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April 18, 2010


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Yay, new THOR!


We love you Mike!

Also, do you ski?


As it happens, the Roman History Books and More Reading Group will be discussing Marcus Aurelius and his Meditations in their chat on Wednesday 21 April, 9:30 to 11:00 p.m. US EDT (UTC/GMT -04), which is during the day on Thursday in East Asia and Australia/NZ. Do join us, if you are interested.


Whoops, link didn't come out:



Episodes 58 to 84 seem to have gone missing from both iTunes and the RSS feed ... are they still available somewhere?


You mentioned the greens as a faction of chariot racing. If you get a chance, can you go into the different factions and what they represented? Thanks!!


Ed, there is also discussion of the chariot racing factions in the 12 Byzantine Rulers podcast - from memory the first episode on Justinian discusses it a fair bit.


Great as per usual. I can't find that interview Mike did can someone post a link please?


keep the scandals, the mayhem and the excellent episodes coming, I am interested in knowing if Pontius Pilate the Governor of Judea was actually a real Governor and could you touch a bit on the Roman invlovement on the death of Christ? if you have the time, if not no great loss.



Big mess in Byzantium based on color of chariot. Uprising, some would say. v. exciting.

Grandpa D


BBC Interview: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/pods/


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77- What Time is It?

The Lancer

Great episode!!!

I LOVED the last few episodes about religion, society, etc... please feel free to digress into those subjects anytime!!!

I once read a reference to a certain plant that the Romans used for many different purposes. The name of it escapes me but I read that the Romans used it so much that it went extinct. Has anyone heard of this plant?

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

The Lancer...
I think you may be talking about Silphium, it was like fennel only bigger (genus Ferula). The Romans thought it was very precious and apparently used it to treat fever, warts, as a
contraceptive etc. Look it up on Wikipedia, there may be more info there.
It was good to get back to the leading characters in THoR. I did enjoy the trip around the empire though. Well done Mike!


Hey Mike!

Why did you never mention Marcus Sergius when you discussed the second Punic War? I just read what Pliny wrote and he is the most bad A guy I ever heard of!

Also, whats up with your Mariners? Went to a game last week and oooh yeah I am sorry!


Thanks Luise!

You were dead on!

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

The Lancer's and Dylan's posts makes me think of a topic for digression in the future..healthcare!
With reforms in your own contry and in Australia on the political adgenda, it would be interesting to hear about how the Romans dealt with their healthcare needs, medicine, prosthetics (There would be quite a few amputees, what with all those wars!) and how much religion played a role in curatives. How did doctors become doctors, and a question close to my heart..were there nurses and midwives? Did doctors perform operations, like the one performed on Titus Pullo on "Rome" (HBO)? How was birth, death and burial rituals handled? As for sport, well that's a worth a few episodes alone!


Hi Mike, thanks for a great series, and I'd like to ask about something you mentioned in the last episode.. You were talking about how long the Empire was a major player in the Mediterranean. I think though you may have exaggerated a little (but I could be wrong). If I understand right, the last couple of hundred years of Byzantine empire it was quite weak. If at all possible, what is your estimation of what was the stretch of time when Empire was truly one of the top 2-3 major powers in the Mediterranean and the stretch when it was at least a contender for the top spot. thanks!


I can't get episod 91 to download on Itunes. I've been trying for a whole week now. Anybody else having that problem?


Jack: iTunes has bad links on a LOT of podcasts that I like. Just download off of this page . . .

Mike: Thanks for all your hard work. I love the podcast!


I can't seem to load episode 91 into my Itunes or Ipod. I hit download but nothing happens. I have 90 and 92 no problem. Anybody else have this problem?


Howard Zinn? Tell me that you're not yet another liberal-arts cultural/economic marxist

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