this!

James Rathbun

I've enjoyed your podcasts for a few months now. I'm wondering how long or how far into the fall you'll actually go. Beyond the 450's maybe? You'll continue through the Byzantine Empire possibly?

Has anybody constructed a list of Emperiors and a thumbnail of their accomplishments yet? I'm thinking of running through your podcasts once more to do so but don't want to if somebody has already done this.

Wade Steel

Mike has repeatedly stated that he will not be covering the Byzantine Empire as he simply isn't as familiar with it as he with the Roman Empire that ended on 4 September 476.

His next historical podcast project is one that will cover the various political eras of American history.

Alex Wall

Mike, I keep up with you every week. This is one of your funnier episodes.

Just finished the first two season's of "Rome" (the HBO/BBC series) on CD. Now I have to go back to your podcasts covering the 44 BC period of Caesar (Gaius) and Caesar (Octavian) to see just how much of the "Rome" series agrees with history.

I did have a couple questions:

They show the "inhaling" of hemp (by Octavia) with a tube. That is believable and agrees with Martin Booth's "Cannabis: A History."

But what I have a hard time believing is the smoking of opium in a pipe by Cleopatra and Mark Antony, et al. It was my understanding that "smoking" was unknown until the American Indians were discovered smoking tobacco about 500 years ago.

Can you (or anyone) confirm or deny this information? Any opium pipes found from 2000 years ago?

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