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January 23, 2011


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Dirk Julian

Hey mike, Just caught up after going through all the old episodes, and i just wanted to say nice job. this is honestly one of my favorite podcasts around.

keep up the great work!!

Jared Roberts

I thought I mentioned this last week, but I don't see it in the comments there, so I'll try again:

I think it would be lovely to devote an episode to the declining influence of the _city_ of Rome within the sphere of the _empire_ of Rome. I know it's been mentioned a few times in passing, but I think it'd be quite useful to be able to see the progression within the narrative scope of a single episode.

Love the show!


Map of the Empire during the Tetrarchy.


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Love your podcast. Keep them coming...please!!!


Mike its not your fault the third century was little boring but i am looking forward because i find it interesting how Rome went from pagan to a so called Christian empire.


Mike i know that this is asking allot but when the time comes is there any way you can give separate podcasts about all the pesky barbarians that are soon to be showing up.
you know like regular podcast sunday/monday then
a Saxon,Hun,Goth whatever your up to later on that week.that way those that dont know or would like to know more about those guys have the opportunity to learn/catch up and nothing is lost from inside rome and the original podcast ?

keep up the great work



I listen to two podcast regularly and one of them is this one which I think is fantastic so thankyou.
I noticed the other one I listen to has it's own wiki page
Ever thought about that?
People who don't know about this podcast may find it if they are looking for history podcasts.

Jeremiah Driscoll

I'm slightly confused, if the impetus for conflict with Carausius was his corrupt tolerance and exploitation of piracy and allowing Romano-British towns to be burned as stated in a previous podcast, how is it that he could secure the loyalty of the british populace and earn the support of the merchants and soldiery of britain? great podcast series, just wondering.



Hi Mike,

In this episode you talked about the challenge you have managing the narrative now with four emperors on the scene, and wanted to comment.

A while back you commented that you wanted this to be a history of Rome rather than Roman "Leaders". This worked Ok in the early years (while Rome was small), but these days, it is wholly unclear what is going on in the empire itself (as distinct from the activities of the Emperor).

In an earlier episode you talked about everyday life - it may be time for a refresh. You could talk about things like tax structures and their impact on how/where people lived, the origins of the various titles (Count, Duke, etc), emergence of private armies (deference forces?) in inner provinces, main sources of "wealth" (industry and/or trade), etc.



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