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July 18, 2010


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Simon C

It was a long 2 weeks Mike, I ended up listening to all of your previous podcasts as I waited for the next ep.


Welcome back, Mike. A long 2 weeks indeed.


the world doesnt deserve a pobcast this good...


Welcome back Mike, we've all been waiting for you!


I was hoping you could tell me what your sources were for your podcast. I'm researching the Augustus period right now and would appreciate some direction!

Ben Nicholson

@ angie
A good place maybe to ask for some further help, is through some fellow listerner's at the forum gallorum site, for fans of this podcast. http://forumgallorum.freeforums.org There should be some people on there that will probably have some recommedations

Snakus Viper

Another fantastic episode Mike :) Nice to have you back, Monday's are so much nicer when there is a new episode out :)

Brent Pierce

Emperorship and fatherhood it seems don't mix well. At least not so far. Thanks for yet another great installment Mike.

David Doty

This doesn't relate to this particular episode, but it was suggested that the blog was a better place to bring this question to Mike than the Forum Gallorum.

I was browsing through the iphone app store looking at history apps, and I was surprised to see a THoR app, since I didn't recall Mike mentioning it on the podcast. I was made suspicious when I didn't see Mike's name appearing anywhere in the text. It's released by something called Wizzard media. Is this legit? I'm asking because they're charging $1.99 for the app, and I'm hoping that money goes to Mike to support the podcast, and not to someone cashing in on his work. (the sample screen grabs show a list of some podcast numbers and titles, and it's definitely THoR and not something similar.)

If it's legit, I'll pay the $2 to support the podcast, but if it's not, I thought MIke should at least be aware of it, and can decide what if anything he wants to do from there.


Mike I missed you so. like you will never no. wait a minute that sounds like a love poem; at any rate this a world class podcast and i so proud every time some one talks about the Romans to be able to say oh i know about that mike Duncan told me...


oops Know


Look it is early and i have not had enough cofee

I am not I

William D Giles

Mike...I just wanted to say thanks for the tremendous effort you have put into this podcast.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to be in Rome for about a week or so in mid-October. I will spend most of my time visiting the landmarks I have learned so much about thanks to you.

If there are any pictures I can take or any info I can gather that will aid your efforts, post it here.

I am a long-time history buff with an MA in history (a bit more recent history), and I thank you for helping to open a whole new period of interest for me.

Thanks in large part to your podcasts, I am now obsessed with all things Roman.

With many thanks and the best of wishes,

~William G
Oroville, CA

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