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February 20, 2011


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Does anyone know of resources or books on Diocletian's monetary and fiscal policies from an economist's perspective? I've looked into it and haven't really found anything that good.


Can you have a podcast about Diocletian and his Christian persecutions. I'd like to know the straight scoop from you. Great job as always.


I wonder if Diocletian, in his retirement, ever sold his cabbages for more than the maximum price he set. I mean, he did value them at more than the worth of the imperial throne.


Are you listening to this podcast on your ipod?

If so, there's a great app I've found that makes it so much easier.

Podcaster app (http://www.nextdayoff.com/) is great because it lets you search for and download podcasts right to the iphone, without using the computer or the dreaded itunes at all.

It's not free, but in my experience well worth the $2. (And no, it's not my app and I don't benefit in any way.) Just wanted to share.


Is there a way to contact Mike directly? Like an email address for questions or suggestions?

Aussie Dingbat

In the top left of the website there's an "Email Me" link.


Yes, I am wondering the same things. This seems to be a big topic with profound influence.

Matt Fockler

One of the best episodes. Very informative and entertaining. Thanks Mike!

Richard Dolder

Neat, untidy and arbitrary? Can't have that!
Diocletian sure was a dedicated bureaucrat wasn't he?


Hi Mike
I just want to say i love your Podcasts, i am really interested in Roman history but unwilling to delve through mountains of dry text for some answers... I am Loving It!!


Steve et al

On the question of his economics, I found this paper with quite a few references:


It has some further links to explore more, strictly academic though...

Brent Pierce

Mike excellent! I was curious how you would approach this subject. I had posted this Mp3 on the podcast FB page in anticipation. http://mises.org/daily/3663
Thanks for all the work you put into this podcast sir.

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