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January 30, 2011


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Simon C

Hey mike, what happened to Valiran's body? I was kinda hoping that it would be returned and buried during the peace negotiations.

Hume's Bastard

Of course, Valerian might not have been the straw effigy most sources claim Shahpur I created. I assume he was burned with full honors either way.

Gaul and Britain, and Egypt and Mesopotamia. Does Italy or Northern Africa even matter anymore? Is the center just rotten?


How strange it is to read the tale of my successors before their days even come to pass.

Stranger still that these tales are bespoken by this flickering tablet before me, that glows like the light of the moon! 'tis sorcery, surely!

Praetorian! Seize this infernal device, this machine of Pluto, and cast it into the Tiber!


Manuel Gonzalez

Hello Mike,

What happened to episode 125? I hope all is well, I need my HoR weekly fix.

Manuel from Mexico


This is a fancinating time in the Roman story which it is hard for the layman to get information on. I never knew any of this so thanks Mike. Now I know the names I can look deeper into it.
Also facinating is the continued friction between Rome and the Persia peoples and how Rome never really wanted to take over this part of the world Unless you inclucd crassus who really had his own agenda as in power and money.
Facinating that this split continues today.

keith Killigrew

Thanks for many happy and interesting hours, a brilliant series. Very well told and illustrated, all in all a project to be very proud of. It has been my good fortune to find "The History of Rome".


Keith Killigrew



John M

Why do you use modern names (London, Milan) for the West but ancient names (Nicomedia, Antioch) for the East?

David Campion-Smith

Maybe at the end of the series you could do a little where are they now thing for important cities in Roman times that may have had the names changed or have been destroyed by natural disaster or war.

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Let us remember this history, and answer our destiny and remake the world once again.

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Martin Lee

What has happened to Episode 124? I cannot download it from this site.
Where is it available?


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Anyone who has read Rosemary Sutcliff's The Silver Branch will love this episode. If you haven't, do so.

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