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October 03, 2010


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Simon C

I just wanna mention that I've been getting my roman history fix by playing a Rome Total War mod called europa barbarorum. Its loads of fun and they tried to make it historical as possible. Anyone interested go to http://www.europabarbarorum.com/

Like this podcast, it has giving me hours of entertainment

Simon C

btw mike, the audio goes silent 6:22 in until 6:30


It was actually on the EB forum that I first learned about this podcast. Way back in 2008.

Great mod. Highly recommended!

Eyal (Israel)

Hi Mike,
It’s irrelevant to the episode but I was wondering if you can do an episode or just explain about gladiatorial fights? Since they are mentioned numerous times and they are something people always think of when talking about Rome.
BTW awesome podcast


Join the Facebook group for THoR. We already have 1,936. Lets push for the 2,000!

Ave Mike.


Michael Marcinko

I agree with Eyal. An episode on gladiators would be interesting however, with experience in trying to write a senior thesis on the same topic, there is only so much information (but looking for everything was the fun part). Yes, many people find the topic extremely interesting and I think it would be, as usual, a great episode to do. One of my favorite books on gladiators is "The Way of the Gladiator" by Daniel Mannix ... another good book is Alison Futrell's "Blood in the Arena"

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Hello All!
I just watched a very interesting video on gladiators. I too hope Mike will do an episode on this curious fight club at some time. In the meantime, watch this! Drama augmented with academic findings.


Iain Brown

What I'd love to hear more about is what the art of this time was like. Did the intellectuals have anything to say about this constant turmoil? Were they afraid to criticise the Emperors, or was the Emperor's fragile grasp of power licence to be critical?


History repeating itself? http://gizmodo.com/5656373/firefighters-stood-by-and-watched-while-this-house-burned-to-the-ground

Mary Lamb

Hi Mike, I was mining the old BBC doc archives and I found this intersting doc called:
DocArchive: Rome's New Wolf - Assignment
Interesting commentary on immigrants and the " foundation of peace" of the city itself:)

Val in Vancouver

Hi Mike,
I'm relistening to the Octavian/Augustus era series. All those marriages alliances children egad! Is it possible for you to do a family tree? Or trees as it were? Perhaps that is too big job. I'll try it myself and see how I do. Thanks for this excellent series. It's keeping me sane as I'm home with the flu:(
Cheers, Val

Val in Vancouver

Ouch, so I just found the family tree on 54. It really makes the messiness of all those relationships easier to understand. Sorry, I'm just catching up on the website tonight as I'm home with the flu and wide awake. Nice maps as well thanks they really work well. It is altogether nice work and great retelling of the battle and the take down of Anthony and Cleopatra.

What did you think of the HBO series, Rome? Wait, I'm sure someone has asked and you've said. I'll just keep mining the comments.

Also, great comments by listeners. I really appreciate the to a fro on one of my favorite subjects since grade school:) which, for a girl, meant social outcast. Not that I noticed, I was in the bookmobile and library happily reading the myths and histories of the old world:D

Val in Vancouver

Salve Mike,
Getting caught up is great and now reading all of the comments I feel like I shouldn't have let myself fall so far out of step. Boooo Valerie Boooooooo booooo! ha ha

I'm super excited for you & the lovely Mrs. THOR about the trips. I checked out the company and they are lucky as well to have someone so clearly informed and excited to share the info.

Ha, I was offered a tour leader position ten years ago based on my not as great knowledge but my clearly communicated enjoyment and ability to communicate the history to daily life today.
You have just scored a potentially very fun assignment. Check out Rick Steves gig.

Will you take pictures to illuminate the podcasts please?

Well and maybe everyone who goes that agrees could take video and photos for the site so the plebs could enjoy the tour from the sidelines???


Hi Mike

With all the changes happening in the Empire in the 3rd Century, it would be interesting to take another look at the social history of this time period. How did life change for those in Rome and in the provinces with the ever rotating leadership, the threat of barbarian invasion, etc., influence of provincial/barbarian cultures, influence of emerging religions, etc.


Val in Vancouver

Hi Mike and crew:) not related to Rome or the history but CBC.ca plays an excellent radio drama once a week at 11:30 am and pm. You can stream it. It's called Afghanada. I think the title says it all. Check it out. I'm a loyal listener and it's definitely one of the best radio dramas that I've heard in years.

Drew Gonska

Hey Mike,

I've been listening to your podcast during my daily commute to work in the Boston area. The episodes are all well-written, and the topics never fail to capture my attention. I was wondering if there are any good books on Roman history you might recommend, preferably something engaging and not too dry?

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

For Drew,
I enjoyed The Classical World by Robin Lane Fox. It helped to give me an understanding of the Greek world before Rome as well as insight into eastern and western empires. I thought it wasn't "dry". Hope you enjoy it too.

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

...also Rome And Jerusalem The Clash of Ancient Civilizations by Martin Goodman.

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

I recently finished Antony And Cleopatra by Colleen McCullough. Very engaging!


Mike, as usual great stuff. Question, maybe you or someone else can answer: how did actual Roman citizens generally looke like physically?

When you look at shows like Rome or Spartacus, all men are tall and muscular and women are pale and often beautiful.

I'd imagine that archeological research has shed some light on this in the years, but can't really find a decent source.


Ben Nicholson

Hi, Val in Vancouver.
For what Mike thinks on the HBO series Rome check out the 100th episode (PS it's number 90).
And I'm going on one of the trips and planning on taking some photos, which I'm sure I put up on the facebook page and on the forum (forumgallorm). And Im sure if Mike doesn't take himself (which I'm sure he probably will). He can borrow some of mine if I get chance to take any good ones.

Anyway thanks again great for the podcast Mike

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Those tricky Sasanians!



Hope the music fest was good Mike, Im experiancing some serious cold turkey with the THOR drip being turned off this week!
Great Podcast Cheers dude!


Here is my latest list attempting to place a time frame to the episodes. Thanks, Mike!

#### - Episode Title - Approximate Time Frame
001 - Birth of a Nation ?? BC - April 21, 753 BC
002 - Youthful Indiscretions 753 BC-673 BC / 673 BC–641 BC / 640 BC–616 BC
003a - The Seven Kings of Rome 717 BC - 673 BC / 673 BC-616 BC
003b - The Seven Kings of Rome 616 BC - 578 BC / 534 BC-510 BC
004 - The Public Thing 510 BC - 509 BC
005 - Trials and Tribulations 509 BC - 450 BC
006 - The Twelve Tables 450 BC - 519 BC
007 - The Roman Washington 519 BC – 430 BC
008 - Decades of Gloom 450 BC - 446 BC
009 - A Trojan War 446 BC - 387 BC
010 - Barbarians at the Gates 387 BC - 386 BC
011 - The Morning After 386 BC - 343 BC
012 - The First Samnite War 343 BC - 341 BC
013 - The Latin War 340 BC – 338 BC
014a - A Phalanx With Joints 338 BC -
014b - A Phalanx With Joints - 326 BC
015a - The Second Samnite War 326 BC -
015b - The Second Samnite War - 298 BC
016 - The Third Samnite War 298 BC - 290 BC
017 - Pyrrhic Victories 290 BC - 272 BC
018 - A History of Rome Christmas * 2007 Christmas Special *
019 - Prelude to the First Punic War 272 BC - 264 BC
020a - The First Punic War 264 BC -
020b - The First Punic War - 241 BC
021 - Interbellum 241 BC -
022 - Prelude to the Second Punic War - 218 BC
023a - The War with Hannibal 218 BC -
023b - The War With Hannibal - 216 BC
023c - The War With Hannibal 216 BC - 212 BC
023d - The War With Hannibal 212 BC - 209 BC
023e - The War With Hannibal 209 BC - 201 BC
024 - The Second Macedonian War 200 BC - 196 BC
025 - The Syrian War 196 BC - 188 BC
026 - The Third Macedonian War 188 BC - 168 BC
027 - Mopping Up 168 BC ~
028 - Taking Stock ~ 100 BC
029 - Tiberius Gracchus 168 BC - 154 BC
030 - Gaius Gracchus 160 BC - 121 BC
031a - Marius 157 BC – 109 BC
031b - Marius 109 BC - 100 BC
032 - The Social War 100 BC - 91 BC
033 - Marius and Sulla 91 BC - 84 BC
034 - No Greater Friend, No Worse Enemy 85 BC - 78 BC
035 - Crassus and Pompey 78 BC - 71 BC
036 - I Am Spartacus! 73 BC - 71 BC
037 - Go East Young Man 74 BC - 62 BC
038 - The Catiline Conspiracy 63 BC - 62 BC
039 - The Young Julius Caesar Chronicles 62 BC - 59 BC
040 - In the Consulship of Julius and Caesar 59 BC - 58 BC
041a - The Gallic Wars 58 BC
041b - The Gallic Wars 58 BC - 52 BC
042 - Meanwhile, Back in Rome 58 BC - 49 BC
043 - Insert Well Known Idiom Here 50 BC - 48 BC
044 - Caesar Triumphant 48 BC - 47 BC
045 - The End Of The War 47 BC - 46 BC
046 - Sic Semper Tyrannis 46 BC - 44 BC
047 - Octavius-Octavian 44 BC - 43 BC
048 - The Second Triumvirate 43 BC - 42 BC
049 - Apollo and Dionysus 42 BC - 37 BC
050 - The Donations of Alexandria 37 BC - 31 BC
051 - Actium 31 BC - 30 BC
052 - Caesar Augustus 30 BC - 23 BC
053 - Reigning Supreme 23 BC - 17 BC
054 - All in the Family 17 BC - 6 BC
055 - Teutoburg Nightmares 6 BC - 9 AD
056 - The King is Dead, Long Live the King 9 AD - 14 AD
057 - Germanicus 14 AD - 19 AD
058 - Partner of my Labors 19 AD - 31 AD
059 - To the Tiber with Tiberius 31 AD - 37 AD
060 - No Better Slave, No Worse Master 37 AD - 41 AD
061 - What, me Claudius? 41 AD - 43 AD
062 - Take My Wife...Please 43 AD - 48 AD
063 - A Farewell to Claudius 48 AD - 54 AD
064 - Smite My Womb 54 AD - 58 AD
065 - Burn It To The Ground 55 AD - 66 AD
066 - 666 58 AD - 65 AD
067 - What an Artist the World is Losing 65 AD - 68 AD
068 - Three Emperors 68 AD - 69 AD
069 - A History of Rome Wedding * Overview *
070 - Galba and Otho 68 AD - 69 AD
071 - Otho and Vitellius 69 AD
072 - Vitellius and Vespasian 69 AD
073 - The Only Man Who Improved 69 AD - 79 AD
074 - Friends I Have Wasted a Day 79 AD - 81 AD
075 - The Forgotten Son 81 AD -
076 - Mock Triumphs - 89 AD
077 - What Time is It? 89 AD - 96 AD
078 - Imperial Stop Gap 96 AD - 98 AD
079 - The Dacian Wars 98 AD - 113 AD
080 - Optimus Trajan 113 AD - 117 AD
081 - The Greekling 117 AD - 118 AD
082 - Hadrian's Walls 118 AD - 125 AD
083 - May His Bones Be Crushed 125 AD - 135 AD
084 - Longing For Death 135 AD - 138 AD
085 - Antoninus the Dutiful 138 AD - 161 AD
086 - Wealth and Class * Overview *
087 - Thinking and Feeling * Overview *
088 - A Day in the Life * Overview *
089 - Provincial Matters * Overview *
090 - The Hundredth Episode * Q & A Special *
091 - Marcus and Lucius and the Parthians 161 AD
092 - The Parthian War 161 AD ~
093 - The Marcomannic Wars ~ 175 AD
094 - Revolt and Meditations 171 AD - 180 AD
095 - The Beginning of the End 180 AD ~
096 - The Most Aptly Named Emperor ~ 184 AD
097 - The Fall of Hercules 184 AD - 192 AD
098 - Purchasing Power 192 AD - 193 AD
099 - What Evil Have I Done? 193 AD
100 - Black and White and Severus All Over 193 AD - 197 AD
101 - And All Was of Little Value 197 AD - 208 AD
102 - The Common Enemy of Mankind 208 AD - 211 AD
103 - The Equestrian 211 AD - 217 AD
104 - Here Comes the Sun 217 AD - 222 AD
105 - The Last Princeps 222 AD - 229 AD
106 - Barbarian at the Gate 230 AD - 235 AD
107 - The Year of the Six Emperors 235 AD - 238 AD
108 - Gordian's Knot 238 AD - 243 AD
109 - The New Millenium 243 AD - 249 AD
111 - Phase One Complete 249 AD - 253 AD


Oops, an amendment:

110 - A Gothic Horror 248 AD - 251 AD
111 - Phase One Complete 251 AD - 253 AD


Val in Vancouver

Thanks Ben. I've only gotten to hmm I think 57 for comments and I will check the 100th episode comments.
Also thanks for the promise of the pics. I do read and post on the facebook site, not so much the forum, yet:)
cheers, V-

eric the red

I am new to the podcast and had to actively catch up to your current episode. I love how you bring the whole thing to life and appreciate the personal touch that makes the whole thing exciting.
Having said that, what will happen when you hit the Byzantine history? Constantine is a Roman Emperor but I am not sure if one empire ended and another began? I am also unclear about what happened to all the religions. I am interested in the transition from Pagan gods to Christianity but I don't understand its whole nature? I've read tidbits of Roman history and there seems to have been Christian bishops even before Constantine. What were the religious rankings in Pagan religions? What kind of power did they wield over the ruling bodies and the common man and given that they existed how did the onslaught of Christianity suddenly snuff the light out of all those religions, especially since there were so many, from so many different provinces?

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Thankyou for the list/timeframe! This is very helpful! (It also appeals to my compulsive obsession with lists.) Bonus!
Whenever Mike is away from his post at THoR I follow a second listening stream of his podcasts. I'm up to 013 The Latin War. It's how I tie over 'till he is back to continue.
At this stage, I won't be able to join a tour next year but will look forward to seeing the photos that get posted. Oh, you will all have so much fun! I'll be with you in spirit!


Keep up the good job.
Alesum:summarizing the world.


hey combaticus your time period is wrong for
102-The Common Enemy of Mankind 211AD-217AD
103-The Equestrian 217AD-218AD


This is an exellent podcast, I have just caught up and am eagerly awaiting the next one!


Mike: Great stuff! New listener here, just found the podcast about three weeks ago. I started at the beginning and am already up to Poor Uncle Claudius. I skipped ahead to this latest episode to add my comment so you'd see it.

One tiny problem - more an annoyance than a problem. iTunes has your episodes all out of order, and many of the descriptions are wonky, giving source URLs instead of blurbs. Any way you could fix that?

Many thanks, and please do keep up the fantastic work. I am glued to my iPod every night.



In this episode you mentioned that Gallus had made his way up the Cursus Honorum. I can't remember the last time the that system was mentioned, and I am wondering what role the Cursus Hororum was playing at this point in the Empire. Was it still an active part of political life, or was it more or less a nod to "the good old days" that kept going out of shear inertia? I know that the emperors paid little attention to it when it came to issues such as succession, but what about the rest of the politically ambitious?
Thanks for putting out this podcast. It's defiantly one of the best.


Hey Mike:

I know you've left these eras of history well in the past, but I was wondering if you knew of any sources for the lives of the two Catos (particularly Cato the Elder).

Thanks for the great work!


Great Episode Mike - did you notice the historical similarities/differences between the post Gallus era of the 3rd century crisis and the post Phobus era of the 7th century collapse?

John Powers

To Matt, regarding the physical stature of ancient Romans. In "Caesar's Legions," by Stephen Dando-Collins, the height of the average Roman Legionairre was 5 feet 4 inches. In "Roma," by, Steven Saylor, when describing a 15 foot wide road being built from Roma to Capua, its width was calculated by laying down 3 Romans, head to toe; the same space, it was said, could be occupied by 2 & 1/2 Gauls ("Preferrably the half without its head.")


Is there a way to print out the words in this podcast?

003a- The Seven Kings of Rome


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