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February 25, 2010


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Mike, you should use the word "wonky" more often.


Hey that's okay. You're doing a great job overall!

Dave Fuller

Thanks for uploading the original episodes .....

Chris Bowles

Just started on this.. thanks for fixing the iTunes/RSS feed.

By the way, fantastic job! I'm really loving the conversational style.


Still the best podcast on the net whatever. Thanks for explaining what happened though, guess I will just have to listen to them all again.

Robert Thomopson

Hmmm... I don't know if "wonky" is the word. "Messing," yes. But still, my son and I will forgive you the transgression... keep up the great podcasting! As Nic noted, I appreciate the explanation, I thought it was the computer getting wonky.

Preston Wheatley

As a late-comer to this podcast I'm happy to have the back-issues posted for download.


How many old episodes will you post in iTunes?

Sven Jehle

Are there tapescripts of your very fine podcasts available?

Craig Newmark

Hey, it's a great series, very appreciated!



You sir are a scholar and gentleman. Thank you for uploading all these old episodes.


great series... I am thoroughly addicted...

but, I suddenly cant get the last couple of dozen casts on iTunes... Whats up?

Joe Gracchus

I'll forgive your transgression if only because you have posted the original first episodes instead of the suitcase bundle that you had to post while on the older server.

By the way, my wife gave you high praise the other day as she overheard the podcast. She said, "hey that's not as boring as I thought it would be." A left-handed compliment, but a real one to be sure.

Dr Jones

Mike, truly you are our Pontifex Maximus Romanum!


Could you try to mention this sort of thing, maybe in a 10-sec intro? I don't come here to your site. (Except for now, obviously.)


Seems to be working. Well done!


I've heard every episode of this series and wanted to say thanks. The History Of Rome is one of the three best pod casts out there. (PTI and The Classic Tales being the other two).

At any rate, I finally made it to the website just to see what was up with all the old episodes showing up in iTunes.


Great to have everything in one place.


I love these. These is definitely one of the better podcast out there. I'm serious, i can't tell anymore how many times I've heard the hole series. I really like your job and your story telling stile. Awesome stuff.
Thanks a lot for posting the firsts episodes, it's really an upgrade from those compact versions you had before. I tried to separate them using some audio applications, but the output file was of really creepy quality. So thanks a lot.
One more thing, could you re-post the 28 episodes from 58 to 84?? These so that the episodes will appear in order in iTunes, because that gab there is really annoying when you are trying to hear the hole thing in one run.
Thanks for everything. Your show is the greatest, keep it up.


Missing Chapter 28- Taking Stock


Great Job. I am addicted.


wonky isnt the right word everything has gone into chaos on itunes now
multiple downloads duplicate downloads missing episodes nothing in order
why fix what wasnt broken



early episodes weren't showing in the RSS feed... it was broken.


Putting the '0' in front of the Episode number jumbles the episodes up a bit. No big deal though. Great podcast. Look foward to it every week.


Came on board late, appreciate what you do. Thanks, this has gotta entail a ton of work etc., definitely makes my commute to/fr: work a little more tolerable. Also, big thanks for posting the older episodes on iTunes, as I'd only had the episodes from the 2nd Punic war on.

Scott M. DeBruycker

Mr. Duncan you tell me bed time stories every night, and if I start from the beginning you wake me in the morning. Incomparable job as the above testimonies corroborate.


It's nice actually, random old episodes turning up and refreshing me. It was good to hear about Carthage vs Rome again.

ken the aussie

lol. should have waited a week I was pulling my hair out trying to get to old episodes on to my mp3 last week. ha ha... great pod cast!! I've just finished listen to them all in 4 days. I have found your podcast very easy to get into as a complete new comer to Roman history thank you. Mike

Mike G

Great! Now I can get the older episodes out of my Music folders.


Hi Mike,

I've updated my library with your re issued podcasts, but it seems epi 28 'Taking Stock' is missing, for some reason this does not appear in the ITunes list (as of 5 Apl 2010), fortunately I still have my 'old' copy.

Thanks for all your hard work, my interest re awakened I've re read I Claudius, and diped into Suetonius, Tacitus and Plutarch .


Just out of curiosity, are you going to post episode 28? It seems to have gone missing. I love this podcast and want to hear all of it-- I came to it late, and so am just catching up. Thanks for making something so interesting and fun to listen to!

Tim Taylor

Thanks for the podcast Mike. I've always wanted to learn about Rome but didn't know where to start. This is PERFECT. I've recommended it to my history-geek friends.

ray ban uk

is the word. "Messing," yes. But still,

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