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April 25, 2010


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ah, funny. Theirs the sound of a train passing through on the minute 14:13-15.

It's alright that the romans were winning efficiently, but not that efficient. The roman legions running their enemies over like a train. LOL


In case you need a Roman fix over the next fortnight the BBC has a series of dramas based on Suetonius's Lives of the Caesars - the first one is at http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00ct508/Caesar_Series_1_Meeting_at_Formiae/

Thanks for another great episode Mike. Catch you in a fortnight.


You know, it's just not a good start to the week without a new THOR on the iPod for the commute. Many, MANY thanks, Mike.

Neil de Cort

Firstly, fabulous podcast, thank you; always the first one onto my iPod each week!
That said, I've been away and have got a bit behind. Following on from your comment in the Hundredth Episode about a publisher: I'll happily publish it for you! I normally help people publish their own books, but for you I'll happily make an exception!


Is there anywhere I can listen to the BBC 'Pods and Blogs' interview with Mike? Only the current episode seems to be available on iTunes.


Robert B

Exceptional podcast Mike. I just started listening a few months ago, and I've really enjoyed your take on Roman History. Many thanks.


I'm so happy, after 4 weeks, I'm finally caught up with the podcasts.


Just wanted to say what an amazing podcast. I have listened for a long time, and am a avid fan of the Roman Empire.

Your podcast brings comfort into my life, and is nice way to pass a long commute. Thanks so much for your insights on the my favorite subject, Rome.

John David Crockett


I know its a little late seeing that the republic episodes ended about a year ago but could you at one point review the great families of rome(ie, gens valeria, iulia, and many others)


so I'm finally caught up on THOR and this waiting for new episodes thing really sucks!

Srinivas Murty

Here's another link to the very good BBC podcast, In Our Time. This episode discusses Roman satire.


On another note, I was curious about the Roman communication system. In this episode, you mention that the Roman governor of Britain was summoned to fight the Parthians. How would this communication have taken place and how long did it take for word to get to Britain from Rome? Any information would be enlightening for folks like me who cannot think beyond telephones, the internet and VOIP for communications!!

Great show and I am truly happy to have found so much joy from listening to your podcasts.

Chandler P

Great episode Mike.
For those of you needing more Rome. I have enjoyed listening to the Ancient Rome Refocused podcast by Rob Cain. It's relatively new but I found it pretty interesting.



why does your biography on the "about" page say you abdicated your podcasting responsibilities for 5 months? Is that starting today?


He took a long painful break a couple of months ago. We essentially entered that dark ages for 5 months, so it's best not to talk about it!


@Aaron, He was referring to the hiatus in 2007, which was around the time of the Marius episodes.

Ben Nicholson

This has nothing to do with this episode but if its ok and as I dont think there's going to be another question show for a while, I would like to know more about religion in the Roman Empire. I know you've mentioned bits like Jupitar, Mars, the sacred chickens and you did a show on christmas. And as the romans are very relgious, it would be nice to know more and if I can be really bold maybe a show or two on the weard, wounderful and day to day things of roman religion.


Mike, just a quick note to say how much I have enjoyed your podcast so far. I only discovered it a couple of weeks ago and have just reached Marius and Sulla. My fascination with Rome stems from just last September when I visited the city on honeymoon. Since then I've read around the subject a great deal but very little of it approaches the accessibility of your offerings. Thanks for your continued efforts which are successfully feeding what is fast becoming an obsession.


hi mike just a quick Pununcation correction you said that lucius got marryed in Ephesus pronuncation E-fe-sis
Anyway great podcast and looking forward to the next great podcast

John Smith

One question, at this point we have met with the death of Lucius, and from his acts described he hardly seemed nearly 'worst emperor of all time' material. As portrayed, he appeared a shameless hedonist, but aside from taking an excessive amount of time to arrive in Syria, no horrible acts were described. Was Lucius up to any foul deeds which went unremarked upon? Also, if you don't mind the inquiry, what primary sources are being used for this period?

Account Deleted

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the podcast. It is the only podcast that I listen to religiously and IMHO is better than the Roman History courses I took at University. I'm eagerly awaiting the next episode and grateful for all the effort you have put into THOR.

Richard Harris

I've just started listening to these wonderful gems (why had I not discovered them before?!). I can't add anything that hasn't been said already.

I just want to say thank you.


Hey Mike. Not sure if you knew, but you were reviewed on the latest Historyzine Podcast. Episode 019: The Battle of Oudenarde:

I think he understates how great your podcast is, but overall a good review. Esp given how most other podcasts fair in Jim's opinion.

Thanks for all the great work you put into these.


Thank god for you Mike. I sit in an hour of LA traffic to work and an hour back and have gone through the entire series twice now. I feel like somewhat of a Roman Empire aficionado at cocktail parties and at my local pub. Some people want to sit next to me and some can not get away quick enough (usually girls, and no offense to any women that dig Roman antiquity). My wife rolls her eyes when I get started on the ol: "Well that reminds me of what Julius Caesar said when he returned from Gaul". Too bad there aren't any stories about kittens and cute shoes tied into the writings of Suetonius!

Aaron Cash

Great episode I love the explination of the Parthians I really needed that being only 14 and having only the medicore public middle school history classes, can you do an explination on the Moors. This podcast has taught me so much. I have really had to think about the topics as I ride home on the school bus trying to mute out the crazy kids around me and I really try to think about the topic. I would love to see an episode purely on the empires, kingdoms, and tribes that surrounded and influenced the Romans. My friends and peers (except for my history loving friends) just hate it when I go on and on about The History of Rome. I even have been laughed at for my love of history but I don't hide it I embrace it. THANK YOU and contuine on with your great work

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