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September 04, 2011


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I got the impression from this episode that the late 300's aren't Literate times. You're rather vague on dates and events.

Robert Simione

Hello Michael,

As you are preparing THOR podcasts, I realized that you are coming close to the time of Augustine of Hippo. He was living in Africa, and as you said in the last podcast (number 150): for Rome in Africa the writing was on the walls. This is the inspiration for his book City of God, which posits that the temporal Rome would soon be replaced by the Spiritual Rome... the Catholic Church. I don't know if this fits into what you had planned, but I figured this is the right time to bring it up.



I like that even with the West in a death spiral, the Empire thoroughly Christianized, and the sinews of the approaching Middle Ages starting to show through the crumbling facade of Antiquity, Rome and Persia are still about to fight yet another war over who gets to be Armenia's BFF.

Some things never change...


Is it just me or is this a rather tedious period of the empire. Slow inevitable decline in the power of the emperors, the barbarians’ steady and relentless pressure. Despite Mike’s enthusiasm for the subject… it is hard work making these present Augustus interesting.
Keep going Mike!

Account Deleted

I've heard the Republic/Early Empire stories so many times before but this is all new stuff for me and its very interesting. He's doing a good job of showing that the "barbarians" weren't that barbaric. They were consistently trouncing the Roman's on the field.

I think its important that people keep an open mind when it comes to learning about unfamiliar areas of world history.

A wise man once said something like "those who forget history are doomed to learn about Nazis and Romans forever." :P

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