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November 22, 2009


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So, I have the previous episode (Friends, I have wasted a Day) but can't seem to get the updated one with the finished ending on my Itunes. Any suggestions fellow THoR citizens?

Jim of Superior


Suggest downloading it as a file and then adding it to iTunes manually.


Download from thehistoryofrome.typepad.com


i thought about downloading the correct completed version but if done his little opps comments at the beginning of todays cast wont make continuity sense down the road

Matt - NL

spot on as usual Mike..


You really need to write a book based on THOR, then narrate it for Audible.


Mike, you're awesome! I came to this podcast kind of recently (Sept 09), but I've been a fan of Roman History since reading Gibbons in junior high school, and when I found your podcast it's been a godsend. I've really enjoyed catching up on all the old episodes.

Any chance you can post a link to your sources, or maybe recommended readings? I'd love to delve deeper into some areas in particular. Or you could just write a book, which would have everything in it! That would be cool. Thanks for your time and effort on this.

Mike in Phoenix

Another great episode Mike! A suggestion for the THoR community, if you get a chance Anthony Everitt has a new book that came out about a month or 2 ago titled Hadrian and the triumph of Rome. It begins in the time period Mike's Podcast is currently dealing with and continues until the end of Hadrian's life. I highly recommend the book. If any of you have read Everitt's other works you'll love this one. Keep up the good work Mike! Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Allan Webber

Mike - love your work. I listen to it on my drive to work monday morning.

For those who love this show like I do, please take time to make a donation. Think of it as a tip jar.

I don't know Mike nor have I had any dialog with him, I sense he would be uncomfortable with asking or hinting for donations.

I just gave him some Dinari earlier for the value I've got out of the podcasts.

Sam Brearley

I've been listening to THoR from the get go, and it's a real podcast pleasure.

I'm always excited to hear the next one, (which I invariably listen to while procrastinating over essays!) and I couldn't agree more with Lisa's suggestion that Mike should turn his podcast scripts into a proper audio-book for audible.

Mike, if you read this, a huge thank you from a hitherto silent listener... You will have kept me company through (I think) my final year of undergrad and two MA's! Needless to say, I'm going to take Allan's advice and contribute to the 'tip jar'... Keep up the great work!

Andrew K

New listener here, curious what happened to the first set of episodes? Are they still available?


Andrew K,

Download from here http://thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/the_history_of_rome/2008/11/index.html

right-click -> Save Target As (Or whatever your browser says)


Is there a section of the site where all the audible recommendations are listed? Can you please create one and post a link somewhere?

I dont have the patience to go back to all the episodes that mention audible.


Early Rome Geek

I listened to all of the previous episodes in the last week, at some point recently there was mention of a discussion board, could someone repost the link?



@ Early Rome Geek,



or click on my name, it links to it also...



What a great show! I started listening a month ago and can't believe I've digested 75 episodes of Roman History so quickly. Now that I'm caught up, I'm bitterly resigned to both the show and empire's impending end with less than 500 years to go! A mighty set of tomes, no doubt, but I'm with everyone else in the hope that you continue your writing and audio work. Not that I'm saying a mini-series based out of the city-states during the Renaissance would be amazing, but I know I'd get a kick out your take on the Ciompi Revolt!

J. Mahalik

Sorry for the mundane technical question, but iTunes only goes back to 31a Marius. Does anyone know how to get the rest of the episodes on iTunes? I know I can go to the website and just listen, but I'd like to have them to travel. Can they be re-posted or is there a way to load the urls (e.g., http://blip.tv/file/get/MikeDuncan-0103bBirthOfANationYouthfulIndiscretionsTheSevenKingsO147.mp3) onto one's iTunes? Again, apologies for technical question to this discussion, but take it as indicator of how much I enjoy the episodes.

Nick Stuivenberg

Hey J. Mahalik,
Right mouse click -> Save As. and transfer them into iTunes? That's how I did it and how I'm still doing it.

Hope this helps,



Really *really* enjoying this series. I just started at the beginning last week, so I haven't listened to this ep. yet. I've been telling my friends about it.

J. Mahalik

thanks, Nick. I couldn't put them into my podcasts with the others, but did get them into "Music" so "mission accomplished". On a substantive note, I really enjoyed Dan Carlin's "Punic Nightmares 1-3" in conjunction the Punic War material in History of Rome.


Fantastic show Mike, thanks. Have heard all episodes twice :-). You really are an extraordinarily gifted communicator.


I like the podcast it's very historically accurate...

P.S. I've been listening raptly since podcast one...



Cool! Actual Emperors are posting comment now. :)
This podcast is getting popular.


I've got the same problem - I've been listening from the beginning, and have all the episodes EXCEPT No. 75. My iTunes won't update no. 75 when it checks for new podcasts. How the heck do I download it? And, if it's "download to desktop and then transfer to iTunes" -- well, how the heck do I download to desktop?


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