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December 05, 2010


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Congratulations on the nomination. I will vote early and vote often!


Hi Mike,

Detlef beat you to the punch. I have already voted 3 times and will keep doing so every day while the voting is still open. A very very very small thank you for all the happy listening hours you have given me. I have just finished listening to the complete series for the third time.


Simon C

you deserve to win.


Done right away, as I owe you for being late with the baseball thing.


THoR Blue Ribbon!

I like the sound of that name :D


right away Mike, I cast my vote to you

Mike in Rome

As an academic resident in Rome for some thirty years now I have become a history of Rome buff. I came across The History of Rome quite by accident about a fortnight ago and have by now listened to all the casts and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Thank you and keep up the excellent work.

Craig Newmark

Just voted, and I recommend your podcast to many, for me, it's a treat. thanks!

Lowieke (Louie) Niesink

Hi Mike, Congratulations on the nominations, I voted today and plan to vote for as long as we can. I have a question, whenever I picture the legionaries of the empire throughout the podcast I always wonder what armour and weapons they used, and when they were used and when they stopped using specific armour and weapons. For example In the video game "ROME: Total war", before the Marian reforms shows republican legion infantry with a mix of plate and mail armour, after the marian reforms legions have a lorica hamata, or segmentata, combined with a reinforced gallic helmet and scutum, so i would like to know if they immediately switched after the reforms or is it was a gradual process. So I was wondering if you could give us examples what they used in different periods in Roman history and when. I know i'm probably kind of late asking this since we are past the Marian reforms so maybe you could stick it in when you talk about the reforms of Diocletean and Constantine. Thank you very much in advance if you could do this.


would it be cheating if you change your name and email address and vote like 20 times a day?


Voted this morning. Congratulations on your nomination. I'm trying to share the news with friends and colleagues to get even more people to vote, and to listen too. Thanks always for the podcast, and we'll keep voting and crossing our fingers.


I voted and I hope that all of us will get to vote at least once to represent the history of rome

Jeremy Wyler

Outstanding podcast. I ran across this podcast on a podcast app for my Droid, the episode was "Black and White and Severus All Over." When I finally got to your website I thought I was in heaven, hours and hours of podcasts about Rome from start to Severus.

Ironically I had been to your website several times before during some random search for Roman history. Not realizing what I was looking at I would return to the google results.

Long winded way to say thanks and keep up the great work!


Has voted !


Brian S Bramwell

Mike..I have Just voted and will as long as I can. I am 64 years old and all my life I have been interested in The Romans. Thank you for this amazing History which you explain in a professional yet relaxed manner you make me feel "involved". I live in the North of England not far from Ribchester where there was a Roman fortification, not much left of it today, The truth is both the UK and USA owe so much to the Roman Empire if the people did but know it, it is often said there is nothing new under the sun and look at all the wheeling and dealing etc that goes on in our world well as you explain it was all there in the Roman empire with politicians and hangers on etc.


done and i will do so every day !


Done. Will vote now every day.


I've just discovered this podcast and I'm in heaven! Studied Latin at high school and Roman history right from high school through college and now I'm in the "real world" I miss it greatly... why couldn't I have found this sooner? The only good thing is I can now gorge on the early podcasts =)

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Voting Much!

Jesse Angell

I'm so there daily. This is a must for true fans.


Mike - just wanted to let you know that I have voted for THOR. Though I have to say that I saw lots of other Podcasts on the list while voting and they looked very good too . . . anyway I'm with you for the moment.

Also to say that I have really enjoyed the podcast. it is one of the highlights of the week as I trawl to and from work.

So thanks. And I'm off to try Grammar Girl now ...

Graham (from England)

Mike, I have been listening for 15 months and am totally enthralled. I have taken to revisiting early episodes as well.

My brother recently discovered THoR and listened to episodes 1 through 115 in only 4 weeks, amazing!

I voted for you - outstanding.

Vincent (from Scotland)

Voted for you without hesitation for your tremendous accomplishment. Like so many others thank you for all the hours of enthralled listening.

Simon C

lol i just realised this is a popularity contest

Stan Hughes

Sorry I got here late to the party--- I was saving up "Palmyrene Wars" until this weekend! Voted today, and I'll flip the switch for you every time I'm allowed.
Y'know--thought I wouldn't like this podcast much. I've been a devotee of Roman history (Tacitus is God!!) since college, and I figured that there was nothing new here. But it's really, really fantastic to hear another voice on all these sources, putting it all together in such a succinct and clever way.
Way, way cool, dude! THoR rox-- may it ever wave!


I've voted and I'll vote again. The podcast is the only thing that makes a Monday at work go down smoothly.


Hello Mike,
of course I voted for you. Congratulation for nomination. Hope you'll win.
Best regards Manfred

Gary McNeel

Great series. Parallels to modern times (have we evolved emotionally at all?). I voted. Thanks.



Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Just checked in to find out the results!
Well deserved and well done!






Congratulations Mike. I let out a 'Yay!' when I saw winner next to History of Rome.You deserve it. Listened to your whole series many times now. Keep it up.


Congrats with à well-deserved win!

Danny S

Looks like The History of Rome Won!

Val in Vancouver

Done and Done. Everyday.

Congratulations from Lotusland:)

Val in Vancouver

I forgot to tell you, in the comments with my first vote I did say it was a shame that THoR wasn't in The Best Overall as it really more than education. Many of us know some or all of the stories. It's really about entertainment and relaxation. As expressed so well by many of your regular listeners.

I did notice that one show was in more than one category. Next year we'll do it again as you will have ended in 2011. Now that we know there is a time to vote for the shows that should be included in the ratings we can vote for THoR to be in more than one category for the Podcast Awards and then we can vote for all of the categories you end up in. THoR for a sweep in 2011!!



Congrats Mike!

Now, where should we hold your Triumph?


Congratulations on the nomination. Tried to vote this morning but it said you had already won!! So congratulations again! Seems you didn’t need my vote after all.

Excellent podcast with each episode eagerly awaited. Going to be very tough when you final reach the end.

J. David Mills

Congrats on the nomination; voted early and often and probably more times than was legal but I guess it worked --

Congratulations on WINNING!!

It was well deserved ecen after checking out some of the other nominated podcasts.

Stewart Ennew

according tot he site you won! Well done Mike, a well deserved bit of recognition for your excellent podcast

Ben Douglas

Hi Mike,

I've Been listening for almost three years now. Wanted to thank you for all the great work you've done and congratulate you on winning in the educational category on PodcastAwards.com. I hope that my daily votes and donation can at least partially compensate you for all the knowledge and love of Roman history you have imparted to me over the years.

Mark Wiz


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Now that we know there is a time to vote for the shows that should be included in the ratings we can vote for THoR to be in more than one category for the Podcast Awards

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