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October 09, 2011


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CA Bennett

We're going around the last bend and it won't be long before we're on the home straight. Mike, you said a while back you didn't want the podcast to just be a history of the emperors. I'd be very interested if you would consider a more thematic approach when looking at the final collapse. I don't want to just know what happened in the 470s but the long (as well as short) term causes of the fall of the western empire. Narrative has its place but I'd like a bit more than that.



Mike has been pointing out causes of the fall of the western empire from time to time.... Listen back to the episodes


Great episode! I was wondering what was going to happen to the invincible Gothic army. Was hoping that Gracian would have helped out somehow.

Furthermore, it is my opinion that Mike must cover the byzantine age in its entirety.

Steven S.

Yes Cato, I totally agree!

matt NL

@Simonc - that would be awesome, but I wouldn't hold my breath.. Mike's been pretty clear about it

Max Zhao

Maybe he could do a Byzantine history up until the Muslim conquest. I think that's when the Latin Roman Empire ended and the Greek Roman Empire started.


This episode actually has mentioning of the feudal style way of life. The large land owners think that they can brush-off the imperator by not doing what the state says, bring about the collapse of the empire. Something like the US, when GE was just a small company, IBM, and many other large corporation. They all start small and humble until they grow powerful and have a saying in policies.

Bill McNeeley

I would glad to hear any sequel or series Mike would like to do. (nudge, nudge). Fr. Bill McNeeley


Maybe Mike can just make up stuff.
It's sad to see the Western Roman Empire coming to an end, so why go there? Just invent a great Comeback.

Augustilius turns out to be a brave, effective leader who organizes an heroic defense of Rome, defeats the Visigoths and starts a new glorious phase in Roman History.

Just 'cos it says Rome falls in books doesn't mean it has to be so.

Jeffrey Larsen

One thing I've always wondered about in this era is why the Goths, Vandals, Alans etc. were generally predisposed to conversion to the Arian Christian rite versus the Nicene (Catholic) rite?


Mike! I will happily part way with a significant portion of my income per week to have you continue right up until 1453 and the fall of our lovely Constantinople.

In seriousness though, if you started charging even a tiny amount per episode as an incentive I'd say all power to you and it's well deserved.

Take my damn money already!!


There's a little Paypal Donate button up there in the top right corner....

Scott E

Please forgive me if this was covered by Mike or a question posed by another listener. Do we know if the the Goths were Polythistic? Christian? Something else?

Kevin N

Since we've finished with 'I, Claudius' I recommend listening to 'Claudius the God' its sequel. Just as readable and insightful as its predecessor http://www.audible.com/pd/ref=sr_1_5?asin=B002ZG12PY&qid=1318466577&sr=1-5


Hey Mike,

During the past 6 weeks I've galloped all the way from the beginnings of Rome through to the current episode to catch up with the class. Brilliant podcast!

Kind regards from Gallia Belgica,

Drew Lasater

Is it just me, or does anybody else get a big kick out of the way Mike pronounces 'Greuthungi' whenever they come up? It sounds like he has fun saying it, which I do to! Try it: "Greuthungi" See? It's really fun!

Drew L

Is it just me, or does anybody else get a big kick out of the way Mike pronounces "Greuthungi" whenever they come up? It sounds like he has fun saying it, and I do, too. Try it: "Greuthungi." See? It's fun, isn't it?

Adam Snyder

I've been deeply enchanted by this podcast for well over a year now. Unlike some others above I actually feel a sense of satisfaction and comfort knowing that the story has an end, and that end is near. While I will sincerely miss the warm, engrossing style that Mike gives to the story of Rome, all good things must have an end. The story could be continued on all the way up until the present day, if we really wanted to keep track of the European narrative that far. Then Mike would have to give us a day to day update, as the world moved on. That, I suppose, would just be the news. Might as well just stick with CNN. Having our story end with the fall of the Western Roman Empire gives it a nice tight closing point, and takes us out of the steam of a constantly changing world and into a story that feels like one solid, if operatic, song. Thank you Mike, and please let us know what project you are moving onto next. The more of you we can get, the better! Would follow you on to new podcasts, or buy your book, or purchase your new "Roman War Songs, the Greatest Hits" album... whatever.


I hope that the end is far away.
As Byzant is ablut 1100 years till it's fall.

Robert Simione

In episode 90-the hundreth episode, Mike mentioned that he had initially planned this project to go to the fall of constantinople...

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