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September 12, 2010


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WOW! Congrats Mike. I'm a Seattlite too, and I extremely elated that you won. SEATTLE FTW!


There is a superfluous X at the beginning of your URL, which should probably be removed.


ah good THOR is back... now i can cancel my therapy sessions.

On another note, congrats Mike! We all know you deserve it.


Yay THoR is back! And you and Mrs. THoR won!

Mozel Tov to all :D

Simon C

How about continuing the podcast to the eastern roman empire to show your appreciation?


Hello. I think that single vote was me. I live in Wales and have no interest at all in organized sport and voted out of a generalised sense of obligation towards Mike because of his efforts to educate me and a marginal aesthetic preference for the clean lines of the design. Just to be clear: base-ball is the one with the thin bats that Charlie Brown wasn't any good at and basket-ball is the one with the very tall people from disadvantaged groups?

Tim Nielsen

I discovered this podcast a few months ago, and finally caught up to the current podcast. After 100 episodes, I made a small donation to support Mike and his efforts to educate us plebs. I encourage all others who enjoy this podcast to do the same. We gotta keep him on the job to finish another couple hundred years of history!
Come on... how about 50 cents for every episode you enjoyed! I'm sure Mike won't mind if you go higher though. I pay more than that for audiobooks at itunes, and they aren't near as entertaining as this!


Love it!

Nexon Louis

Thank you Tim Nielsen. I had been listening for a while and the guilt was starting to get to me, when your comment gave me the kick in the butt I needed to just do it. I just had to send something. I took a page from Dan Carlin and put Mike on the buck-a-show program. I enjoy it that much and I probably spend way more money on crap that is no where near as edifying. If you love something, support it! And we know Mike is not gonna ask for himself(he wasn't exactly enthusiastic when putting the paypal button up), but nobody deserves it more.


Great great podcast!

After listening to the episodes about hte punic wars and got the explanation why they were called punic and not cartaginian another question struck me.
Since the country of italy did not form until about the 1800s what did the romans call their home peninsula. Did they call it italy or did they call it something else?
Just curious.


Obviously they called it the land of merry fairies.


Oh and Mike, I was the last vote that made you win. I deserve and take all credit, grazie mille!


The romans called italy-italia and rome-roma


Mike, I am teaching a high school history class based in no small part on your podcast. Any chance I could get a transcript? If you are ever in Columbus, Ohio feel free to stop by The Charles School!

Go Leek-Greens!

Well, cool deal Mike. That's exciting.

@ Guilsfield - you made me laugh out loud with that one.

I think you have to be indoctrinated as a child to truly enjoy watching organized sporting events, at least most of them, particularly the slow-moving ones like baseball, football, etc. Chariot-racing, now that's a different story...


Congrats on winning the contest! Thanks for all the great episodes of THoR. It's my favorite podcast.


A recurring theme is "The Legions" seizing power on their own, or declaring a general to be emperor.

I was hoping you could explain why/how Rome kept letting this happen. I assume the legions needed new recruits sent their way on a frequent bases, so why didn't Rome use these new recruits to form new legions which were loyal to the Senate?

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Oh congratulations! I must say, I thought your entry was very classy, do you get a uniform to wear or frame? It would be a nice addition to the wall with the team autographs. I have my riding colours framed with the winning jockey's autograph, it's a wonderful momento.
Back to the story though...Sam has asked a good question, did no-one try to stop the legions? Could it have been done, what with them being an armed and dangerous multitude and all...

Jeff Coke

Hello to all. I am a new to the history of rome been listining for about 2weeks on # 60. I ran across this just looking on itunes for some pod casts. The history of rome is amazing. I have never been that interested in world history much until now, because of this pod cast I now find myself googling everything you are talking about. I want to thank you for putting your time and effort into the most incredible podcast.
Jeff Lake Havasu AZ


Mike, Greetings from the Eternal city. I've been meeting to get in touch to say how much I enjoy the podcast and to offer any services or help you might need as I live in Rome and now I see if you are leading a tour over. Im an American and have been living here for about 10 years, if i can help you with anything related to the tour or if you have any other needs from Rome, photos, museum catalog's, contacts, etc. I couldn't find your email address, but I imagine you will have access to mine on this site. Do let me know if I can be of any help and thanks again for helping me understand the city I'm living in.


Mike, thank you for all that you do with these podcasts. Been a listener since episode 6 or so and have continued listening weekly ever since. You do an amazing job and have instilled in me a thirst for knowledge in Roman History that can not be quenched. In school right now looking at getting a Bachelor in History, and possibly a Masters in Theology or Pastoral Teaching.
Keep up the great work and like everyone else, hope to see this continue through the Eastern Empire.


Hey Mike! I'm the Certamen captain and President of JCL at a high school in Georgia, and I really enjoy your podcasts. I'd love to distribute your podcasts to my team members, but it would be a lot easier if it was in print format. Is there anyway you could possibly send me some transcripts? Thanks.

Juan A.

I'm glad I changed my mind about voting in the jersey thing (thanks to the e-mail from detlef.kroeze.88 on Forum Gallorum!)

Valerie Barone

Ah I finally got another computer that I can listen to podcasts on and I'm all caught up. There was an interesting dark ages period at my house where I had only up to Germanicus and I couldn't even listen to that one. I listened and relistened to the 10 episodes on my mp3 player as I walked and or sorted mail. Dark times indeed.
Well yes as I also just decided to get my first credit card as soon as it is set-up I'll use it to make my first transaction as a payment for your excellent podcasts.
Also signed up for detlef's forum although participation is a whole new experience:)
Alas the experience of the tour is out of my reach although perhaps I'll set out on my own "poor history carpet bagger adventure" ciao from Lotusland

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Amazing that Timesitheus was born in 190 BC and yet was still alive to mentor Gordian III in the 3rd Century AD!

(I did a double take when I heard Mike misspeak that birth year...)

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