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January 24, 2010


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Yay first to comment! Thanks Mike!

James Deppeler

Hey Mike,

Delete the comment from your page that just contains a bunch of links and is signed in Japanese or whatever. It's gotta be some kind of spam. Didn't click the links to be sure but if the guy could even speak English to listen to the show, he would comment in English and tell us what those links are. They're probably porn or spyware or something (I'll leave it to someone else to click and prove it one way or another.)

Just trying to help you keep this place safe for people's computers, man. Love THoR. Best podcast ever, IMHO. Keep up the good work.



Just send Mike an e-mail asking him to delete the Chinese porn links.

To the person who posted the comment, it seems useless to tell you to go f*** yourself so let me just say that we don't want your (or any other) spam in our comment section. So f*** off, thank you.


Bobby J.

Hi Mike,

First, let me say I love your podcast and have listened to every episode at least once if not twice. You make my train rides to work not only bearable but enjoyable. I have one request though. I was wondering if it is possible for you to up the volume on the pod. Sometimes I have trouble hearing it and always have to turn the volume all the way up.

Anyway, keep up the great work. I can't wait for the next one.

Stewart Ennew

Hi there,

just found the podcast and loving it so far. I was wondering is there any way of getting the first 40 episodes?





You can find them here. at Nov. '08, Dec. '08 and Jan '09



I've just managed to catch up with all the episodes. Great podcast so far, keep up the good work! Even as a graduate with an Ancient History major, I'm learning something new each time.

Regarding Trajan overlooking Hadrian for the succession, is it possible he was hoping for a natural son of his own? Did he and Pompeia have any children (even daughters)?


Hi Mike,

Would you consider listing your weekly book recommendations in some way on the site? Like in a side bar? It would be nice to have a reading list.




To awnser your question. They didn't have any children. Or at least they aren't included in the family tree.



Hi Mike,

Is there any way you can add the first 40 episodes to feedburner's RSS xml? I know I can access the raw MP3s by going to the archives page, but I (and many others) just use iTunes' Podcast section to manage their daily listening, and it would be awesome if we could just download the first 40 without having to get each file individually, then importing it into iTunes.

I guess what I'm saying is it would be awesome if iTunes showed all of the original episodes as well as the new ones.

Just a suggestion, thanks for the amazing podcast! Was thinking about going back and listening to the entire thing from day one, but I guess I deleted the older episodes :(


I absolutely love your podcast, and feel that The History of Rome represents the very best of what this medium can offer.

That said, I'm having continuing problems with how iTunes handles this feed. These problems seem to appear from time to time and definitely get in the way of my enjoying the podcast and getting a regular feed.

For the past several weeks, the episodes after #76 keep disappearing from my iTunes playlist, and when I refresh in iTunes, I can't get to them. I see 77, 78 etc. here on the Typepad site, but I cannot get them into iTunes. Obviously I want them in iTunes so that I can listen to them from the iPod and not only while sitting at my computer.

Does anyone else have this problem (iTunes ver. 9 on a Mac)? If so, any suggested solutions?


puff, puff, pant, pant. Caught up with you at last. It's taken me about 6 months, but here I am, having listened to the whole of THoR from the beginning. Looking forward to your continuing discussion of Hadrian, one of my favourite emperors ever since I read Maruguerite Yourcenar's "Memoirs of Hadrian" as a teen.


@SPUD - Apple, iTunes, iPods, etc are crap. Get off that wagon buddy and don't be a slave to them. Apple want to monopolise your media consumption and once you're hooked, charge you through the nose for it. Get a cheap and cheerful mp3 player from any other manufacturer and you'll find you're free to download and listen to what you want, when you want!


Yourcenar's Memoirs of Hadrian is a fantastic book that I can't recommend highly enough. I'm glad I'm not the only one here that's read it!

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I started listening to your podcast about 6 weeks ago and am quickly getting caught up.

Thanks for this wonderful presentation. I am really enjoying it! I am now up to episode 81.

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