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December 19, 2010


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Congrats Mike...err everyone! :D

It's a pleasure listening to the Award Winning Podcast The History of RomeĀ®

Mike in Rome

I'm looking forward to your take on the Tetrarchy which is my favourite period in Roman history - just love all those Maxs...

Brian in Madrid.

Congrats! I voted early and often. Well deserved i must say.


Congrats on the podcast award!

Matt Fockler

Congratulations Mike et al. A WELL deserved achievement. Thank you for all your hard work.


Hey Mike,
Congrats on the podcast blue ribbon! You defeinitely deserved to bring home the prize. Keep up the good work!

I was wondering if you could post for us (or link to) the THoR Saturnalia special from years ago. It should help tide us over for the three weeks we'll have to endure without a THoR fix. :)
Thanks and happy holidays!



Here you go. http://bit.ly/dQJcUw


Congrats to THOR podcast for the Podcast award. I've been a follower for about 2 years and it is the best part of my Monday. Looking forward to the upcoming Diocletian podcast.

Brian S Bramwell

Congratulations Mike...A well deserved win for you. As I have stated earlier I am aged 64 and my interest in "ROME" has been life long and you have made learning about this civilisation easy for anyone to understand. I truly wish I could join you on one of tours but the podcasts keep me very very happy, every Monday/Tuesday my Mac is downloading your latest podcast. I am keeping them all permanently. I pass my regards to Mrs History of Rome, she must be very proud of your winning and what you are doing for us all as well as patient as it must take you some time. I live in England so my greeting to you is Merry Christmas & Good Luck in the New Year.

Jacob Castrejana

Hi, long time listener, first time poster. First off congrats on the award, as a history major myself I can say this podcast is greatly enjoyed. Secondly, as a fellow Texan I say welcome, Bienvenidos (San Antonio). Third, I was wondering if there is anyway you could post a general biography. I am looking for a book you referenced, and I cant quite remember which episode it was, or the exact title, since all my searches for the book itself have come up with nothing. Keep up the good work.

Val in Vancouver

@Jacob C. On facebook there is a group for the Fans of The History of Rome. Within that page there is a Discussion for the Book List or Bibliography on The History of Rome. Also other listeners book recommendations.
There is always going to the Audible site at audible.com/THoR and seeing if they have the list of Mike's recommendations listed there. Perhaps even purchasing your finds at that time:)

@ Mike and Brandy
Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year! Thanks very much for the many happy hours. You have carried me through some tough times and I'll always be grateful I found you before some of the really tough stuff started.
Cheers from Lotusland

John Shaw

Congratulations Mike! I voted often, and then found all of the confirmation emails in my spam folder. They should have all counted eventually. And you know, your reference to the awards web site exposed me to a couple podcasts I didn't know about. So thank you for expanding my horizons.

Jeremy Wyler

Congrats Mike well deserved win.

I have a question:

In your podcast you say that Aurelian had posted Probus to command of the eastern provinces. I had always thought that Tacitus was the one who had appointed him to that position and it was Tacitus who may have been grooming Probus for succession. So the reason Probus didn't vie for the purple after Aurelian's death was he wasn't in position to do so until after Tacitus' death.

I couldn't give you a book citing because to be honest I can't remember where I read that but a quick google search, for what its worth ,came up with this. http://www.roman-empire.net/decline/probus.html


Congratulations for the Award Mike! The podcast deserves it!
Greetings from Roman Malaca!

Stephen George

Io Saturnalia

Congratulations on the award, it is well earned.

Although I've had a professional interest as an archaeologist in the Roman west, your clear presentation and style help make the events in the later empire easier to follow, and I've recommended it to friends with an interest in this period.

May I also suggest reading Stuart Laycock who has written on late/post Roman Britain which suggests reasons that Rome made no lasting impact on Britain, and how the Anglo-Saxons were able to occupy most of the island.

Laycock, S. (2008)Britannia - The Failed State: Tribal Conflict and the End of Roman Britain, Tempus Publishing

also by the same author (which I've yet to read)
Warlords: The Struggle for Power in Post-Roman Britain
Unroman Britain: Exposing the great myth of Britannia

Thanks again


This is the first time i have commented .
I have been listening to you for quite awhile and thru all my illnesses you have been there and i have been enthralled with your podcast which has kept me going .
I hope i dont sound like a stalker in fact i am a 54yr old married father of 2 grown up sons and may i wish you and yours a wonderfull xmas and a happy new year.


congrats on a well deserved win


Congrats on the award!


Well done Duncan, a truly well deserved award. I cannot wait for each episode, you make the ancient world very accessable and lively.

Good luck with the tours, I am disappointed I could not make it this time.


Congrads Mike! The award was definitely deserved! THoR is a weekly highlight here.


Happy Feast of the unconquered Sun

Bob Markunas

I read somewhere that after Aurelian's death, the Senate passed a measure to damn his memory and strike him from history. Seems like a very odd thing to do to the Restitutor Orbis. The measure was eventually overruled, but how did it ever take place to begin with???


Merry Christmas and Congratulations on the award. Very Well deserved. I've kept them all.

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Hi All
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Mr. and Mrs. THoR and to all of my Fellow Listners.

Nic Payton

I think I like most of your listeners have been saying this is the best podcast available, so congratulations on finally winning the award you richly deserve. :))



Andrew McCluskey

Congratulations on the award. I have to say you more than deserve it.

I have only just caught up with the latest podcast as I have been listening on my 2 hour daily travel to work and back most days for the past 4-6 months. I've not really read/research much on the history of rome but I have loved every minute of this podcast. The way you tell it could be just as good as any make believe story which has been told.

Anyone happy new year all my fella listeners as well as the Mr & Mrs Rome

The History of England

Brilliant Mike, well done on the award, and richly deserved.

On Stephen George's comment about Roman Britan below; I have embarked, sadly on a History of England from the time of Cerdic (519), in frank imitation of THOR. Does that sound creepy?

Anyway, I also enjoyed 'Britain AD' by Francis Pryor - it's a slightly grumpy book, but gives an interesting take on the period between the end of the Roman Empire and the Anglo saxon Invasions.

Presumably you can't read all this stuf though !


Congrats on the award! This is the best history podcast Ive ever listened to!


Hey, so as luck would have it was just updating my "History of Rome" photoset on Flickr. And added an image of Emperor Tacitus appearing on a coin from the NY Met:

Congrats on the prize, and, yeah, I concur that this is the best podcast out there by some stretch.

BTW any chance of another episode dedicated to military tactics (along the same lines of the "Phalanx with Joints" episode from early on. There has been some mention of the various changes in military tactics that occurred as as the late Imperium progressed, but I'd appreciate another in depth discussion of it.

Thanks again


Hello! First of all,
I just started listening and burned through all the podcasts in just over a month it seems. Was great listening to them one after the other, but now here I am waiting with the rest of everyone.

I truly cannot thank you enough Mike. The dry humor is perfect, the history is well spoken and truly makes me feel like I'm experiencing it. You are amazing and would be a fantastic narrator for any audiobook. When you finally put together the book by the way, I will be amongst the first to buy it.

Congratulations on the well deserved award (I was fortunately caught up just in time to vote) and I look forward to hearing more and more of not only The History of Rome but anything else you choose to pick up on. I am a die-hard follower for sure =)

Thanks again Mike and best wishes to you and you're family,


I missed out on question day but I have a question about Caligula that is rather terrible so I'll keep it as clean as it can get. I'm wondering if it's true; did Caligula impregnate Drusilla and whilst pregnant he disemboweled her to bring out the fetus because he was too anxious for his "god of a son" to help him rule? Another version says he raped her anally, killing her in the process and then took the child from the womb, this would have of coursed killed both in the process. I'd cite the sources but one I cannot find and the other came from my history teacher.

If this rather touchy topic ever finds its place in the narrative I would be extremely satisfied to finally know the truth.

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Glenn Gury

This is a fantastic series. (VERY well written.) I'm a casual history fan, and I found this podcast completely by accident. I'm now on episode 30, roughly 200BC, I can't wait to get in the car everyday and pick up where I left off. Thank you!

Raphael Lassauze

I am so sad! Aurulian was easily one Of my favorite Emperors. He was a good general, and we will miss him.

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