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December 12, 2010


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Luise (Tasmania,Australia)


This link has been posted before but with the topic of inflation being mentioned, it may be interesting to any who might have missed it the first time.

Cheers All!

Bob Markunas

Mike, I can almost hear sadness in your voice at the end when discussing Aurelian's assassination. Or maybe I'm just hearing mine. I grew to really admire the guy over the last few episodes.


"God, I love the 3rd Century"

The dripping sarcasm with which this line was delivered caused me to laugh out loud.

Thanks for the awesome podcast!

Chris Irish

This is going back a bit- but the BBC has a article on life in Pompeii;


It's written by Mary Beard from Cambridge Uni; an amazing Classicist.


I have to say I deeply agree with @GregoryLemon, and I have really enjoyed listening to the podcast for the last few years, sad there is a terminus for us that is going to stay put, unlike the guard of Terminus over Dacia... that sounded a little contrived to me too- keep up the good work, to say this work has not affected me and my interests would be a lie. Thanks.

Lance Darnell

Thanks for doing a great job making sense out of the chaotic Third!

Matt, Netherlands

Darn shame Aurelian got killed by his own troops, despite his excellent record for the empire. Wonder how far he could have gone.

OT: I hope you win the coveted Podcast-award, you thoroughly deserve it!


I drive a lot and I cannot say how much I enjoy listening to the whole THoR collection on my travels.

It will be awhile but what are your thoughts about a joint podcast episode with Lars Brownworth on Constantine? One Empire, One podcast...something like that. It'd be epic.

Fingers crossed on the award.


Long time listener, first time commenter. Lord, I feel like I'm calling into a radio show saying that. I'm a lover of ancient Rome (especially the Republic, but thats long gone now) and these podcasts can't help but depress me. Not on the podcasts themselves, they are excellent, but the time period. The Western Empire is moving towards its end, and besides the small bright period still ahead, with Diocletian and Constantine and few others, only downfall awaits. Oh well, thats what 1500 years of hindsight will do! Still, amazing podcast.

Jesse Angell

Congrats on your Podcast win.

Great episode. Probably one of the top 5 of the series. Definitely underrated Emperor. I would love to hear more of the implications of his early "retirement" at the hands of, well, the usual suspects. No doubt that Christianity was in full flourish by now and the implications of the "Son of God" and "Sol Invictus" can be linked in more detail.


I'm so glad you won the Podcast Award! You beat Hardcore History, which is also a great show. I think this proves that your simplicity and style are a great boon to this subject. Learning about Aurelian is great too. He seems to have been lost in the huge chasm of crappiness between the Severans and Diocletian.

Ben Nicholson

I know it's not the the awards section but as it's the most the resent episode (until later today :)). I just like to say well done on the the award, and it is that great Mike, so Thanks for the great podcast Mike.

Ben Nicholson

P.S. The award cereomony is :-http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/11514339
(I got this info from Detlef the creator off Forum Gallorum(the unofficial THOR Site) at http://forumgallorum.freeforums.org/portal.php

Alexander Ring

I've enjoyed your podcast for some time, but I fear you may be propagating a myth in connecting Christmas to the Sol Invictus celebration. Here's a good article on it from Biblical Archeology Review.


Very nice biography on Aurelian!

Brad from Aurelian Design


Tagging on to two comments above this about the alternate theories about how the date of Christmas was chosen, this is a quick and easy to understand summary: http://www.fisheaters.com/customschristmasnotes.html


I really enjoyed listening to the podcast in recent years, unfortunately there is a terminus for us to be contrasted with the foreclosure.

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