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August 31, 2010


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So baseball - is that anything like cricket?


I done Voted!


I hear that it's some sort of cross between cricket and golf.

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

@ Nicole - nooo...I think it may be similar to softball in Oz. We get broardcasts of games on the free to air sports channel, It is a very high speed game, thrilling even though I don't know the rules or the teams. ps I voted!


We hear and obey!


Voted and I joined the pluggery.

Gratius Faliscus

Baseball? Is that the pastime where men with very large gluteus maximuses attampo, mostly unsuccessfully, to hit a ball with a stick whilst chewing tobacco or gum and expectorating as frequently as possible (especially when the camera is on them)?


Trident on the cap - very cool


I voted for you and I wish you luck. However, as a former Pittsburgh Pirates fan 18 losing seasons has cured what was once a great love of baseball.

Clint Gallegos

I voted more than once is that cheating?


Voted too.

Simon C

by voting do we get a podcast this week?

Tommy K

Voted as well - The most involved in baseball I've ever been. Can't possibly be as boring as Cricket thou!

Jonathan V

I voted for your jersey as well. It is a nice throwback. Very classy.



Need...ThoR. Been...two weeks. Feeling...faint.


Shamless? Or Shameless? :)

Don Whelan

You won! Congratulations! Hope to see photos of the new jersey worn in Rome!


Sorry, I was too late. I think the only improvement would be if the pants go down to the ankles (stirrup style), then you must remove the rear pocket and move the zipper to the back. If the pants stop at just below the knee and have over socks that pull up high, then the player probably has a wallet and needs a back pocket and a zipper in front. I mean what the hell is Bowie Kuhn thinking?


Talking about anniversaries today is the 1-year anniversary of both the Forum Gallorum and the release of Lost to the West!



And the above comment should've been posted on the comment thread for ep. 108.

I'm not even drunk!

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