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February 07, 2010


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I can't download podcast #83,it looks like the link goes to a login, not to an mp3 file.

Love the podcast! I've been eagerly following each week. You can't possibly be given high enough praise for this podcast, thank you for doing it.


It works for me.


Mr. History of Rome I love this podcast as well.

thanks for doing it


Hello Mike,
very much enjoying your podcasts - thanks so much.
i do have a question though - in relation to Augustus (yes, i still have a lot to get through) - you state that although he introduced the lex julia HE himself was well known for his 'straying'. now, lucky me i live in rome & am studying for an important exam which covers roman history among other things - and as my very studious friend said to me - WHAT IS YOUR SOURCE FOR THIS INFO??? - neither she nor i had ever heard any such thing about augustus - was his self promotion so good that it has lasted down to us?! or is there some juicy gossip we're missing out on?!!!
i thank you in advance for your reply!
and thanks again for the casts - so nice for me to enjoy an english version of this (italians love to complicate!) while i have my cornetti alla crema & cafe latte at the local bar in the morning!



Hi Mike,
I commend your dedication to getting your podcast out on Super Bowl Sunday! I hope you didn't miss too much of the big game.


Why not start a thread on the topic in the THoR forum:


Is there a place to see the show notes? I'm really interested in digging into Hadrian's history a little deeper and would love to know what the source material was for the last two or three shows.

Also, does anyone have any idea how much Sabina traveled with Hadrian during all his tours of the provinces?

Love the podcast....BW


I really appreciated your treatment of Hadrian's relationship with Antinous. I find sexuality in ancient Rome to be a really fascinating topic. The way you started out saying that homosexuality as a psychological identity was not something the Romans had was well put. When discussing this with colleagues and professors I find it's most accurate to say same-sex sexual contact; it's a mouthful, but otherwise we end up using terms like homosexuality and bisexuality which project our own modern assumptions about sexuality onto the Romans.
Well done and will keep listening


I really have to agree with Valerie here, well done. It seems as if modern conceptions of sexuality are much more exclusive - we ironically are more likely to pigeon-hole people than the ancients were. I hate the cheap modern explanations of complicated relationships like that of Achilles and Patroclus or Gilgamesh and Enkidu. It really just isn't that simple, and I applaud you for recognizing that in your podcast.



I'm actually surprised that there is an episode next sunday...


Nice to see an evenhanded handling of the relationship. Clearly attaching modern labels is not particularly useful, but labels and their underlying substance are two different things...


I just found this podcast, and I love it! Please, please, please, is there any way you could possibly make episodes 1-40 available on iTunes? Thanks!

Ann Moore

@Natalie, you can save the episodes to your itunes podcast folder and your itunes/ipod/iphone will pick it up. Just right click on the link and select "Download file as..." and make sure to direct it to your itunes podcast folder.

Keith Parks

I am finally caught up! I have been an avid listener for the last month and a half so I started kind of late. It's a really fantastic series and I have learned more than I can say. It's a period of history that I have had very little exposure to and this is the perfect primer.

Thanks to Mike for all your hard work and to some of the listeners who answered some questions for me.


Hadrian's destruction of the Jews was epic lulz.

David Forest, MA

Curious to see if you've been able to find some more info on emperor Antoninus Pius, cause as far as I know there is little to be known about his reign.

Can't wait!

Thanks for the great podcast Mike

Joseph R.

great episode





Mike, I love the podcast. Can you please put episodes 1-37 back on iTunes?


Mike, I absolutely love your podcast, it's fascinating. I can't wait to hear the next episodes. This is really high quality.



MMM I think this acceptance that the Romans thought same sex was natural doesn't add up to me personally. Ancient societies were desperate for fertility and homosexual are sterile in that respect. It is my true belief that this is vastly overstated in history by modern historians and this doesn't hold water in my view.


Regarding your mention of Simon Bar-Kochva in this episode, as far as I know, he's never referred to as "Simon", but only as "Bar-Kochva".

This is the first time I comment here, and I must say I'm dreading the time I finally catch up, because that means I'll only have one episode a week, instead of a few at a time like now.

I started listening to this after "auditing" Professor Donald Kagan's online course a the Yale website, "Introduction to Ancient Greek History," which ends with the rise of Alexander. THOR makes a good followup for what happened in Europe after the decline of the Greeks. Thank you for some interesting listening.

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