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April 11, 2010


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Thanks for the update! I was wondering what was amiss.

Steve Collis

Looking forward to it Mike. I only discovered your podcast a few weeks ago and have devoured the lot of them and have started listening to them all through again!

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Hi Mike!
Don't stress, your loyal fans will wait...Rome wasn't built in a day! I'm listening to the series again from the beginning and encourage all to do the same as there is soooo much information and so many characters that I need a reminder as to who did what. This is an epic body of work and you deserve the Grass Crown as you have saved the legions from dying of boredom by watching TV! Quality is worth waiting for.


Speak for yourself Luise, I live in Prague (GMT +1) and the podcast is usually uploaded as I'm showering and getting ready for work and then I listen to it on the way to work, coming back from work and sometimes as I'm tying to fall asleep. Mike, buddy, I'm not getting my THoR fix.


To be honest American historians usually get on my nerves, totally pejudice on my part I will admit!
You however are simply brilliant my friend fantastic series of podcasts.


Thank you for the the update. I've been listening and re-listening, totally enjoying these glimpses of historical Rome. This is my favorite podcast as I walk the wooded hills of southern Oregon.

Ben Nicholson

Thanks for the update. With such a brilliant podcast I can be patient.

glenn m.


I'm knew to the podcast, but am now up to ep. 44. Very well done. I have a suggestion, and if it has been made before, I apologize, but like I said, I'm new to the podcast. You seem to have a problem knowing when to use the word "may" and when to use "might" instead.
I can't cite an actual sentence from your podcast because I'm usually listening as I'm driving, so can't jot down an actual quote. But here is an example of what I mean:
Let's say you're describing a battle in which luck favored the Roman general, who enjoyed a stunning victory and saved the empire. You very likely would say something like, "Were it not for this stroke of luck, General Whatsit may have lost the battle and Rome may have fallen."
What the sentence calls for is "might" not "may" in both instances.
You do this a lot. I think I hear it at least once, and often more, in each episode. As a simple rule of thumb, just say "might" whenever your script says "may" and you'll be right more often than you're wrong.


As an auxiliary verb isn't might the past tense of may? Please explain your reasoning Glenn M.


I can't say I'd listen too carefully to grammar lessons from dude who kicks off with "I'm KNEW to the podcast". Sorry Glenn. You just made me giggle. :o)


Actually Glenn's post is full of grammatical errors. The man doesn't even have a good grasp of the simple and the progressive. Why is he advising others on their use of modals?


Glenn M. may be a grammatical black pot, but I think he might be correct, at least as far as his example goes. However, I wouldn't recommend simply replacing every "may" with "might." That might not be such a good idea. Peter's right that might is the past tense of may, but it's also used in the present tense in cases where a statement is uncertain or contrary to fact (as in the subjunctive mood, which Glenn is using in his example). Ain't grammar fun?


Just finished listening. Got it of the RSS feed. Mike just has to upload it to the blog.


Use may or might whenever and however you want Mike.

Anyway, it's on itunes as well, for those of you waiting.


Hey Mike,

I'm working on putting out a history podcast this summer and was wondering if you had any pearls of wisdom to pass along. I don't know if it'll ever happen as school/work/listening to your podcast get in the way of me doing the research and writing needed for a good work. But if you have any tips please pass them along.



Just finished listening. It's amazing to know how much time you put into each episode. We are truly lucky to have the fruits of your labor delivered to us each week. Thank you Mike!


We love you Mike!

Ryan Reyes

Mike thank you for putting together such a brilliant podcast. I am amazed at the effort that you put into this podcast. I am not sure that there are many people that put this much effort into their paying jobs.

Also thanks for answering my question about the Caesar worship.


Here is the link for anyone who hasn't listened yet:


(Probably will need iTunes installed, not sure as I do)


Glenn, dude, nobody cares!

mike jones

thanks mike
congrats on 100 shows
keep 'em commin'

Marian McCreath

Hello Mike,

Congratulations on your 100th episode (even though i am still only up to 99). I am greatly enjoying the journey. Also i have really appreciated the recent eps on Roman life, education etc. Earlier on there was a lot of military history which was somewhat interesting but i was really hankering after more info about how these people just lived day to day - so thanks for that. It has added a real flavour to the experience for me. any chance of a bit more info about how the women lived? And whether they could wield genuine political power - at all? Guess I should have made that a question for teh 100th.

Telling all my friends about your podcast.

East Coast Australia smiling

mike jones

and thanks mrs history of rome for allowing mike the time to entertain and educate us plebs.


Love ya Mike. Can we PLEASE get a simple link to an mp3 for everyone who doesn't feel like installing Apple's end-all-be-all entertainment suite though?


@ Lars.

From the rss feed.



Thanks Mike for all your efforts. You have ignited many listeners' interest in Ancient Rome - including my own interest.

Grandpa D

100th episode: brilliant, fun, informative and we got to hear Mrs. THoR!


@Lars, I think if you just hover over the link on this blog and right click you will get an mp3.

Karey Iven

Salve! Friends and fans of THOR!

The Century episode Q&A was uber awesome!

Mike mentioned doing a segment on Roman Law in the past...I know we are moving forward now, but any word on when this *might* happen? I just finished reading Anthony Everitt's CICERO, AUGUSTUS and moving on to his bio of HADRIAN. The way the law worked is pretty complicated, and I hope that our main man Mike will bring it to Earth for us...what say you?

From the Great Pacific Northwest,


Thanks Detlef.

I didn't think to check the feed, figuring it wouldn't be there if it wasn't here. I'll keep an eye on it in the future and spread the word to other listeners I know.

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