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December 05, 2010


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Just finished my senior thesis on Diocletian and cant wait for his episodes. THoR was an inspiration I would listen to the podcast to keep me motivated. i couldn't have done it without ya mike thanks!


I can't believe Mike recommended a book by Richard Billows, he's my Greek History professor!


Hey Everyone,
I am a longtime fan of THOR and am listening to the current episodes with the utmost enjoyment. I was just wondering if Mike or another listener could expand upon how the Praetorians fit into the current political and military system in Rome. They were briefly mentioned in “Aurelian’s Walls” as supporting Quintillus’ short lived bid for power. My main questions are:

Have they become completely irrelevant due to their role as kingmaker shifting fully to the provincial armies?

Are they even nominally connected to the current emperor?

Are they still serving as a kind of elite reserve army like in Severus’ time?

Is the guard that has been mentioned serving in Italy some kind of unofficial Italian defense force?

I would appreciate any information that you can offer, and wish to again thank Mike for creating such an engaging and insightful podcast.

Sexy girl!

They were briefly mentioned in “Aurelian’s Walls” as supporting Quintillus’ short lived bid for power wow power leveling(http://www.deansale.com/wowus/wow-power-leveling.php).


One thing has always struck me as odd about the Roman Empire. When you look at how large it was, why didn't they focus on expansion north more. The Germanic areas are the closest, and really pretty close, to the capital. What good is control of Britannia and the Black Sea coast if the front door isn't protected?

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