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January 31, 2010


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Great one Mike!


I read the novel Memoirs of Hadrian in fall 2009. Is the history accurate?

Jim Bier

Dear Mr. Duncan,
in school me and me class mates enjoy your monotone voice.. we are in the middle a very big project and would like your help.

Athena high School, Rochester ny

CALL ME- 585-355-9391


I love the podcast! What is the source of the intro music? I really like it, and wish to know how to play it. Thank you.

Steve B

mike just want to say i enjoy your podcast. you have inspired me to learn more about rome. thank you for your service.

Dustin Hughes

mike I enjoy the show, but I jumped in a little late, I would like to be able to access the shows from 1-41, please let me know. thanks



I enjoy this podcast very much. I would like to listen to the first few eposiodes. I-tunes will not let me get anything before 40. Any suggestions?



Eric and Dustin,

You can download the first 40ish episodes here.



Great episode as always Mike.

Also for those that are interested there is story on the Roman aqueduct that was recently found. Apparently it was built during the time of Trajan. More information can be found at the following site.



For those people looking for a list of the audiobooks Mike recommended, jeaguilar posted this list at the forum.


Thanks jeaguilar.


Hi Mike!

what will happen when you get to the end? will you move on to Byzantium? i dont want to have to search for another good history podcast, yours is already one of the best!



This is what Mike said on this subject: "When it comes to the long term future of the show I want to address the growing number of calls in the comments for me to press on past 476 and cover the Byzantine Empire in full. I don’t want to shut the door on the idea completely (because who knows how I’ll feel when it actually comes time to fish or cut bait), but to be clear: this is probably not going to happen. Not only is the Byzantine Empire outside my comfort zone academically, but I plan on heading back to school after establishing residency in Texas and am skeptical of my ability to keep up the pace of a weekly podcast and knock out a Master’s Degree at the same time. So, like it says it right there in the header: A weekly podcast tracing the history of the Roman Empire, beginning with Aeneas's arrival in Italy and ending (someday) with the exile of Romulus Augustulus, last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire."

From here [->http://thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/the_history_of_rome/2009/08/though-ive-been-alluding-to--it-for-awhile-i-think-its-about-time-to-formally-announce-that-the-history-of--rome-i.html<-]


Hello - long time listener, first time poster :o)

Just an idea, but when you arrive at the intended ending of the series, it would be interesting to go back and look at the history from a few different perspectives or go into greater detail about certain aspects of Roman life.

For example, the arena has been refered to but it would be interesting to hear a podcasted dedicated to the gladitorial games. A series of 'one-off' podcasts can be done to add depth and understanding to the series, but they would have to be tied to the chronology. What was it like to be a centurion? What was daily life like for a typical pleb? etc. Making history more personal is a wonderfull way of giving context to dates and facts...it bridges the gap between knowing history and understanding it.

What ever you chose to do, I thank you for what you've already done and look forward to supporting any of your future endeavors.


Duncan C.

Dear Mr Duncan (awesome name, BTW),

I'm finally caught up with your podcasts (after a very pleasant week's compulsive listening) and I just wanted to say not only does The History of Rome stand head and shoulders above much that's available on iTunes but is better than a great deal that's available commercially. It exemplifies the true potential of the internet (your listeners) are truly blessed that you've given up your time to share what you know with us.

Much love,
Duncan Crowe

lee abbott

Fantastic show as ever mike,have loved every one of them.But in the back of my mind it's starting to nag me,what happens when this ends.

Kyle Johnson


I was just looking at past episodes and noticed that you have stopped posting maps of conquests. I' sure we all loved the maps, as I have no idea were Dacia even is. If you could start with the maps again it would be great,



Hey Kyle -

Dacia is basically Romainia, with some small parts of surrounding countries (Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia etc.)

Hope that helps!


Is there a place to see the show notes? I'm really interested in digging into Hadrian's history a little deeper and would love to know what the source material was for the last two or three shows.

Also, does anyone have any idea how much Sabina traveled with Hadrian during all his tours of the provinces?

Love the podcast....BW


Dear Friends,

Please take a look at the length of Hadrian's Wall in northern England, set alight along it's entire length by volunteers in March 2010. Amazing views and a real visual on the expanse of the project.

- James


Big Tom

Another nice bit of video from the Guardian website about the enduring interest and impact of Hadrian's Wall on the locals, even to this day - plus more of the night-time lighting along the length this month.



In anticipation of an exhibit on Hadrian at the British Museum, BBC historian Dan Snow guides an interesting documentary by traveling to Rome, North Africa, Judea, and Egypt to discover the legacy of Hadrian. This is a fascinating hands-on account. Go to the BBC Explore YouTube site, and search for "Hadrian" and view the 4 to 5 segments individually. Enjoy!! - James


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Hi!! Excellent work Mike!! Wonderful podcast about the history of Rome. I saw your maps. If possible, post maps frequently. Fantastic show Which was loved by every one .

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I like the series of podcasts can be done to add depth and understanding of the series, but they would have to be linked to the timeline.

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