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May 01, 2011


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To Mike, Mrs THOR & all other travellers,

Have a great time on the tour and please post pictures for the rest of us enjoy vicarously.

Bon voyage.


A great episode as always. Love the Blackadder reference. Have a great trip.

Account Deleted

WOW! Great episode!

Dpn't worry, Mike, I'd wait the entire six weeks for the next episode - even if I WILL miss this next week.

Thanks for clearing up a little about how Constantine and the Church got along.

One question: in the 4th Century have the Romans become any more comfortable with sailing than they were in earlier times? What's the state of the art in naval technology in Constantine's time?

Bon Voyage!


Thank you very much, Mike, for planning to keep the podcasts coming while you are on your grand tour of the Roman world! Those of us not lucky enough to accompany you can at least keep listening to THoR while you are away.

Just one question for when you get back: Was the execution of Licinius the Younger related to the execution of his father or to some other high profile executions that are about to happen before long. In his three volume history of Byzantium, John Julius Norwich seems to think it was the latter.


Haven't listened yet, but really hope that title is a South Park reference.


Nicole said exactly what I wanted to say: post some pictures for us not-as-lucky listeners so we can live your journey vicarously.

Alan Myers

Fantastic series, I've listened and listened to all of the episode so far. On my second run through!

One general question: if republicanism fell because the empire needed a strong man at the centre to stop all the civil wars, why was republicanism not thought of again when the drive to become augustus created similar types of civil wars?

Daragh Thomas

Just wanted to say thanks, half way through the episodes so far and am thoroughly enjoying it. Incredible story, brilliantly told. Well done :)

C Gregory

I'm listening to the series a third time in the past year. Totally excellent story (good to know what mistakes we made in the past) and the telling of the story rocks. Thank you for sharing. Bon Voyage and send pictures!!


Thanks for the Episode, Bon Voyage and dont forget to post the Pictures !


Enjoy Europe and keep posting... big thanks on the pre-recording I was worried I'd miss my THOR fix.


great episode as always: just wondering when this podcast will finish cos it seems as if the eastern empires time is nearly up :'( if your going to finish with the fall of the east are there any other civilizations you plan to cover after?


"A weekly podcast tracing the history of the Roman Empire, beginning with Aeneas's arrival in Italy and ending (someday) with the exile of Romulus Augustulus, last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire."

"... ending with the exile of Romulus Augustulus."

"... ending with Romulus Augustulus."

Account Deleted

Mike I'll listen to anything you decide to do for your next project but I think your talents could be put to such better use than American history. Its just been done to death, I'm sure I'd appreciate your presentation but I doubt I'd learn much new stuff...

My vote is for China~


@Alexteacher, I doubt Mike's just going to randomly pick a civilization and start a podcast on it. He wants to do American history because he's interested in it and knows a lot about it -- which are two of the main reasons that THoR is so good. That said, American history doesn't interest me much, so as long as we're suggesting random historical epochs, I'll take the ancient Near East :)


Another awesome episode! Good work Mike. And the support for Christchurch is heartwarming to this Kiwi! Gutted I can't be on THoR tour but looking forward to seeing the pics. Also will there be another Q&A for episode 200?

Rob Shinnick

It may or may not interest you fellow THOR folks to know that I just found a Roman coin... right here in coastal GEORGIA!

Story here:


Picture here:


And I didn't even have my metal detector with me. It was lying on top of the ground where it had been washed out of a sand roadbed. It was on a colonial site, so chances are, it was lost sometime between the 1750s and the Civil War. How it got there, I haven't a clue. I'm a former coin dealer and an avid collector of Roman coins, so I know it is genuine (though not worth very much, monetarily). It appears to be from the reign of Arcadius (383-408 AD; probably struck sometime in the 390s).

Cool, huh? I know we haven't gotten to Arcadius, yet, but I wanted to share this amazing (and bizarre) recent find of mine.


Congratulations Rob on your find.


I love the show, and I am really bummed I could'nt go on the trip. I can't help but wonder how much longer the show can go on? We seem to be nearing the end, I see others have asked the same question. Tell me there will be another project after this.....don't leave us Mike...

Account Deleted

It's a week now since the last episode. I'm doing fine without the next one...really. I'm strong...really...I can wait...


Mike, there's at least another 1000 years of Roman history left to cover after the Western Empire falls. Why stop at Romulus Augustulus when you can keep going to Constantine XI!

Robert B

Have a great trip Mike and Company! Thanks for preparing the episodes for those of us staying behind. Fantastic podcast, thanks again for all the time and effort; I have listened to it twice through already.

That is a great find Rob.

Rob Shinnick

I would agree with Mark re. continuing on with the Byzantine empire, perhaps- that's something I definitely could stand to learn more about.


How about Ancient Egypt, seeing as its something everyone knows a little on, and it hasnt failed to capture the imagination of humans since, well, ever really? And sorry to start a random session of people shooting ideas at you :S

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

I'm looking forward to a possible American History Podcast that was mentioned early on in this series. I know very little about it and Mike would be the best to tell me about it, judging by how much I've learned from him already. Yes, it will be sad to end this series, but one end is another beginning.
Hope all is going well on the tours. Am with you in spirit. Have been looking through my photos of my visits to Rome, Pompeii and Istanbul back in 1986 and 2004. I will go again one day.
Regards from me to all. Stay well, stay safe and stay together. Luise.

Meriel Jones

Mike – how about this spontaneous advert for ThoR?

I've been a fan since I stumbled across this podcast over 2 years ago. Last night I went to a public lecture about Liverpool's history, one of the Lightnight events in the UK. Towards the end the speaker mentioned that the design of the city's Central Library was based on the Pantheon in Rome.

'Does anyone know who designed the Pantheon?' he asked.

'Hadrian,' I called out. He agreed this was correct, but looked surprised.

'The History of Rome podcast,' I responded loudly!

Seattle listener.


Well done.

Mark Cato

I love this podcast, definitely my favourite. Would have loved to go on one of the tours but the current crop are at bad dates for me. I still mourn the day I finally got up to date with these podcasts, and then had to wait every week for another.

Question for other listeners - do any of you know of a good blog about Rome? I got a Kindle and would quite like to do some light reading, with the kind of thing in the History of Rome podcasts. At the moment I am reading one of Adrian Goldsworthy's excellent books, but something in a blog format would be good too. Any suggestions?

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