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December 13, 2009


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Colin Eisele

First time commentator here: I've been listening to these episodes for a while now and, having studied Roman History at University through Classical Archeology and Anciet History for a couple of years, I find it great. The only critique I might have, is rather a request: sources. There's nothing I'd like to know more than which sources you've used for your episodes. Of course, I know you can't list in each episode who said what, as that'd disturb the flow, but perhaps something on the side? Sources you could recommend?

Beside this request, I've got to say I absolutely love this podcast. I get the same kind of joy at seeing there's a new episode of History of Rome, as I get from seeing there's a new episode of Dexter or some other great TV-show!

So, great props from Denmark - looking forward to new episodes!

T Meyers

Hi, my 15 yr old has been listening to your "History of Rome" podcasts and has been having me get him some of the books you mention. I usually don't balk but, reading the reviews for "Plutarch; Lives of Noble Grecians and Romans," made me think this book wiill be very hard to understand. Since you refer to it, I'm figuring you've read it. Can you tell an uneducated mom which version might be best to get? If it helps, he reads stuff like Plato's Allegory of the Cave, "The Twelve Caesers", and "The Illiad" so I know he reads above my level. I just don't want this book to be too hard for him. If you think it would be, I'd love any other suggestions you might have. By the way, he says your podcasts are great! Thank you for putting them out!

Flavian Fan

Thank you so much for an excellent few episodes on the Flavians, especially the oft misjudged, and misunderstood Domitian. It is one of my life missions to help restore Domitian's reputation. He was not perfect but nowhere near as bad as history has recorded. What Domitan established was essential for Trajan and Hadrian's later actions, and indeed what these two, and other 'good' emeprors like Augustus, did was similar to Domitian, but where they were praised he was vilified. Thank you for this most excellent of series and for helping Domitian's true place in history to be seen.


Ms. Meyers

I wouldn't worry at all about Plutarch being too difficult for your son. One of the surprising things about the Roman historians is how modern they can come across - most people don't expect that. Gibbon is harder to read than practically any Roman.

The more difficult problem is to find a good edition of Plutarch - many are abridged and chopped into strange parings. I really like the Loeb editions because I am an unabashed dork and they have the Greek printed across the page from the English. I don't even read Greek, but hey, it's still pretty cool. However, they are not cheap. Also, I'd avoid any of the Dryden translations. I don't know if this was helpful or not, but best of luck.

Mike - I continue to enjoy your podcasts. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the five good emperors.


@Colin Eisle
Its pronounced commenter..not commentator

@T meyers
Why dont you just let your child decide whats hard for him and whats not...

Anyway... Ive always thought of domitian was in the same level was nero and caligula until last week. I guess ive forgotten to check the sources making the claims first.


Just wanted to finally comment to say that I love your podcast, and it has brought me back to a wonderful time -- not only great stories of the history, but also back to when I studied this history the fist time and got to stand on those stones.


IMHO, I think you can leave the link to BBC 5. That interview was quite informative.


Hey, just heard the BBC interview. Nice job, I've always been curious to hear your thoughts on the podcasting process as well as a little insight as to how you make it all come together.


You can keep the link. Was a good interview.

What's with the early uploads lately?

Matt, the Netherlands

Good interview Mike, leave up the link.

also another good episode, as usual.


I actually went to Rome this past summer, so it's so much easier now to visualize what's going on as I listen to the podcasts.



Another great episode and a great interview on the BBC- you can really say you've hit the big time now!!

I'm glad you mentioned Livy cause thanks to THOR I have Books I-V and XXI-XXX on the way for Christmas!

Just want to say have a great Christmas and a Happy New year.

Tom Lambie

Found your podcast back in the summer started at the beginning and at last have now caught up with your latest episode. I studied Latin at school many years ago so found your history fascinating. Listened to your BBC broadcast - very good!
Keep up the good work.
To a Mariners fan from a Red Sox fan. Here's to both of us in the 2010 season.


Hey the Interview was great! Keep up the great work. Also, you were in a band? Put out any music?


Brilliant interview!


Great interview Mike. I've often wondered what inspired you to create The History of Rome Podcasts. The interview answered some of my questions. I really enjoy all of your podcasts. Keep up the good work. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dr. Mike Baughan

Can anyone clue me in to which "Pods/Blogs" date the Mike interview exists? I keep getting the Dec 22 episode w/ nothing about Mr. Duncan in it. Is there some earlier episode or what spot in the 24 minutes does it start??
Guess I'm clueless. Thanks for help.
Happy New Year!


Something is messed up with BBC's podcast site/rss feed or something. I managed to find the correct URL to the MP3:


But that file no longer exists for some reason. The RSS feeds don't reference any new URL and only shows the most recent episode.

Damn it.


Can someone, anyone get me a copy of the interview from Pods and Blogs. For some stupid reason the RSS feed only goes back one week. This is absolutely ridiculous. So if anyone can get me a copy of the interview (post a link, or send me a copy of it) I would be much obliged. I will me monitoring these comments for the next couple of weeks hoping against hope.
Also, I am going to post this on the next new episode to come out. Which hopefully will be tonight.

Thanks in advance.

aion kinah

I know you can't list in each episode who said what, as that'd disturb the flow.

John Herod

Regarding the comments about the BBC interview link, I have found that, for some incomprehensible reason, the BBC has a habit of only holding the current podcast episode available for download. If you don't subscribe to the podcast, hard luck. If I am wrong and anyone has managed to find an archive of previous podcasts somewhere I would be eternally grateful to know where they are.


Ditto. I am catching up now, which is turning out to be quite a delicious process, after not listening for about 2 months, and I heard about this interview but have apparently no way of obtaining it.

As a rule, BBC podcasts don't maintain archives on Itunes, but I do know that the BBC podcast In Our Times maintains an archive of past episodes on its website, which implies that there is nothing in the organizations protocol which prohibits that practice. Hence, I blame this individual BBC podcast for this policy, and presumably the people in charge of it are perfectly capable of rectifying the problem.

Artur Koprek

Hello Mike,

I do have a problem with downloading all the episodes on iTunes. Can you help please?

I love your podcast. Thanks.

Best Regards

Artur Koprek

chanel Purses

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I thought it was too good to be true that they'd still have the interview available :( Annoyed, as I listen to 5Live regularly Just not then, obviously...

Love the podcast, very accessible, just catching up on all the episodes now, so like others have said, I get to listen to more than one at a time :)

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