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July 24, 2011


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Nice i like it!


Haha. Love the dripping innocent-sounding sarcasm of "completely by.. surprise..!".

Also, it was pretty weird listening to this discussing the rich not paying any taxes at all after watching the Daily Show episode where they have the segment on Republicans in America compulsively referring to the Rich as "Job-Creators". Those unfortunate job-creating provincials, not getting away with bribing their way out of taxes anymore! It's an outrage, Julian! *Rolls eyes*


I agree with Mainframe. It's eerie how similar the situations are. The rich avoiding taxes and rest having to take up slack that they really couldn't pull. If only we could resolve our current situation as easily as Julian did...


I too am fascinated by the economics of this time period. I loved all the tidbits you gave us about Diocletian's reforms.


There is no downloadable file attached to the link for 144. It is merely an .html file that is attached to that link. Please provide a downloadable file. Thank you so very, very much!


the best history podcast, out there been listening since eps 40 this is 1 i will keep to let my granddaughter hear

Reeve G.

It is called the Laffer Curve people. It worked two thousand years ago and it works today. I laughed out loud when Mike said Julian the Apostate wanted to lower taxes to increase revenue. Why don't the Democrats in the US today listen to Julian the Apostate. I don't particularly care for his apostasy, but his economics are spot on! Mike Duncan should recommend the book: Soak the Rich, Lose the Rich by Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer.

גני אירועים בחדרה

Informative post! Interesting story shared by you. I heard such story from my grand pa. Thanks for this one.


Reeve - Mike also points out that Julian was able to do this because he made the rich actually start paying their fair share, thus was able to lower taxes on the poor and lower class.....so ummmm..... I don´t really understand your connection.

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