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February 28, 2010


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I loved this episode. I highly commend you for doing such a great work on making roman history such and easy and digestible subject to understand and take wisdom in the subject. Many times I find myself taking examples about politics and what a good government should and should not be from your podcast. Me, as a historian, love to read about straight monographic subjects, such as your podcast is. Now that you are about to embark on other fields of history you so far neglect, obviously not because of lack of interest, but in space of timing, I thrill at the thought you taking the time to delve on other interesting subjects that makes me eager for next week episode.


As a final note, you may consider, if it is within your interest and time to delve in about further about roman military advancement. You have spoken so far about the legions being first a rabble of warrior, then a greek phalanx , then a maniple with joints, and finally the marian reforms, but yet I know there is much more in it then you let everyone else know, about the way they wage siege war on their enemies fortified positions, the counter siege technologies, such as does of the famous Archimedes way back in the siege of Siracuse, and whatnot.

Also you could talk briefly about medicine, how the aristotelian theory of the humors got around the roman mind when it came to not only medicine, but also as an esoterically way to determine personality and whatnot.

The different rituals and gods women and men prayed in for certain things and occasion you deem worthy of your podcast, such as for child birth, before a battle (auguries), for taking a official bureaucratic post, for good luck and whatever else comes in mind.

All else aside, thanks again for this podcast. Feel free to dismiss any of my suggestions if you feel they are unworthy or not interested in dealing.


Dear Mike

During your 100th episode, or next week's look around the Empire in general, I'd love to find out a little more about the Coliseum and Gladiators.

To my mind the Coliseum is dark side of the Romans, which turns me off of their otherwise amazing civilisation. I hear conflicting opinions and facts about what went on in the arena.

What really happened in there Mike?

Oh, and I love the podcast, as always.


Your podcast is great! I really enjoyed it, Thanks you.

I'm looking forward to Marcus Aurelius's episode. (He is my favourite emperor) I don't know much about history but as a philosophy student I have read his Meditations and it really reflect his character, not just as an emperor but as a human being(You can actually feel the stoic impression in every pages).

Thanks you again for an educated podcast.


I'm not sure if it's the ideal solution, but "The Sound of Young America" got around the expiration of old podcasts by creating a "new" podcast/feed called "The Sound of Young America (Classics)." Really Old episodes get added to that list, so they don't muck up the current feed. It works really well.

You could do the same, but then you'd have the hassle of directing new listeners where to get the old episodes. That's less of an issue with the non-serial TSoYA, but may be more tricky for History of Rome listeners who are more likely to want to start at the beginning and move forward as they have to get them from two places.

Anyway, it's something to consider. You're not the first to encounter this problem.


I'm curious as to why there are so little records of the Emperors of this time.
I would have though we'd hit a time when Rome is a mature, complex society with a some sort of literary culture.

Were texts burned, or crumbled due to age?

Maybe this is a question for the "100" thread.


Hey, thanks for this great podcast, I was waiting for the first episodes to reappear on itunes before I committed to listening, as I started with spartacus and had no idea where we were in the chronology. Now I'm hooked.
From sunny australia


"To my mind the Coliseum is dark side of the Romans, which turns me off of their otherwise amazing civilisation. I hear conflicting opinions and facts about what went on in the arena."

I'd think that the pervasive institutionalized slavery and the tendency towards brutal execution methods (ie, crucification) would be a lot greater marks against them.

Marcus Vannini

You're doing a great job Mike, and one of the best things about your podcast versus many others is I don't have to listen to 3-7 minutes of B.S. before you get into the material...

Also, I'm with DB on this comment thread...looking forward to Marcus Aurelius's episode(s)..I was named after the guy and am of old Roman and Belgian (King Leopold) descent...the old stoic is not an easy guy to live up to...

You've also inspired me to form some campaign promises for campaign in Roman terms and ideals...




It's great that the Antonine wall since 2008 is now a world heritage site.


I've come to your series late, and most of it is familiar territory for me (ancient history and classics studies at high school and uni), but I'm really impressed. You manage to make the most obscure and boring emperor into a gripping tale. Well done.

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