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November 21, 2010


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Nice episode as always Mike.

I can't wait for next week's episode on Aurelian, the most underrated emperor IMHO.


Brilliant buildup to Aurelian. Worth the wait.

It took me months to catch up with the episodes and now I'm caught between starting the series again and waiting to enjoy the next episode.


Mike, I discovered this podcast when you were on episode 6 and have been a fan ever since - also read a number of the books you've suggested over the years.

This has to be the most comprehensive podcast on roman history on the net!

Thanks for all your commitment


Hi Mike,
We are a family of four who are currently trundling around Argentina in a camper-van listening to the History of Rome podcasts.
We're only at #78 but we're catching up to current pretty quickly.
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we're enjoying the podcasts - the kids (2 boys, 10 + 14) particularly.
Keep up the good work
Michelle (aka WanderMom)
p.s. Hi to Mrs-History-of-Rome too :)


this podcast is brilliant. Well done.


Absolutly brilliant. I found out about this podcast somewhere around Hadrian's wall and have spent a few months trying to catch up, (caught up two weeks ago) and i very much enjoyed this one!


this podcast is truly an epic and crazy thing mike. words alone cannot describe how great it has been to have THOR as part of my life for the past year.


Aurelian is an IRON MAN!

i lol'd


@pb I have all the episodes in shuffle on my iPhone.

Another great episode as always, I'm really digging all of your crisis of the third century episodes. I all makes sense for the first time in my life.


Your podcasts on the 3rd century crisis is outstanding. I just have one question for you. After you mentioned the mobile calvary organized by Gallienus, I tried to dig up more about that on the web since a elite Roman calvary army is really some thing interesting. Yet I was unable to find much about. I would really appreciate it if you could talk more about it in the coming episodes or provide some reference on the topic.

Thanks for all the good work and I am really looking forward to the episode on Aurellian.

Jiachen from China


On a completely unrelated note, when the time comes to end the podcast, how about a show or to on the history of the history of Rome, i.e. how the Romans have been seen by people looking back. I really want to know what the medieval Christians thought of the empire, for example, or what Napoleon thought of it.


Yep, another great episode.
And I'm another who believe's Aurelian was one the the greater hero's of the Empire. We often hear how the 3rd century crisis was ended by the reforms of Diocletian. However, imo, Diocletian would have had nothing to reform if not for the super human efforts of Cludius, Aurelian and Probus.


Mister THoR, thank you so very muchly on your commitment and this superb production.

I simply love it.

With a sincere wish that you shall continue (even if that means doing the US history you said you're a fan of) I bid you and all yours a pleasant day and very best of luck in the future.

Tu est rockest :))

All the best from DownUnder.


Thank you for taking the time this Thanksgiving weekend to get us another episode. I was sure you would take this week off.
Hey have you thought about microbooking (à la Lars Brownworth)?
Happy turkey day!


Nice job on the podcast Mike. I will post this then send a donation your way. Enjoy your holiday.

Stuart Harvey

Hi Mike - great job on the History of Rome.

I'm one of those lucky enough to live in Rome, and also to work as a licensed Tour Guide here (I often recommend you to my clients) so the Colosseum is practically my second home.

I was looking at your tour itinerary for next year and just wanted to offer up some friendly comments for your information. I've sent a detailed email to Nathan August and asked him to forward it to you - if it somehow gets lost along the way please feel free to contact me directly.
Once again, great job - keep it up.
Stuart Harvey

Craig Ireland

just to let you know 'Cleopatra a Life' is not available on Audible from Australia (and I presume the UK and a fair chunk of the English speaking world). not your problem but I do respect your recommendations and kind of irritating that I can't get hold of it.

and awesome awesome podcast

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