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January 16, 2011


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Patrick H.

I was listening to a language CD today, called "Tagalog for Travelers", and I was surprised to hear the History of Rome jingle.


Mike-haven't listened to this episode yet, but I'm wondering if I can request a "catch up" episode after finishing Diocletian similar to the episodes between Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius. I know we're rapidly approaching Constintine and with him Christianity and the rapid cultural and religious changes there, but outside of the passing mention in one of the Aurelian episodes, seems like we haven't heard much. Is there enough source material from this crazy 3rd Century to get a good life at the common Roman (and increasingly Barbarian) citizen and what they were doing, feeling, and believing?


And for those who still can't get enough of Mike.


Mike in Rome

Fascinating that so many history nerds are cat persons. I am both myself of course.

Mark T

There seem to be some problems with this episode. At present it's not possible to download it via iTunes.
Blog link is not working either :(


The blog link works fine for me.


Blog link is working fine for me as well


iTunes also does not work for me, this week and last. Otherwise love the podcast and a week without like Christmas is like going cold turkey...


Hey there Mike, great episode as always (even if I had to wait 'til the afternoon for my fix since the episode didn't show up in iTunes on my phone, but that doesn't really matter.)

Just one question though. I get that Diocletian was using his association to the gods to cow the soldiers and give himself legitimacy so that the army couldn't just overthrow him, but did the soldiers just accept this and resign their right to appoint the emperor?

I would have thought Diocletian was viewed as just another usurper who wasn't even a soldier's soldier (like say Aurelian) so I would have thought they would have just rolled their eyes at divine pretense. Or was it just Diocletian's top notch political skill that allowed him to get away with saying that he was appointed by Jupiter?

Apologies if you have answered it and I just didn't pick up on it.


heh the interview detlef posted was great.

"I’m committed to seeing it through to the end. We should be able to get to the abdication of Romulus Augustulus by Christmas 08 (but I only say that to keep morale up – I know it’s going to run longer than that)."

Mike Duncan I will be sad if you finish thor and don't end up doing another history podcast project of some sort. Why not do a history of China from 10,000bce to the present :) Or maybe something more niche that most people don't know anything about already?

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

I think Mike mentioned once that his plans for the future included an American History podcast. I do hope so as I know nothing about it and would love to hear it from his perspective. His style, I'm sure, would do it justice.


hi, I spotted this yesterday about Caligula´s tomb being found/discovered.


Cheers from Madrid!


Diocletian already? Where does the time go?

Mike in Rome

In this episode Maximian comes across as a good soldier but otherwise a real dummy, later events will show him to be a megalomaniacal dummy.


I can’t believe you haven’t gotten around to that yet. By the way, the blog link is working fine for me as well :)


Listened to the P-Squared interview earlier this week and am listening to the Koop interview now live. I love hearing the background anecdotes, keep up the good work.

Nice music playlist, by the way.

Scott Scheule

The Caligula's tomb thing seems to have been wildly exaggerated, and is almost certainly not his.


Mike, I am researching for a thesis on Ancient Rome and am curious as to which sources you are using. I want to concentrate on the reforms of Augustus.

Mark Cialis

I can’t believe you haven’t gotten around to that yet. By the way, the blog link is working fine for me as well :)


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איפור מקצועי

It's really nice history. I listened P-Squared interview. The Caligula's tomb thing seems to have been wildly exaggerated. Thanks for sharing this one.


Great history shared by you here. I like this types of topics very much. I love historical place also. I love to read any history.

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I love history. I believe that fast approaching and with it Constintine Christianity and rapidly changing cultural and religious.


The link to the interview is broken. The working link is here:


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