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December 20, 2009


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Grandpa D

Chiming in from Oregon: Grandma 'Nette enjoyed the BBC5 interview, Mike.


Hey great episode, and well timed to wrap up the year on the dawn of the Roman golden era. I just want to mention to everyone that there's a poll setup on the Forum Gallorum (forumgallorum.freeforums.org) for your pick of the best emperor of the 1st century. It's under History --> Roman History --> Pick a Princep. Right now it's tied between Augustus and Vespasian.


Have a great Winter Solstice everyone!


love the podcast.

Wondered if you had given any thought to spending an episode or so on how the various institutions of government were faring under the imperial system. A lot of the early podcasts dealt with the various religious bodies and the senate, but now its more about the emperor as a man (which is great, I hasten to add, but perhaps give a lopsided view of whats going on). What are these institutions getting up to now, what does the senate actually do, etc etc etc.

anyways, just a thought!



Simon Buxton

Congratulations Mike on such a great podcast. This is soooo much better than what I was taught about the Roman Empire at school. This is THE one podcast for which everything stops in my house, and will be required listening for my boys when they are old enough.

Best wishes,

Simon Buxton, Vindobona, Austria.


Hey Mike - it would be great if you reposted your Christmas Special back at the top. Just an idea. Merry Sol Invictus!

simon kiss

Hi Mike,
Could you tell me which episode deals the most with the family tree of the julio-claudians? Or how the Julii had to bring in the claudians? Simon


@Simon Kiss

I cant exactly remember but i think mike started talking about the julio Claudians at episode 54-All in the family. Go check em out.


IO SATVRNALIA! Great podcast as usual!

Dan Hillman

Just discovered this..


James Kaplan

Good job Mike. I generally enjoy your effort. Next holiday could you please do a few extra episodes in advance? Now I'll have to go to the movies New Year's Eve! Please, please, whatever you do, don't listen to Dan Carlin; I'd hate for you to be afflicted by warped history disease. I'm reading Cicero's letters and TDAFOTRE (1947 Limited Editions Club) and hope to get started with Tacitus' Annals before classes resume next week. Librivox has some interesting stuff, such as The Meditations (Stoic) by Marcus I'm getting to slowly. Duncan's PodCast nulli secundus. Eugene, Oregon 12-27-2009


Great job as always, Mike. Thanks for a great series.


Is there any way to get some of the older episodes


@ Max

You can download them from thehistoryofrome.typepad.com

And happy new year to all!


Augustus has just pulled ahead of Vespasian on the Pick a Princep Poll on the Forum Gallorum.


How could i go about downloading the older episodes to iTunes

Henry Boyter

Mike an fyi I found. Catching up with the older episodes and found a typo. The download file names for podcasts 38 and 39 both have 38 in the name. Threw me for just a second.


Its been 2 weeks and I need my THOR fix.


@ Piook

Mike said he'd be back January 10th (You still have to wait another week I'm afraid.

Patrick Hopper

I'm beginning to have withdrawal pangs, but this will make your return all the more splendid.

Mike P

@ max

I also would like to know if I can download episodes 1-38 some way. I just started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago on my drive to and from work and I just finished the episode on Nerva as I pulled into my driveway this evening. I need to get my hands on the early stuff!

cicero q public

Hi Mike,
I start to get edgy when there is too long between episodes. I watch the only guy in my office with a classical sounding name, Justin, and imagine that he is planing to move against the big boss. My dishes go unwashed since I only do that while listening to your podcast. Soon I will freeze in place... please mike. Give us another one................


Only one more day until more episodes of Rome. Can't wait... I've been able to get through this period by going back to the beginning.


How can i download the earlier episodes?!!??? I would like to listen to them on my ipod but I am missing episodes 1-3a and 3b through 12!!! any suggestions please email me at [email protected]


Why are you ignoring everyone who wants the earlier podcasts?!?! Do you hate us? scorn us, mock as you sit on your mound of advertising money? We made you, and we can unmake you!


@ Alastair
Maybe because it's so damn easy: Did you notice that there's a link to the mp3 with every episode listed? Let's deliberate whether this has any function.


About the early episodes, they can be found at http://thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/the_history_of_rome/archives.html (november and december 2008 for now)

And don't you think Mike is just busy with his life? He's been away longer...


Grrr! Where is the next episode?


Just go to the earlier website.


I've listened to this episode & the two Trajan episodes many times now. They're so informative and I find it encouraging to think & learn about Rome at its apogee rather than its nadir (not that your crisis episodes aren't wonderful, because they are).

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