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December 06, 2009


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Hey Mike. A couple episodes back you were commenting on Lars Brownworth and his great Historical podcasts. I have to say, even though I came to your podcast from "12 Byzantine Rulers" and am currently listening to "Norman Centuries", I think your style, pace, tone and the amount of information you give is better. Thanks for the great podcast. Please continue for as long as you can. It would be perfectly fine with me if you covered the information on Byzantium again, or even focused on what was happening on the West during that time. Thanks. -Mike


Hello Mike. Long time listener, first time commenter. I just wanted to say thank you for the 76 fantastic episodes!!!


Hay Mike, You said that Napoleon fought the battle of Austerlitz in 1806, the battle was actually fought a year earlier in 1805, the anniversary was just a few days ago in fact. Sorry for nitpicking but I know you just put these in to make sure we're paying attention.

Jerry M

Hey Mike. Congrats on the marriage, also on moving to Austin, that's a great town. I do believe I found your podcast at around episode 12 and I had already listened to the Byzantine podcasts (and I may have to relisten to them afterwards). When I was in college I took a Classics class for a lark, even though I was introduced to Livy and Plautus, the most fascinating book for me was The Mute Stones Speak: The Story of Archaeology in Italy by Paul MacKendrick. It surprised me how much I liked that book.

Also, to let you know, I took up Audible.com's offer to try them out via your podcast. I chose a (gasp) non-Roman book, Malcolm Gladwell's Blink. Amazing book, one I would highly recommend for people to read or to listen. Mr. Gladwell looks at the phenomenon of how we have "gut instincts" and how it tends to be right alot of times, how we make those snap decisions in a blink of an eye.

Seadna O'Maoldomhnaigh

Hey Mike,

On the subject of Lars Brownworth, your podcast is by far the superior in terms of depth of research and simple entertainment value. Your output is also far more regular than Lars's and the trickle from Norman Centuries make one wonder if the subject is worth the effort. On the subject of Domitian, Gibbon seems to side with the senatorial propagandists and ranks him along with Caligula and Tiberius. When did the revisionist view to Domitian begin to take sway?


Hi Mike - have been subscribed for 20-odd episodes. Keep it up, you're approaching hero status!

As I listened to Domition's deal with Dacia's King Decebalus, I saw parallel's with the Iran-Contra scandal 20 years back. The war technology given to an enemy eventually coming back to bite the giver...sound familiar? I wondered if you think they are at all the same. Guess time (and President Ahmadinejad) will ultimately tell if history repeats itself.

All the best.


Hey Mike,

Love the podcast as always. I just have a quick question. Toward the end of episode 75 - The Forgotten Son, you mentioned that Domitian traveled quite a bit more than other emperors, taking executive power with him where he went. Were you just introducing talk of his military campaigns or were you leading up to something bigger with that observation?



יעוץ זוגי

I was in college I introduced to Livy and Plautus, the book is most fascinating to me was the mute stones speak.

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