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January 06, 2011


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Hurray, more THoR soon! No more withdrawal! :D

Uh.. also too bad about the DNS trouble! Doesn't effect me too much unless it's also later episodes, since I have a neatly ordered self-renamed archive (according to the newer template) on both my computer and MP3-player. <3


I don't seem to have any problems downloading the episodes.

Val in Vancouver

Wow, thanks for the heads up Mike:) I hope your hols were excellent in every way, Cheers.


Happy holidays Mr THoR.

Welcome back.

Derrick in Wichita

Glad to have you back. Hope you and Mrs. THoR had a good holiday.


Glad to have you back!


Yay for being back! Hope you had a good break! Having THoR back is like having a friend back who has been away for a long time :)

I meant to say this sooner, but in September I went to Italy with the Diocese of Evansville (IN) and the time we spent in Rome was certainly enhanced by this podcast!


Please let me know how to download the first 30+ episodes (for iTunes). When you first "subscribe" to THOR podcast on iTunes, they point to 100+ episodes, and they include #1 (Romulus), but then skip 30+, making it impossible to get started. I don't want to listen to these on the computer, I hope to download them to iPod. Thanks, -Chris


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