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March 06, 2011


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Terrible state of affairs over there.. Though I'm Australian, the New Zealanders are like our kin. They helped us in our time of need with the Queensland floods, and we will always do the same.

One people in two countries to me.

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Thankyou for posting these links. Our Kiwi Kin need our help right now. For those who don't know the city of Christchurch, it is one of the prettiest and friendliest in this part of the world. Well worth a visit when in NZ.


Thanks to Mike for this and to Benjamin and Luise for you comments above. My city of Christchurch is badly hurt but surviving. With the help of our country and friends overseas we will grow into a better city than ever.


Had the great pleasure of visiting Christchurch this time last year. Lovely place, warm people and terrific scenery.


Thanks, Mike. As a native NYer, I remember the Kiwis being kind to us after 9/11. I made a donation. My heart goes out to them.

Seattle listener.

Nice gesture, Mike. We had friends or family visiting Christchurch in each of the last two quakes (Sept 2010; Feb 2011). They report it was both harrowing and very destructive. Any donations help.

M A Smith

Thank you Mike for including this shout out to us Kiwis. Was a pleasant surprise to hear at the end of the episode. Currently my donations are going to my countrymen in CHCH but my next donation will be to The History of Rome.

Mike Butler

Really appreciate this support Mike & what a lovely surprise to find this on my favourite podcast. This is truly what the internet has provided for us, a means to communicate & show care for our fellow human. In years gone by mention of New Zealand would have been nothing more than an obscure reference to many.

Christchurch is our 2nd largest city & the devastation equates to 5x Katrina in relative scale to population base & economy. Sorry not wishing to denigrate anyone with this reference just trying to indicate the scale of the event on our small nation.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words.
It is a small world after all.

Mike "The Kiwi"


Seattle is my home but I lived in Christchurch for 2 months just a year ago - and I'm deeply saddened to see the city I know in such a condition. I'll use one of these links, thanks for posting!


Thanks for raising the profile of this. Donors in the UK are able to increase the value of their donation by 28% by using Gift Aid (where the government refunds the income tax element) and donating through the British Red Cross:


Now Japan... Looks like it might be time to set up a THoR Global Relief Fund. I pitch the name "The Titus Flavius Vespasianus Foundation".

In all seriousness though, we should do something to help our Japanese friends.. Another link?


Just saw this. I was in Christchurch last summer... well, winter, there... and I am heartbroken to see all the destruction. Such a beautiful city, and we were staying right next door to that gorgeous cathedral. Prayers to the Kiwis who are the kindest, friendliest, most amazing people I've ever met, anywhere. I'm glad to see there's a place to offer aid. Thanks to you for linking it.


Thank you so much for mentioning Christchurch in your latest Podcast. I am a Cantabrian who first discovered & started listening to your podcast last year, no longer living in Christchurch, but I always will have a piece of my heart there.

Also feeling & praying for Japan at the moment, and the crazy situation there.

By the way, I love your podcast. It is one I always love to listen to while cooking dinner (which is the only time I get to actually listen to a whole episode).

Shalene McClure

Just finished listening to your pod this morning on the History of Christianity. I know I know not your area of expertise but really enjoyed your clarity of thought around an history that is often shroud in a lot of rhetoric. Anyway just got back from a week in Rome and thanks to listening to History of Rome for a few years it really enhanced the experience It has a hoot to see statures of all our favourite emperors. So it hasn't just been an elaborate story you have made up. But this was real! I have gone back a re listened to some of the older pods especially the ones at the time of Caesars death etc as I was staying not far where he was meant to have met his demise.

Making a mental note - give some money to Mike!


Aussie who has been in Japan for 20 years. Married locally with relatives up north in Iwate. Please share a thought for those who have essentially lost everything.

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Wow! Tasmania had a little earthquake a couple of days ago. A mild little rumble on our west coast. (2.something) nothing to worry about as geologically we are a fairly stable part of the world. Got a lot of us thinking about our Kiwi Kin and the lovely people of Japan who are in such despair. Have just seen the latest footage from the moment the tsunami hit...thoughts and prayers are with them....

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Have donated, thank you so much for posting these links. love to all who are still suffering.


I myself don't know of why it happened in Japan.

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

The Gods are not relenting. Thinking of those affected by the tornados in the US.

Em August

Sometimes it can be hard to donate but even just a few dollars - a cup of coffee heh - helps.


We've seen assistance from other countries such as Australia, USA and Japan, which has been really really great, and the amount of local assistance we've witnessed is no less inspiring.

TPB, Esq.

Mike, just linked to you on Twitter. Do you have a twitter account to which I can link viewers? I love your podcast. Kept me going during my own tour of Parthia.


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Tony Murray

Hi Mike. Ive been listening to your podcast since episode 20'ish or so. Ive always been slightly interested in Roman history, but your podcast has given me a real taste for it. When I got up to date with the podcasts, I went back to the start & am listening to them all over again! I love Mike's humour which really suits those crazy Roman personalities. Not looking forward to the end of the Empire (not a spoiler I hope fans), but am looking forward to Mikes next project. Any ideas Mike? British empire, Mongolians perhaps?


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