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February 14, 2010


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Happy Birthday!


Hi Mike. I've been avidly listening to the podcasts for the past couple of months since I got an iPhone and downloaded the episodes from iTunes (they begin at 40). Is there a way to get the backdated ones on iTunes for the phone, please? I'm probably a bit challenged on the tech front as I'm also sure there's probably a very simple solution! Many thanks for your efforts in bringing us hours of enjoyment and enlightenment! Richard, London, England.


Richard all of the episodes can be streamed from the site.


The forum now features a chatbox! Cheers!


as we get closer to podcast 100 do we go by the numbers or do we add the B C D and E's and get there faster ?


@ robert.

There are 94 episodes released, counting all the multiparts as seperate episodes.

There also is a forum topic for suggestions for the 100th episode. I have no idea if Mike will listen to our suggestions but if you have any you can post them.



right but when he says episode 84 its technically 94. so semantics do we say congrats on 100 podcasts or episodes


oh when i try to log into that forum it doesnt remember my log in info and when it does it says go back to the previous page then loses it.cant log in cant post


what is your username? I'll sort it out tomorrow, need some sleep...


Is there a way to take a streaming podcast and put it on my iPod? Also, I'm keep looking for the earlier podcasts and can't find them. Anyone know where they're at? Where to find them?


@ Dennis.

Perhaps you could try save-target as to download them from the typepad site? Works for me.

Early eps can be downloaded here.



Great stuff guys. Many thanks!


Happy Birthday Mr. and Mrs. History of Rome. Mr. Rome, please use the time to recover from Hadrian fatigue ;-)

Traci Nielsen

First Happy Birthday to you and the Mrs. History of Rome! As a soon to be licensed architect I appreciate your mentioning Apollodaris (sorry about the mispelling). However, I don't remember you mentioning one of the most well known architect/engineers possibly of all time, from the Augustan era, during your podcasts, Vitruvius (Marcus Vitruvius Pollio) . If I missed it and I'm wrong I apologize. De architectura or as its now know The ten books on Architecture, were required reading when I was in college. I even made one of his machines for a class project. Just thought he deserved some props, keep up the good work and love your podcasts!



Congratulations on your achievement! May all your projects have firmitas, utilitas, and venustas.

Brian L


An short aside on Italian pronunciation:
Mike, you used the very common mispronounciation of the place of Hadrian's Villa outside of Rome. Typically, Italian stresses the second syllable in most, if not all cases, except one: three syllable words like Tivoli. TEE-vo-lee, not tee-VO-lee. The same is true for all other three syllable Italian words (I think....)

Thanks so much for your most excellent work.
(And I think episode 100 is episode 100!)

Scott Hood

Hello Mike,
I love your work.

Please tell me, all during your podcast you throw out "exiled from Rome" without comment. But what did that mean throughout the history you present? Certainly "exile from Rome" at 100BC did not mean the same as "exile from Rome" under Hadrian.



Oh and btw. Shameless plug.

Please sign up to the forum if you haven't done so already.



Oh and btw. Shameless plug ;-).

Check out the Facebook group for the podcast "The History Of Rome Podcast Listeners"


Hey I just thought I'd mention that in your About link, it says you're on a 5-month hiatus. I'm guessing that's out of date, since you haven't had such a long break since the days of Marius! ;-)

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